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  1. Hello! Due to a recent string of problems and issues in my Mod, I have come to ask if anyone would be willing to act as a permanent second set of hands in the creation of my first ever mod! I will do everything I can and already have set ideas yet am open to suggestions and feedback! If you're interested in becoming my partner in crime, please message me on Discord!
  2. Night Vision Coding

    Whereabouts would I place this? It would go in the character LUA yes?
  3. Custom Character Perks; Coding help?

    If I don't own or have the files for the other character will this still work? I'm trying to make him gain a sanity boost around This character specifically.'s+Roost
  4. Custom Character Perks; Coding help?

    Got it! Thank you!
  5. I've recently started making a custom Character, and I'd like them to have Night vision but am unsure how to go about this. For this character only I'd like it to be like the light of a full moon all the time, without affecting the other players. How might I be able to achieve this? I can't seem to figure out how to look at other mods code to find examples, so I'm at a loss here.
  6. Custom Character Perks; Coding help?

    I managed to get the Stats, Inventory, Speed, and Hunger rate coded well ((I think?)) But I can't seem to find where to put the Sanity Gain? I've decided not to do the Mandrake thing.
  7. Game hangs After choosing a Custom Character

    I appear to be missing a file in the images folder titled [character]_none_oval.xml This is the guide I've been following; This is the Extended Character Sample I'm working off; And this is the folder containing my mod itself. I can also attach my log if you need? Sammy Lawrence -
  8. Game hangs After choosing a Custom Character

    Ran into a different problem, I appear to be missing an important file and can't find it. I even re-downloaded the entire file and it still wasn't there.
  9. I'm making a custom Character, and trying to figure out how to code the perks I want him to have. They are; -Sanity gain around another custom Character -Night vision -Slowed hunger depletion -Starts with an Axe and a Shovel -Can't be put to sleep by mandrake based items -Speed boost If anyone could help me figure out the coding for this I would greatly appreciate it!
  10. Game hangs After choosing a Custom Character

    I did end up getting it working, thank you so much though!
  11. I am very new to Modding and am trying to make my first Custom character! I did the renaming and such as I was supposed to, and the character shows up to be selected, but upon clicking him the game sorta softlocks onto the white-ish yellow screen afterwards, I don't make it into the world and I am unsure what I did wrong? ((P.S. hope I put this in the right place...)) Reading through my Log, it is saying it can't find anim build for the character or the Prefab, but I'm unsure as to how to fix this.