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  1. Is anyone else thinking, "Whew, good thing they decided to have one final testing phase before the final launch"?
  2. It's possible to build a machine that converts one gas into another. The machine is 100% reliable, allowing basically pure alchemy in the game. This makes pretty much breaks all game mechanics. The exact same mechanic shows up in tons of places that are unexpected. I've been calling it "matter conversion" for quite a while now, and I know that @Ipsquiggle has seen it and marked "thanks" on one of the update threads in the game forums. The bug has been known for a long time. @FIXBUGFIXBUGFIX posted about this more than a year ago. It got marked as fixed, but was still in the game. He posted about it again, and I added lots of things to bug report, trying to show you where the bug appeared all over the game (explainig phenomenon that people post about all over the web). Unfortunately he removed all his bug reports when he left the game, so all my work got deleted as well. This bug kills game designs, for newbies and veterans alike. It needs to be removed. Here is how to build the thing. Here is a possible fix (I've been thinking about it for a long time, and this is the first option that seems reasonable... maybe). Good luck with fixing it. Your game is my favorite game of all time. Thanks for all you do Klei.
  3. For those who missed it, I'm guessing this is what you are referring to. That was super fun.
  4. This game has topped my charts of all time favorite games (if you look at hours spent, or any other metric for that matter). Whether the sieve stays at 40C output, 40C min output, or goes fully dynamic, or some other interesting mechanic, I'm happy with it. The devs throw us a challenge, and we get to deal with it. There are so many fun mechanics to play with, because of the "1 element per tile rule" and a few other oddities that will never parallel our reality. These mechanics will probably always be seen by some as complete massive exploits (maybe I should finish the Exploits 101: how to bug the **** out of ONI). However, that's what makes this game so fun for me. It's an alternate reality, with its own convoluted set of rules. If I had the ability to change these rules, as I saw fit (oh thanks to all you modders out there, I do), then every time I play the game I get to mess with the rules to my universe and see what kinds of insane contraptions I can create. Makes me appreciate more the rules for our universe. At the same time, it gives me pure joy to see how messed up things can become when one tiny rule is out of place. BEST GAME EVER!
  5. I wonder if the changes they are making to pipes will make the "mechanical filter" fail? Should be fun to see what kind of threads spawn from such a change.
  6. @babba would have loved this. I wonder if we'll see his return.
  7. I didn't see anything at all to combat gaseous matter conversion, or liquid duplication, or metal cannons. I did see the pitcher pump cooling bug is nerfed (not completely fixed, rather insulated), but it shouldn't be as much of an issue.
  8. Fabrication buildings should grant the correct experience type. I think this is the fix. We'll see.
  9. Much Love. Thanks a ton guys. Fix gaps when dragging to build a long row of tiles, wire, pipes. Fix dupes getting stuck rapidly switching between destinations when trying to recover breath.
  10. So this? It's been suggested tons of times. Maybe this time it will stick. Or maybe a mod that does it will be better.
  11. I suspect that insulation flaking, liquid duplication, and the metal cannon are all related to the same bug (whatever causes liquid duplication), with the metal cannon just being how liquid duplication interfaces with doors, and insulation flaking being an issue related to save/load settings. Hopefully the devs can track this one down. Matter conversion probably won't go anywhere anytime soon. Who knows, we've got 39 days till full release.
  12. @Ipsquiggle Just in case you guys missed these important bug reports, here is the current infinity exploit race. Liquid duplication. Gaseous matter conversion (Bug report was marked as fixed, but bug still exists - and it now appears to have been removed by R9MX4 i.e. FIXBUGFIXBUGFIX. I wonder if he's removing all his posts.... Here is a new post. ) Infinite power loops. Pitcher pump cooling
  13. When gases race to vacuum tiles, one gas gets converted to another. I'm assuming this was an intentional design choice. Unfortunately, this bug can be exploited in tons of ways. I've been compiling a list of these ways on R9MX4's bug report page, but he recently hid it. Here is a link to one page where I have kept lots of examples. The problem is not just this build. Here are some other issues that commonly appear in the forums. My steam geyser spits out hydrogen instead of steam (false, the steam is converted to hydrogen by matter conversion because of tiles becoming liquid and leaving behind a vacuum). Where did my chlorine go? People build pits of chlorine and slowly sublimating slime or PW eats up their chlorine. CO2 can be scrubbed from the bottom of your base using a waterfall, or using PW bottles and deodorizers. Many other issues (wish the old bug post were not gone - a shame - I'm guessing you can find hidden posts).
  14. Nice!!!! No more exploiting the turbine with other things. Very nice!!!! (I walk away sad (and very happy) that all my exploits are now trash.....) Wait, one exploit still (sortof) remains. I can still use this. The infinite power loop bug should hopefully be easy to fix. I believe transformers are pulling power from dead batteries. R9MX4 or @FIXBUGFIXBUGFIX even provided a dll to fix it. This page should give you the details. I'm guessing matter conversion and liquid duplication may take longer to fix (probably liquid duplication first, matter conversion last). Gotta get rid of those infinity stones (thanks @Sasza22)
  15. Here is a more detailed explanation of what I believe the bug is, as well as how to compute exactly the power gained from.
  16. And another person noticed this and put up a forum post.
  17. Thanks. You did say in that thread that you were not 100% sure why it works. It has been better than my version. Dang, I thought we had a nice workaround.
  18. Here's a fix workaround for the power shutoff issue. Thanks to @Saturnus. I have had it happen as well, but not with this.