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  1. I agree that they should be infinite, the act of refueling is also so few and far between that it just becomes a bother. Like a fly on the back of an elephant, you know? At that point in the game, it would be nice to spend your time doing something more interesting than fetching more spores/lightbulbs/glowberries. As for downsides, if even necessary, you could make it have a passive aoe that slowly spoils food near it, much similar to the funcaps.

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  2. 12 hours ago, TheTruth said:

    Is it recommended to collect green mush for sanity, if I want to utilise were-beaver for the ruins?

    1. You can if you have the space in your inventory and are willing to take time to chop.

    2. I actually wouldn't recommend using beaver that much, while he can get a lot of work done, it's oft easier to get the work done when in moose form after combat or have rooks do the work, any leftovers after this point can be pickaxed (and it gives you a reason to craft an opulent pickaxe and will give you sanity in the process). Maybe if you were squeezing thule out of walls you might would want to utilize beaver so you don't have to craft 5 hammers, but past that, the cost is too great to really make good use of beaver. Who I'd say rn is probably the weakest of Woodie's forms, but still does have some niches, especially lategame.

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  3. Depends on if you're quick rushing or not, I would recommend immediately going under and gathering resources along the way to the ruins, locate the blue mush forest to chop down mushtrees for blue caps, you can dig, but I prefer chopping.

    Use moose whenever you need to do combat (but make sure there's a good amount of things to fight), extend form whenever possible, strategically headbutt objects and hit walls when not in combat to use moose as a hammer and kill any potential clockworks. If you want, you can *try* to go for goose to find it faster, but it takes a while to get the seeds, while you're basically waiting collect as many grass/twigs as possible. I used to do this, but find it faster to just immediately go under.

    Save most prototyping for inside the ruins, as it's free sanity. While doing enough outside to get whatever you deem as a necessity.

    Remember that moose shreds nightmares, if you're in a situation where you could farm a lot of fuel, consider doing so to allow more crafting to be done.

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  4. Fun facts about Weremoose:

    Is one of the few damage sources (and tmk making woodie the only character) capable of doing direct aoe damage to multiple nightmare or shadow creatures.

    Weremoose's damage absorption applies to literally everything, moose is 90% resistant to lightning, fire, overheating, freezing, and regular damage similar to wigfrid's innate 25% damage reduction.

    Weremoose can be healed with salve or poultices by other players.

    Weremoose does not trigger creep while charging over it (situational, but can be used in the labyrinth.

    Weremoose can extend his timer by hitting inanimate objects such as ancient furniture and walls (useful for ruins diving).

    Charging into a bird that flies away upon reaching it may cause the hit sound and extend the meter.

    If you have a good enough connection, moose can kill a moose by tanking before moose dies (but will most likely die shortly after so kite you goons).

    Combined with garlic can have the highest innate damage resistance in the game (tmk please don't kill me). (The type that applies to everything)



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  5. 4 minutes ago, ArubaroBeefalo said:

    There is no scape from summer in rog summer (op specify it)

    My b didn’t see that part. Probably would still go under, after collecting a bit of nitre on the surface. IIRC in solo there was an inherent insulation that the caves provided, it just didn’t make you immune. Don’t quote me on that though.

  6. I would rather start in winter, not necessarily because it’s easier, because let’s be frank. If you wanted to survive summer just go underground for 15 days, gathering materials to set up a base in the coming autumn. It’s more so because there’s, just more to rush/do in winter I guess. Mactusk, Klaus, large quantities of ice. Summer has antlion and desert cactus, one is a very situational healing item and the other drops an item that you can only use with other people. Tbf, opinion time. I think summer is kinda bland, mainly the items (the threats are *okay* to me). 

    So basically it all boils down to I think starting early in winter would be more interesting because a summer start for me would just be me taking additional time underground before fall, since I think the items on the surface are not worth it for me.

  7. 29 minutes ago, Dr.Medic said:

    because luxury axe is alredy a thing and you make a gold hoe whit the name luxury too even if every gold tool has a differend word for it so maybe instead of luxury gardening hoe its called mastery gardener hoe so that way the luxury is a gold axe only thing

    True, what about “Prestige” or “Lavish”?

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  8. 34 minutes ago, Majestix said:

    Regarding Wolfgang vs other characters: you can do the maths yourself. Every normal character, after eating spiced VG chaud-froid, can kill the FW with one glass cutter. This eliminates the need to juggle weapons during the fight. Less weapon juggling, less sanity management, in a fight that already demands a fair bit of multitasking, what's not to like?

    Fair, but I personally still don't consider it that great considering the lengths you have to take to get it. It's just personal preference now. You do you.


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  9. I agree completely, the station weapons not only are in an awkward place to make, but also consume a lot of materials and/or time (depending on which weapon) to make good use of it. Making them not worth it for most scenarios.

    18 hours ago, Majestix said:

    am finding that as Wolfgang, if I eat spiced Volt-Goat Chaud-Froid and don't make many mistakes, then a glass cutter is good for two FW fights. That's huge. Add to that the fact that it has no sanity cost and is cheap (especially after the Forgotten Knowledge update), and I don't think that it needs any buffs.

    While this is certainly impressive, I disagree completely that this is a testament to the balance of the glass cutter, but rather a testament to the absurdity of the Wolfgang + Chaud-Froid combo. The glass cutter should be balanced around all the players that could use them, not just wolfgang.

    As a side note, considering the fact that the fight will be over in a few swings (>=75? if your glass cutter lasts for two FW fights?) the drain from a dark sword in this case is not going to be as prevalent due to the weapon being held for a shorter period of time. It would be easier to get a couple extra cactus (yes, a couple, considering the short fight) instead of having to boat your way to the island just to get a glass cutter. Not saying that the glass cutter route is a bad strategy though (while inefficient in quick games, you can do whatever you want in a long-run game), but I am saying it isn't enough to consider balanced in any shape or form.

    One thing the glass cutter does have going for it is that it's relatively cheap compared to other weapons. Allowing you to craft multiple on your run to the lunar island instead of just one or two like you would craft thulecite clubs.

    BUT this has the issue of inventory cluttering, which REALLY not good and usually just ends up being a hassle (tedious) more than anything.

    A solution may be to not only significantly increase the durability of the cutter, but also increase the material cost by upping the moon glass count. Just an idea, I'm sure certain ppl will have a fit at the idea of the material cost going up.

    But as it stands now, I would not consider it balanced at all (in the weak way), especially for a lategame weapon. At the moment, the glass cutter sits in a role of a severely inefficient niche item. At least, in my opinion.