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  1. I've had similar issues for over a year, but never reported anything. Thanks for reporting this. Devs, sometimes when building wires, you cannot build them in certain directions. I've always found a way to get what I want built, but sometimes I have to try 2 or 3 different ways to get the wire to be built. It is slightly annoying.
  2. Definitely the simplest way to uncovering a geyser. It sure beats saving, enabling debug, uncovering, and then reloading. Please fix this one devs. It would be really nice to NOT have this in the game.
  3. Definitely annoying. For now, it's a feature that I hope changes. This issue is frustrating.
  4. I agree completely that it is odd. Without a way to filter which materials you use by temperature, fixing this will be nigh impossible. I spent 60 cycles once (before I learned how to use debug) getting myself ready to build some stuff out of 500C materials. That's when I discovered the "capped at 45" issue.... Ugh..... It was frustrating, and a waste of a day. If they don't address this, it would at least be nice to have it stated, somewhere in the game, that this is happening.
  5. You can use the "hide" feature to remove your bug from the list.
  6. One final comment: Pokeshell molts move in groups of 20 (not 20kg at a time), so you can move an entire 200kg of pokeshell on each conveyor. Pills only move 20kg at a time, as well as lumber. So... to maximize your cooling potential, farm large pokeshell molts and then ship them around. This will multiply your cooling potential by 10. I'm guessing this is another bug, as just about everything else moves in groups of 20kg, or there is a delay in loading when moving something heavier. With pokeshell molts, no such delay exists.
  7. Another note: You can skip the storage container or fridge completely. The conveyor loader itself will cause the resetting to happen. This issues appears to be the exact same as the chill pill.
  8. More comments can be found at The issue appears to be "industrial ingredients" not just lumber. I tried many types, and they all seem to get reset. Note: It appears that you have to have a critical minimum mass to get this started (at least with my initial tests). It appears to be related to the chill pill. Maybe it is the "genetic ooze" element? Not sure, but something is definitely amiss. Tried a few more things. Vacillator Regarges - Does NOT work Balm Lily Flower - Works So it's not the "industrial" tag, and it's not "genetic ooze". Not sure what it is, but it's definitely a problem.
  9. @Ipsquiggle, Thanks to all at the studio for the fixes on matter conversion and liquid duplication, along with all the fun emojis. It's been a great few days. Here is one more, that apparently got fixed long ago, but resurfaced at some point (the metal cannon). I made a crazy build, the Metal Printing Press, to hopefully help track it down, and I included a save with it. The bug was recently reported (again) here: It resurface on reddit as well yesterday with a newbie who had seen several doors, after deconstruction, appear with metal tiles. Odd stuff. The crazy high melting bug probably won't affect new players much, but deconstructing doors to find solid tiles of metal is odd. Thanks for the awesome game. I've been waiting to add my review on steam till launch, as I want to boost sales then.
  10. Thanks for reporting it. This has been around for a long time, and I'm guessing we could hunt for 5 or more reports of it. Here are a few links to other posts on this issue (save file included) Another save file included
  11. Possible side effects of the matter conversion fix? That's my guess. I'm guessing we'll see several more random weird things happen over the next few days.
  12. I believe it's a colon, followed by a pipe, or . According to this site, it means "neutral, indifferent, confused." If that is the case, then basically it means: Well, you guys keep complaining (or rather one guy is on a crusade), and to appease you all, here is a fix (we don't really think it was that big of a deal). Added later - Or it means "we are clueless about what was going as everyone else, and still are not quite sure exactly what's going on, so hopefully this fixes it." Unfortunately, this "fix" has other possibly more disastrous consequences. I'm not sure yet, but spent a few hours testing. Here's the forum post. If they really are indifferent or neutral on the topic (I don't think they are confused), then the emoji symbols to me say that they would really like our feedback on the topic. Let's play with it, see what changes. I am concerned that geyser outputs of steam vents will be more than halved with this "fix", and that spells death for just about everyone ("Where did all my water go? I"m sure I had enough, but I have 30 more cycles till I get more..... Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!" - this could easily be fixed by adjusting the "max pressure" on steam vents to be higher than 5kg, but that has other consequences....)
  13. Thank you. This was perhaps the most confusing to new players. Liquid duplication affects the more advanced players in strange ways. By the way, I would like to give a salute to @R9MX4 (now named @FIXBUGFIXBUGFIX), as this was originally his torch to carry. You are missed friend. The devs have been listening. Your work was never unappreciated, just not immediately pressing. May your memory live on through your steam mods.
  14. That ladder/tile configuration enables uphill only travel. They can go up, but not down. Nice start to an infinite water storage facility.
  15. Agreed. You either have to wait for a dormant cycle, or you have to use lots of pumps during idling (and then it's still a gamble). One microgram left, and BAM, you're back to 5kg of whatever unwanted gas is there....
  16. Yes! Matter conversion and liquid duplication are finally fixed. (just kidding) On a more serious note, thanks for the great game Klei. This game truly is amazing.
  17. Polluted dirt off gasses more rapidly when separated into lots of small piles (unlike polluted water). Make lots of storage containers, put capacity restrictions on them, try to fill as many as possible, and use a sweeper on a clock to fill them, and you could probably get the O2 production rate to go quite high. Has anyone gotten a simple formula for the offgassing rate for polluted dirt? I played with it a bit in debug, but didn't take the time to get a nice model (rather jumped to forum diving to see if I could dig up a possible 2 year old thread...)
  18. This bug is back in the game, and has been for a few months....
  19. I need to defend my Ph.D. dissertation, but @Gurgel is on my committee. Can I get a new committee.