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  1. I hope Klei opts to leave this bug(?) alone. It's not really hurting anybody given you can only use skins you actually own.
  2. This is the most work I've ever seen be put into this theroy. Most I've seen just go "both beards, both science", but don't go at any length at really convincing the reader. I think I'd be cool with this turning out to be true, but a part of me thinks a lot of these were probably just coincidences on Klei's part. I'd gladly like to be proven wrong someday though! Great work investigating this all around regardless.
  3. Unlike golden shots which have a "shattering" FX upon colliding with the enemy, pebble shots have no such FX at all, leading to a rather unimpactful result. I imagine this is at least psuedo-unintended so that is why I'm reporting this here. I'd suggest reusing the "boulder hit" FX for this purpose. Hope to see this fixed soon.
  4. I noticed when playing on a player-hosted world without caves that Walter's Slingshot actually plays sounds when equipped and firing. When on a server with caves no such sounds played at all. This also seems to occur with Woby's eating sounds as well. Hope to see this fixed soon.
  5. I didn't like Woby at all at first too myself, believing her to be quite uncreative in execution and feeling rather tacked on, but after just recently doing a run as Walter after her buff I can't help but like her a lot now. Woby's utility as extra storage and easy fast mobile transport go hand and hand with Walter's fearlessness in making a character that is great for early-game caves dwelling and ruins rushing. Sure Woby isn't the most creative idea in the world, just being an immortal Chester with riding capability essentially, but she sure has been a more useful perk to have around than I thought she would be. I wouldn't mind seeing improvements or changes to her, but essentially what I think I'm trying to say here is I personally don't think Woby "ruins" Walter, in fact I now believe she compliments him quite well. The problem might be that your viewing Walter's slingshot as a major part of his kit, leading to the thought that he must be a ranged character, but I personally only view it as a utility tool for attracting or losing aggro (manure pellets are excellent for getting harassing monkeys off your back in the ruins, especially good to remember cause they can steal from Woby), or as a small assist in combat with others when I don't wish to get hit. I think of Walter more so as a, well, "scouting character", less so as a dedicated ranged one. But that's just me.
  6. To be more specific, I'd like the raw original "wormwood.fsb" that was in Hamlet's sound folder when Wormwood was accidentily leaked early with his original design sometime in January of 2019. I don't know for sure if there is anyone out there who still has it, but I figured I'd give this a shot. Thanks in advance.
  7. If you were holding a thermal stone that would be one possible cause of overheating in a calm season, especially if it was in your backpack. Thermal stones in backpacks use the season's temperature (which is usually quite different from the players) to balance themselves out instead of the players, due to a small bug in its heat function.
  8. If my knowledge of InteriorSpawner is correct, it's possible that you merely entered the wrong ruins and the Aporkalypse Calendar is still out there. c_countprefabs likely didn't find the calendar because the interior constructor hasn't put into motion the "blueprint" for the room its in, so it doesn't exist until you find the room. If you could screenshot the exact ruins you entered on the map that could be helpful in discovering whether you did enter the right ruins or not.
  9. I've been very interested in the old builds of DS for some time now. How did you manage to find these old versions if I may ask? Did you find a way to downgrade the game far enough through Steam, or did you obtain these old builds through more illegitimate means?
  10. Would there be any reasons as to why Klei would not want to bring this into the game natively? At the moment this looks like it would just be a straight upgrade so I'm curious. If this really does what it claims to for little to no disbenefit I'd love it if Klei took the time to implement this into DS and DST, might fix a lot of the performance issues with old computers and Hamlet I'd imagine. EDIT: Also another question; would DS mod developers need to do anything differently to account for players using this? If so, what would be the easiest way to check for if a player is using this add-on or not so one could keep compatibility for all users?
  11. I'd rather see it removed myself to be honest instead of Klei further wasting development time on what I'm pretty sure most of the player base considers a "dud mechanic". Blunt as it may be, it's what I think.
  12. Alright so because I had to delay the next DS Code Patch update a little longer over an item duplication bug for character-specific items, I decided to look into this bug too and I've got a sort of fix ready for the next update. I opted to go with the save immedietely after catching up the world method because I couldn't find any very good viable alternatives and it does the job anyhow. The game will save roughly a frame after loading in, so long as there isn't an error screen being shown, which I made it specifically check for. If the above method does fail you somehow, there will be a new console command added in the update called "hcp_resync()" which will use the player's age and the world's departure age in attempting to fix the clock. It is best used immedietely after you have the issue to minimize any possible desyncing which may remain, and should work in most situations. Hopefully it helps.
  13. This isn't going to be fixed with the next DS Code Patch update, but I've logged it in my to-fix list for a future update. Thing is though, from what I can see this occured due to a force shutdown or unfortunately-timed random crash, so chances are I'd likely implement the fix in the form of a console command to correct it if you ever get the issue. I lf I can figure out an automatic way of checking for desync I'll implement it, but we'll see...
  14. Enter Profile:UnlockCharacter("warbucks") in the console while on the title screen. Then after that enter Profile:Save() in the console, again, while on the title screen.
  15. For Wagstaff: a robot skin in a similar vein to the old robot skin concepts for Webber and Wendy (in obvious reference to the old theroy regarding WX-78's origins), a Victorian skin with him as a train conductor as others have come up with above, and finally a skin for him in the Triumphant collection. For Woodlegs: a skin depicting him in his youth (perhaps even only missing one leg?), and a skin for him in the Guest of Honor collection. For Wilba: some sort of skin like something out of the Guest of Honor collection that depicts her dressed up in proper royal attire, a Gladiator skin depicting her in similar garb to the Forge's boars, and finally a skin for her in the Triumphant collection (fitting to both her rebellious personality and Shakespearean manner of speech; perhaps basing it off the attire of the gangs from the Romeo & Juliet-inspired musical West Side Story could be appropriate?).
  16. Or we just take Occam's Razor (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Occam's_razor) to this and the so called "car screech" is just a Wendy voice clip distorted to better evoke dramatic effect in Abigail's fall, and Abigail actually died falling into the rocks as was foreshadowed in the trailer? I mean don't get me wrong, great job digging up all this evidence for this; you do make some very good connections, but at the end of the day the simplest answer is almost always the correct one, so I'll be sticking to the former stated interpretation.
  17. There's a modding channel in the official unofficial Don't Starve Discord if that's what your looking for. Rather active.
  18. Yeah Handheld Storage might not play nice with mods that make big overriding changes to containers or container widgets. One such example would be the "Craft from Chest" mod, which I've confirmed in my testing to crash the game when paired with Handheld Storage.
  19. I agree a lot with the idea that downsides are as important of an aspect of a character as upsides are. For me, they're really what sells the character as fun to play as they are more liable to change how you play the game compared to upsides. It disappoints me to see that meaningful downsides seems to be something Klei is seemingly phasing out for the most part, as seen with some of the reworks and newest character (c'mon they could've just let Wurt be a vegatarian, but they just had to think that would be "too hard" and give her a 33% boost to vegetables too on top of the rest of her fluff perks). Woodie's not even got a curse anymore it's just a full blown superpower now, which killed his identity for me completely. His transition from being a "cursed canadian lumberjack with a possibly dark past" to "Captain Canada with his funny canada forms" was too harsh of a change for me to at all like the rework, on top of the fact that it was quickly noticed that he has practically no downsides. If you were to ask me, I'd want the cast to have amazing upsides for what they are made to do, and then an utterly debilitating downside in something else (i.e: Winona can do all work and crafting twice as fast, but only makes Wet Goop in crockpots). I love the idea that people could naturally come up with team comp by picking characters to offset others downsides, which you know, makes a lot more sense in a multiplayer game? I just think that not all characters have to be good at EVERYTHING. If everyone couldn't be good at everything, you'd barely have to change Wilson at all as then as his whole thing can be once again that he doesn't have to deal with any problems that could crop up playing the other survivors. Now if the counter-argument is that this would discourage solo-play with a character, that's sorta the point. The idea would be that yes; you can play this survivor solo, but be prepared to face issues in one thing or another in exchange for great power. This could also push people towards trying things in-game they'd never think of using normally, like with Wormwood and Healing Salves/Bandages, or as with the example given above regarding Winona being unable to make crockpot food; could push her towards unconventional food sources, such as Cooked Pumpkins perhaps? I don't think Klei should be balancing around solo-play anyway, as this is a multiplayer game after all so doing that would be awfully strange. If another possible counter-argument is that this would make pubs force people into certain characters then all I can say is don't play on pubs. Public servers should never be what Klei is designing anything around, as they are short play sessions that almost always end before winter. If you ask me I think that the audience Klei should be balancing around is 4-6 players playing together in their own server long-term. That's it anyway, I've been thinking a lot about this topic for a long time now but neglected to say anything as I figured people wouldn't agree with such an idea. I'm glad to see I was wrong, well, for the most part anyway...
  20. I personally gave up a long while back on the DS/DST placement system over frustration of being unable to align my farms directly in the middle of turf tiles in rows together, among other issues. Downloaded "Realistic Placement" off the workshop for DS and DST and never looked back. Later on when RoT had just come out the tedium I found in boat placement order definitely cemented the mods place for good as one of my go-to mods.
  21. I'd personally like to see it implemented as an Autumn dusk work theme, or alternatively have it play when on Deep Forest turf in a similar manner to the jungle themes in Hamlet.
  22. The Crabby Hermit is missing the orange spots on her face that are existent in promo art and what not. Further investigation on my part found that she does indeed have these details on her in-game art, but they are only on her headbase_hat symbol, not her headbase symbol (the one that's actually used in-game).
  23. Nah, this is just another case of Klei reusing animation builds for new monsters like they usually do, except this time they forgot to remove the remnants of the base they used.
  24. Thanks again! If I can manage to get him to show up in-game later I'll edit this post and share some screenshots when I've got the time. EDIT: Here he is in all his glory: (Ignore the lack of a hunger meter in the screenshot, I used inst.AnimState:SetBank to quickly change my W.I.P. Wilton to him for convenience sake.)