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  1. I actually posted about a related issue a few days ago and I was told it will be fixed in the next hotfix. Good luck!
  2. UPDATE: Exactly 4 cycles from this post, the game crashes and refuses to run for any longer than a minute. Not sure if this bug is related, but I guess it's possible
  3. Literally no idea what's causing it, but my game keeps crashing. I've tried rolling back to previous cycle autosaves to no avail. Dorky Comet Cycle 198.sav
  4. try increasing priority of the build job to 9. also make sure that your engineer doesn't have the "unconstructive" trait
  5. yeah, i've seen this before too. Pretty much happens anytime you scroll across long distances
  6. would you be able to upload some pictures or even the save file? It sounds like you may have accidentally disabled the fish feeder via automation wire. Try deconstructing any automation attached to it
  7. i would recommend having your dupes mop it up then empty the bottles back into the world. should probably fix it?
  8. I honestly have never known what job plunging the toilet has been, but since the dupe did start cleaning the toilet when locked away from what needed to be swept, i think we can assume that plunging the toilet is under tidy as well. As for the actual bug reported, I believe that sweeping and putting stuff in storage is considered a tidy job whenever you specifically mark an item for sweeping, otherwise it would be storage. Not sure if that's an intentional aspect of the game
  9. my main concern is whether the crier is deleting the gas/air that's on them, or if they're just pushing it all away
  10. Maybe it's a glitch with something in the food system that just happens to be triggered by binge eaters, but can also show up on its own? It would otherwise seem odd that several people report the glitch happening directly after a binge eating response
  11. not a bug - whoever your engineer is has to upgrade each of the generators individually over time
  12. try enabling "operate" under sub-priorities
  13. haven't run into this myself yet, but thanks for the heads up. Also, love that you have 2 Turners XD
  14. I figured that letting it all rot would probably fix the issue, but i'd rather not let 800k kcal of food go to waste XD
  15. Food supply is listed as NAN even though I have over 800k kcal of food. first pic shows glitch, second shows that i do have the food that it says i don't have
  16. Playing in the Rocketry Beta Branch and my washroom says that i need to "remove conflicting buildings" but there are no buildings that would prevent the room from being a washroom. No industrial machinery, outhouses, or wash basins (only plumbed toilets and sinks). Tried placing insulated piping in my rec room to see if it counted as industrial machinery but it didn't. No clue why the room isn't being counted as a washroom but i really need the +2 morale. Since I don't know when the bug originated, I'm not attaching my log files because i have no idea which file i would need Thank you
  17. WELP looks like i'm screwed. Thank you for the info XD
  18. After loading old world into new update and enabling morale, duplicants' morale is stuck at the level of their original jobs, even after unassigning them from their old job. In example below, Ada used to be miner (morale required: 8) but is now unemployed (morale required: 1) but still shows a required 8 morale