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  1. Just to add to this if my past memory of playing Wilba is correct, Wilba heals to max health upon transforming into Were-Wilba, so you can use that to survive a normally unsurvivable situation should you have a couple of monster foods on hand. Saved my run more then twice thanks to this trick. EDIT: Oh, and if your in Hamlet without food and need to survive until the werepig timer runs out, don't be afraid to head on over to your nearest pig city and start eating all your subjects. That too, has saved me multiple times in my runs.
  2. To be honest, going off what I'm reading here Wurt doesn't appear particularly interesting to me outside of the whole vegetarian thing, but thats only because I like the idea of the challenge. My main complaint though that I can better comment on now is that the very idea of the character (from what we currently know of her) feels... uninspired. A merm character is something I remember being suggested numerous times in the past, but for me I never really thought a character like that would ever be right for the game or really that interesting to play. Wurt's perks are pretty much the kind of stuff people thought a merm character would have and its yet another "monster" character, which I think is why I feel this way for the most part. Then again, I remember thinking similarly when Wilba was revealed, so I will give Wurt the benefit of the doubt and give her a chance, as despite seemingly just being a "merm kid" at the moment, she could make up for this rather unoriginal concept through her personality and probably rather just niche uses for her perks. ... Anyway don't know how to end this so I'm just gonna drop this here. That's it I guess.
  3. Wilson: Having to accept his failiure as a scientist, or having to accept that science can't explain everything in the world given the former would likely never cross his mind. Willow: Waking up back at the orphanage finding it all to have been a dream. Wofgang: Everything, but also possibly the thought that he could wake up back in the war and find it all to have been a dream. Wendy: The thought that one day she'll accept that Abigail is gone and stop grieving, inevitably leading to Abigail's memory being lost forever. WX-78: Termination. Wickerbottom: Old age. Woodie: The idea that he could go Werebeaver and never turn back, causing him to lose his mind and who he was forever. Wes: "..." Maxwell: Never being able to get everyone home, and the thought that the other survivors could subsequently kill him upon finding out he can't. Webber: Never going home to his family. Webber: Having to go home to his family. Wigfrid: The final act. Winona: Discovering Charlie is really beyond redemption. Warly: Maman Angeline passing away alone and confused without him. Wortox: Becoming a demon that sucks the souls out of the once liv- oh wait... Wormwood: Losing all his friends and being alone again. EDIT: A few more for the single-player characters that I know the speech files of well. Wagstaff: Losing connection or general access to The Constant, keeping him from ever fulfilling his "destiny". Wilba: Having to become queen and rule over her people, but in general basically any responsibilities. Wheeler: Dying without anyone knowing who she was.
  4. The ghost then begins haunting a pile of balloons he had once treasured in life.
  5. Just tried using this, it doesn't appear to work at all. Couldn't even get it to do anything other then open. Is there anything else out there that can achieve this or no? EDIT: Found another tool that does this and it managed to get the job done. I did have to get Java in order to use it though, and it took a bit of internet searching to figure out how to launch it properly from there. Link here for those that couldn't get the above tool working like me:
  6. I want to split the inventoryimages.tex file's contents into the individual .png files that made it up, but ktools' krane from what I've read requires a build.bin and not a .xml. As inventoryimages.tex only has a .xml not a build.bin from what I can see, is there another way to do this or am I out of luck? Help would be much appreciated. EDIT: Solved. See below.
  7. I've never been on Discord before, but info like this being leaked has me intrigued. Is there a public invite to this server or no? Might make a Discord account just so I can watch for interesting info like this and maybe ask some questions...
  8. Some Issues about Mod Tools

    Mmm... not really. You could just make a shortcut of the autocompiler and put it on your desktop so you can start the program manually. That's what I do at least.
  9. Some Issues about Mod Tools

    I've actually found the solution to this recently. In your DoNotStarve folder which should be by default on a Windows system be located in the Klei folder in Documents, there should be a config file named I think "settings" or something. Open that file up in a text editor like Notepad++ and look for something like "AUTOCOMPILER = true". Change that true to a false and you should have no more autocompiler on startup! If this was all hard to follow I can make a slightly more in-depth guide later when I have some free time with access to my computer. Hope this helped! EDIT: If what you are doing is for Don't Starve Together and not Don't Starve, I don't know if this will help with that. I haven't looked into finding the solution to this for Don't Starve Together yet, but if I do I'll report back about it.
  10. Perfect, yes thats exactly what I meant! Thanks for the help, now I've just gotta spend some time figuring out ktools so I can eventually get to work on some mod projects I have planned for the future.
  11. I'll have to install ktools again and keep this in mind. I don't have a space in my username, but its possible that one of the directories the file I used was in had a space in it. I should have better specified, I was trying to refer towards is it possible to get the individual .png files that made up the .tex file before it was compiled, as in all the parts of the object being their own .png files, basically something like the files in the exported folder in the Extended Character Template?
  12. Hey @watermelen671, what tool is it that you use to decompile assets back into spriter projects? Been wondering for awhile now as I've been wanting to get a better look at unused animations and stuff myself. I tried ktools in the past, but it seemed to refuse to work on my computer for some reason. I'd also like to know if its at all possible to decompile an atlas-0.tex back into the .png files that made it? Don't know if its at all a realistic possibility or not, but I've been wondering about whether it is for awhile now.
  13. Can anyone send me old Warbucks speech file?

    I'd like to see the file too if anyone has it. I never got the chance to read Warbucks' speech file before he was censored so I'd love to see it for curiosities sake.
  14. Seems as of the latest update a crash now occurs for new users upon downloading and enabling their DLC. This functionally bars them from the ability to play the game until they uninstall the DLC, or though an apparent alternative method completely deleting their save folder from "userdata". @Jason or @bizziboi given that this is quite a big issue, could this get looked into and hotfixed hopefully before the weekend? (Sorry about this being in general discussion by the way, I had already written this post and pasted all the links above before I realized I probably should put this in the main bug tracker instead. At least here I guess it might gain more attention at least.)
  15. Shelf doesn't display Custom Items

    Oof, I wish I had found this post sooner to help you with this before you went through so much trouble. Klei actually (albeit possibly unintentionally) implemented a way to add shelf art for modded items awhile back through a simple override which they made to use for items with differing appearence depending on world (ex. logs, snakeskin, bannanas etc.). If memory serves, the line is something like "inst.shelfart = youranimfolder/yourprefabsanim", which you then put in your prefabs main function. You can just check the prefabs for the formerly mentioned items to get the exact line if I'm wrong, but this did the trick for me in a still currently unreleased mod of mine that I should probably get back to at some point. Hope this helped! EDIT: Ignore this. When I wrote this I was less knowledgable about modding and didn't know exactly how shelfer worked. Turns out the only reason this solution worked for me was because the image I wanted was already in inventoryimages.tex at the time so it was really using that instead of mine. Apologies to whomever I confused with this.
  16. Actually after looking at the code I think it is possible this is intended. Willow and Warly both have a tag called "expertchef", which must be what speeds up the timeout of cooking somewhere. Interestingly, I also found in the cooker component along with a check for the former tag there seems to be a check for a tag called "dangerouschef", which I don't think is used by a character in-game yet. It looks like it makes you not able to cook if you have it? I don't know for sure as I'm not too familiar with how DST's code works compared to DS, so if anyone knows better they can correct me. Figured it out myself, its actually a tag for the Lighter so people without "expertchef" tag can't cook on it. Also hilariously enough Warly apparently has three chef related tags that honestly all kind of mean the same thing; "masterchef", "proffesionalchef", and "expertchef". Just thought that was kind of funny. EDIT: The Lighter's oncook function seems to say that this is intended as well, along with the fact that it seems to also imply actually all characters can attempt to cook with the Lighter now, just that they will burn themselves if they try. Seems to be prevented by the "dangerouschef" tag anyway, so the code is functionally unused really and is likely not new. Exact function for the curious below:
  17. It seems to me like a mistake, but I hope Klei chooses to leave this in and write it off as a feature like how they left Maxwell being able to read Wickerbottom's books.
  18. Unlike Wilson who uses his full known name for the epilogue of Adventure Mode (Wilson P. Higgsbury), Wagstaff and Wheeler do not despite their full names being known (which are Robert Wagstaff and Maybelle Dorothea Wheeler respectively). This should just require the change of their character names in strings.lua, so it shouldn't be a hard thing to correct at all.
  19. Warly isn't in though, and theres really no reason for it too considering he's free. @V2C on the assumption this isn't intended, could we get Warly's anim file available too for modder's reference as well next update? It be much appreciated.
  20. I'd love to see Warly's variety food perk added to everyone. It would make the game's title a bit more relevant thats for sure. Shouldn't even be too hard to make a mod for it either, as Warly had all the code for this perk moved into a neat little component called "foodmemory", that should be easy enough to add to all the characters. A favorite food system would make a great complement to this idea as well. Perhaps whatever this food is for the character could be used as an exception to variety, so if a character loved Meatballs they could eat that whenever without ever worrying about diminishing returns. Also if it worked this way it would fix the possible issue of Wortox becoming tired of souls, as if they were just made his favorite food you wouldn't have to worry about that problem coming up! I do agree with Zeklo though that hunger drain should remain on a character to character basis, and that only eating crockpot food should remain a Warly thing. Variety for everyone should be hard enough, and definitely better encourage a good camp chef, rather then a guy who just converts your entire fridge into Meatballs.
  21. When in the Volcano the player has all the speed modifiers the boat they entered it with had. Should be very easily reproduce this to noticeable effect by just equipping an Iron Wind to a boat and entering the Volcano with it. Also If this wasn't problematic enough, the speed boosts can be carried into other worlds using the Seaworthy or Skyworthy, so yeah theres room for great abuse here.
  22. Hey so I don't know if this little guy has been shown off yet, but going off the fact that it seems to have been created after I updated I'm gonna assume right now its new. Its anim is called "antchovy".
  23. [Game Update] - 354558

    Hey so not trying to come off as impatient, but will we be seeing activity from you guys in the Hamlet bug tracker again soon? Theres been a sizable amont of bugs that have accumulated since you guys were last working on fixes, so I'd just like to know if we'll start seeing bugs getting fixed again anytime soon.
  24. Alright I changed my mind about The Victorian, it looks pretty bad now that I'm seeing it like this. On the other hand, "Captain Warly Sparrow" looks amazing seeing it in a better view here, so I think its gonna be the skin I choose to weave for him instead. Now to find some pirate looking clothes to weave for it...
  25. Early Access?

    The Roseate and Victorian look pretty good I guess, but I don't care for The Trawler at all. I'll probably use The Victorian myself as its the most "Warly" to me. Also did anyone else notice they changed his portrait as well? Its kind of strange as it doesn't really blend well with any of the other current portraits in the game. The original I think actually fit better honestly.