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  1. Here is a link to the same issue, with links to more reports as well (placed here for cross referencing).
  2. Here is a link to the same issue, with links to more reports as well (placed here for cross referencing).
  3. Here is a link to the same issue, with links to more reports as well (placed here for cross referencing).
  4. Sometimes the power shutoff gets stuck in the wrong state. This causes lots of problems in many places, but most often with battery switching designs. I captured the bug, right before it happened, in this save (hoping the exact moment at which the bug occurs can help you track it down). TestingGrounds.sav Here are some pictures to go along with the bug. Here we have two correctly working shutoffs. Notice that the "Enabled by.." or "Disabled by.." message appears FIRST in the tooltip list. Here is an incorrectly working shutoff. Notice that the "Inactive" state appears above the "Enabled by..." message. Whether this order difference is related or not to the cause of the bug, I did find the inconsistency odd (and hopefully helpful in tracking it down). Here are a few others bug reports of this same issue. I'll link to them all here, and link back from each to this post, to help with cross referencing. This bug report is stuck in the "active" position (it's not in a battery switching station, but is close to a battery). Here another battery switching station got stuck in the "inactive" position. One more, with a save file attached, to illustrate the same problem . In all of the pictures provided, the state appears above the "Enabled by..." or "Disabled by..." message, whereas working shutoffs always have the order of these messages reversed.
  5. I recently found this. The bug was reported back in May. It's still there. It works with any item. The time window for the bug to happen is between when the item spawns into the world, and the care package despawns. If you are playing on speed 1 setting, it is really easy to make this happen consistently. I spawned in 42 shove vole eggs before I stopped and decided to try and spawn in duplicants in the same way. No luck. Seems only items can be duplicated.
  6. This bug is still here. And here is how it appears in regular play all the time: It's time to turn of my game, but I want to know what the pod will give me before I log off. It's 10 seconds away. I open the menu, discover I got lucky and got 3 shove vole eggs. I select them, print them, and then pause the game to save and quit. Later I load the game and discover I got 6 eggs, instead of three. Scratching my head and wondering what happened, I continue playing and keep wondering why this happened. I got quite a bit of plastic "by accident" one play through. I had no clue why. Now I know why. FYI Klei, I tried to reproduce this with a duplicant (because several people have been reporting extra dupes appearing in their colony summaries). I was unable to reproduce it (tried changing dupe names, tried different time frames of save/loading. As for this bug exactly, it seems the "time window" starts when the item drops from the care package (and registers with the game - so you can see your count go up), and the "time window" ends when the care package disappears from the game. Any save/load that happens in this time window will duplicate the item. Makes aridio and/or oasis quite easy, by accident, if you get 4kg of ice, and then accidentally duplicate it. Simple fix: Make the care package disappear at the same time the item spawns in game? Here is a cross referenced bug. Same issue.
  7. If you can build it, then you can also deconstruct it through tiles. You can't access storages to put things in, but you can destroy what has been built this way.
  8. Some buildings can be built through tiles (not diagonal access, but actually through an entire row of tiles). This appears to only happen when building from ABOVE. It seems to affect doors, minipumps (in any of the 3 rotated positions), conveyor loaders and receptacles, valves, shutoffs, etc. Above, the conveyor loaders appear to both be buildable, but only the rotated one is actually buildable. They can build the conveyor loader, but cannot put materials in it from above (so at least that isn't a bug).
  9. When loading the game, dupes wearing exosuits (maybe only on hamster wheels) are not prevented from getting the sopping wet status. My guess is that the game first applies the debuff before checking if an exosuit is adorned. I have not checked if this is true for dupes not on wheels. Here is a save file. The Impenetrable Cantaloupe.sav
  10. Yep. This is much more like the "bypass" pump, which generates one bead every tick second. It won't make a bead pump. The bypass pump uses a droplet of another liquid to maintain gas separation before utilizing this. For Klei, please see the original post in the general forum for more details.
  11. This is completely consistent with how liquids act everywhere else. The liquids act the exact same when not in space The issue is that the liquid "beads" when the mesh tile is directly under the vent. You can see the beads form in the material overlay (they only form on the right most vent). Beads don't form when falling down stairs either, unless there is too much liquid, or you have a second liquid under the given liquid. When liquid is in bead form, the liquid interacts with the environment (hence vanishes in space, interchanges temperatures, etc.). When the liquid is not in bead form, it does not interact with the environment. It essentially enters another dimension, teleports to the bottom of the fall, and then reappears there. That's what you are seeing. You can find more details on the beads in the bead pump, bypass pump, and waterfall posts. Now, whether this is intended behavior or not is another question. What you have seen is 100% consistent with the rest of the world, not unique to space.
  12. Oh no. Fixing this might kill a bead pump or waterfall or bypass. (added) @nakomaru, By the way, the two different placements can be explained by the liquid physics engine. Currently the vent is 3 tiles above the background wall where the water is pooling. Have you tried to see what happens if the vent is 4, 5, or 6 tiles above the collection area. Also, try seeing what happens if you increase the pool at the bottom from 1 to 3 tiles (add one to each side). What I'm seeing in the pictures above seems to mimic the phenomenon I've been exploring with my crazy pumps. Oh, and try viewing the thing using F4 (the material overlay), as you might be able to see beads of water, versus teleporting water.
  13. Here is another ludicrous example that illustrates how to abuse this bug. Just make heat and then let the turbine produce power out of it. Kinda silly. (and this is my 1000th post).
  14. Of course. However you can still see that power is not draining appropriately from a battery, hence the bug is NOT in the transformer. Also, every time you pause/unpause the game, there is a chance you will see a power drain. If you are trying for an infinite long term power solution, then as long as you never pause/unpause the game, you could probably use the transformer forever. To track down the bug, knowing that the same issue occurs with or without a transformer/battery/etc. is relevant.
  15. The transformer isn't needed. You can just as easily use a battery. I'm going to guess that the power update function is not syncing appropriately with the automation function. The "check" to drain power is happening when the power shutoff is off. Also, I'm guessing the fridge only checks for power every few ticks, not constantly (probably an optimization thing). Have fun tracking this one down. For now, it provides a simple way to overpower any wire without worrying about the consequences (provided the machine you want to run works on intermittent power). FYI, transformers appropriately draw power through one of these shutoffs. I've been trying to use a transformer past the shutoff, to charge some batteries and then get extra free power. So far, I haven't found a crazy way to do it. So there is no "free power loop" yet.
  16. Yep. I've seen this quite a bit too. I didn't realize it was the "teleport" that was the issue, but i do find dupes often working while in a trance.
  17. I assume it always requires you save/reload between when you select the package, and when it opens? Have you tried doing this with several different types of packages? This is definitely alarming. A poor soul who things, "Wow, I get 8 fish" suddenly ends up with 32.... Thanks for reporting. I'll play with it as well, and see if we can draw attention to this one. Sounds like another victim of the "save/reload" feature.
  18. I've had similar issues for over a year, but never reported anything. Thanks for reporting this. Devs, sometimes when building wires, you cannot build them in certain directions. I've always found a way to get what I want built, but sometimes I have to try 2 or 3 different ways to get the wire to be built. It is slightly annoying.
  19. Definitely the simplest way to uncovering a geyser. It sure beats saving, enabling debug, uncovering, and then reloading. Please fix this one devs. It would be really nice to NOT have this in the game.
  20. Definitely annoying. For now, it's a feature that I hope changes. This issue is frustrating.
  21. I agree completely that it is odd. Without a way to filter which materials you use by temperature, fixing this will be nigh impossible. I spent 60 cycles once (before I learned how to use debug) getting myself ready to build some stuff out of 500C materials. That's when I discovered the "capped at 45" issue.... Ugh..... It was frustrating, and a waste of a day. If they don't address this, it would at least be nice to have it stated, somewhere in the game, that this is happening.
  22. You can use the "hide" feature to remove your bug from the list.