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  1. Can we please get a fix for the ballphins?

    Important to remember its the weekend so I'm pretty sure the developers are out of office during this time. They usually start being much more active again from what I've observed around Tuesday.
  2. WX-78 and poisonous food

    Supposedly their hunger rate is halved as well by the way. This bug seems to be caused due to poisonous food only checking for whether the eater has the poisonable component (which WX-78 must have for reasons), rather then checking for poisonable component and poisonable tag (which WX-78 is told to remove in their main function).
  3. (Before anything, I should clarify that the exact pigman shopkeeper I am refering to is the one that runs the Deli and Grocer, basically the female one with the yellow hair. The others aren't this disrespectful to their future queen.) This is kind of a inconsistent bug to test easily to see in-game I guess, but I've caught it numerous times now and its been bothering me a little bit. The problem really just comes down to that the storeowner occasionaly refers to Wilba as "unpig" due to her using the same greetings upon entering the store that she uses with other characters with Wilba. Minor, kinda funny, but should definitely be fixed. EDIT: Just last night caught this happening with recruited Pig Royalguard's banter, and as Quartzbeam pointed out below it also occurs with Webber wearing the Shamlet Mask (when he should be considered a fellow pig with it on). Might also happen with pigs on tax day, so I'd check that as well. Guess more pigs are against their future queen then I thought. Changed bug title to reflect new information.
  4. I just recently remembered this bug being something I noticed in her debut, and looking into her file now it seems that she still hasn't been given "inst.components.talker.allcaps = true" which is the fix used for WX-78 and could be inserted into her file the same way as a solution for this, but because its not there I assume this bug is still around given the lack of this line. I'll update this bug report when I can get a chance to play Wilba again later to ensure that this is still a bug, but a look at the code now would suggest it still is.
  5. Warfarin: The Tricky Thief

    Played a world for a while with Warfarin last night, and I gotta say they are definitely a lot of fun. I thought going in that they'd feel a bit feature bloated, but it didn't end up feeling as bad as I thought it would be actually and I didn't particulary mind all the items and features he had in the end. So far this mod I would say this is my absolute favorite character mod I've played thus far (though I haven't played that many to be honest), but that doesn't mean it didn't have any problems of course. Some feedback: *The character description for their abilities could be made more consistent with the others, like changing "Agile but frail" to "Is agile, but frail" as to be consistent with Maxwell's "Is dapper, but frail". A nitpick honestly but it did stick out to me a little bit. *The cutting out sound when under cover, while a neat touch, felt kind of unpleasent on the ears after a while. In fact I had thought it was a bug with my sound cutting out for a little bit when playing them and it was only after messing around with ambushing for a little while I noticed exactly when it happened. In my opinion, I feel like this is a small touch that should probably be left on the cutting room floor, as running through a dense forest and having your sound cut out constantly doesn't come off easily as a feature. *Warfarin's ambush range feels too low for the default dagger. I kept feeling like I should have been able to ambush someone from my distance but I couldn't cause it feels like you have to be almost hugging your oppenent to ambush them. Should definitely be increased along with cover size a little bit. EDIT: After playing them some more I'd say the cover size is fine actually, but ambush range should still be increased. Just a little bit though. *The default keybind for Warfarin's dash being space bar doesn't really work. I kept trying to pick grass and twigs on day 1 but kept dashing instead. I shortly after changed it to "C" for ease of access and to circumvent the issue, though it does feel a bit cramped with this and probably a lot of the other keys, which does lead me to my next small gripe. *The keybind for Warfarin's dash I think is a bad idea in general. Not only does it feel cramped and somewhat inconsistent to aim, but also feels "mod character-y" and doesn't really feel like something you'd see in a Klei-made character which Warfarin by the way does look like art-wise (seriously amazing work on the art by the way). Looking at Wheeler and how intuitive it feels to use her dodge and aim exactly where you want with right-click, I was really missing that during my time with Warfarin. If you could make Warfarin's dash able to be used with right-click I feel like it would make a world of difference playing them. Plus then their dash could probably be made controller compatible like Wheeler, which I'm not sure you have right now in this version. *Small thing, (isn't a problem maybe but I'm gonna put it here anyway) but adding a decently high-ish positive priority to your mod if you don't already have one would be a good idea for the future in case, say, someone was looking into doing something similar to your "Warfarin can trade with pig bandits idea", and wanted to add compatibility for them in their mod so your feature didn't break and didn't want to give their mod a negative priority to do so cause their mod needs to have a low-ish positive priority of like "5" so it could be edited itself by other mods... and uh you know, other mods that might have similar features added by your AddPrefabPostInits that might want to add compatibility like that. Other then all that anyway, I had a lot of fun playing Warfarin overall and am definitely looking forward to the possible DST release in the future. I did find a few bugs while playing them, but I don't have the time to report them all right now, I will look into doing so later however. I hope you take my feedback into consideration for an update in the future. Cheers!
  6. Tarlamp "turn on" prompt while held

    Can confirm. Had this happen to me a little while ago myself when I was testing various things.
  7. Simple bug. The item doesn't have the "nopunch" tag or weapon component so it causes the player's arm to disappear on attacking with it.
  8. I had found this bug initially while sort of making my own One Man Band item, which spawns a sparkle fx on recruited followers (I tested it with the One Man Band after and confirmed it happens with it too, which is why I'm reporting this for it), which is how I discovered that the problem seems to be that after the game disbands a follower due to death, the One Man Band then instantly re-recruits the follower (I kept seeing my fx appear on dead followers before they disappeared) causing the player's follower count to be incorrect, which in turn caps the One Man Band's max cap of followers lower then intended (as in less then 10). This bug can be easily tested by wearing a One Man Band, spawning 10 pigs and telling them all to kill each other, and then when none are left spawning 10 more. The first time all 10 should recruit, but the second you should get less. I found shortly after that this can be very easily fixed, by adding a check for whether the creature the band wants to detect is dead or not in the same line you check for whether the creature's a follower before anything else. After I did that in my mod it seemed to work perfectly after numerous tests (check is "If not v.components.health:IsDead()" if I remember right). I assume this issue plagues the Spider Hat too but I have not tested it yet. A look at the code seems like it would happen the same way there so I'd add the check to it as well just to be safe. If any more information is needed just ask.
  9. Most notably his new idle animations, sanity loss from planting and killing plants being proximity based, and burnt trees no longer making him lose sanity when cut down (as they're already dead)? Wormwood looks like he was at least more so finished in DST, so can we expect a port of at least these additions/changes to DS in the future?
  10. I'd say at the very least I'd want his new idle animations and no sanity loss from chopping burnt trees. Burnt trees shouldn't cause sanity loss on chop cause they're already dead (Wormwood would have already lost the sanity from them burning to a crisp, so why lose it again?), and the new idle animations are a neat flavor thing with no reason whatsoever it couldn't be added to DS. He is pretty much completly fine otherwise though.
  11. We can hope that the survivors choose to bring him along with them. I don't see any reason why they wouldn't really unless he couldn't survive outside The Constant, and the only other reason would be fear of him being viewed as a freak of nature on earth, but if we went with this they'd have to leave Webber behind too for the same reason which would leave him a friend anyway.
  12. Personally, I think Roseate Wormwood is one of my favorite skins so far, but thats just me. I don't care for Wormwood's other skins though. I feel like he doesn't look enough like himself in those.
  13. Any reason his portrait isn't desaturated like everyone elses?
  14. [Poll] Lucy the Axe

    Personally, my idea for a origin for Lucy would be none at all. I always thought it would come off more comedically if Woodie just has had Lucy for so long he can't actually remember when they first met much to Lucy's chargin, just knowing that it was completely unrelated to Maxwell or Them. Then I'd imagine they'd proceed to bicker like they're an old married couple. Plus I also think its a funny idea to imagine the survivors asking Woodie how he inherited the wearbeaver curse, causing him to go through a long story and possibly detailed explanation on it, but then the answer to whats up with Lucy is just "What about Lucy?", as if he doesn't think there is any real big story to tell or anything that out of the ordinary about her. But that's just my view on it. I'm also even a bit indecisive on whether I would like Wearbeaver to have a origin either. I just like the idea of no explanation at all for Woodie's powers I guess.
  15. Yep that was it. I should really stop modding late at night.This was the same problem I had awhile back with CHARACTER_INGREDIENT I just realized. Thank you very much for the reminder fix though! But now I have this strange issue where the hat and propeller stay on the character's head still after being unequipped. I'm still using pretty much the same code listed in the original post, so is there anything I'm missing or doing wrong here that could be causing this? EDIT: Nevermind I think I found what my problem was. Didn't have SetUnequip's function named correctly. Now I know to always check that for next time. Thanks still for the help before though!
  16. So I'm currently working on a now slowly becoming extensive Hamlet tweaks mod where I wanted to include some restorations of unused things in it. Problem is that I keep getting this error as stated in the thread title trying to make a postinit to finish the "Hayfever Hat". I really don't understand what I'm doing wrong here so help would be much appreciated. EDIT: Problem solved. For the future if anyones reading this, if you ever get a error like this you probably just have to make the problem function be declared a GLOBAL. This can be done by, for example in my case, putting "SpawnPrefab = GLOBAL.SpawnPrefab in the top of your modmain. Anyway that was it. Not something that'll likely trouble anyone but for some reason for me I can never seem to remember this. Excerpt from log: Excerpt from code:
  17. The two things I would change about Wormwood in this state now would be making his planted crops wither a day after maturing and giving him functionality with Wickerbottom's "Applied Horticulture". Or alternatively over the first change as a friend of mine came up with once have fully mature plants planted by Wormwood able to be eaten by birds, so that they'll have to require constant watch in order to keep them (Possibly giving the scarecrow new functionality to ward away birds with this would be cool too, but given how that seems to attract rather then ward away birds at the moment I'd say probably not on that). Other then that, I'm quite happy with all the other changes! Though if we were talking perks I'd like to see changed a bit more extensively in a possible later character refresh, I'd like to see blooming overhauled somewhat. I still feel like its a rather barebones perk honestly and it really needs a way to be activated outside of spring. (I brought up ideas regarding how blooming could be made more interesting and how it could be activated outside of spring here back in Hamlet's Early-Access along with other things I believe would have been nice for the character. Might even make a new thread like this one later after I try Wormwood in DST next week if I come up with some more interesting ideas): P.S: He better have real battlecrys for different mobs this time Klei. i still don't get why you had to make his only battlecry in every situation "Attack!". It felt so lazy honestly...
  18. Mutated SW bosses. The lore could be for it that they followed Warly when he escaped the archipelago as their purpose is to hunt down and kill the survivor, but then when they finally get to the mainland Constant they are mutated by the "moon" and become even more monsterous and horrifying then ever before. It be cool to have the bosses from SW this way as then they can be changed up quite a bit then and have an explanation for the new powers they could have. Also because the concept for thinking its all over after killing Sealnado and then having the actual seal try to kill you as a second phase would be amazing, and having sharkittens that violently chase you down through the water to board your boat as the Tiger Sharks gaining on you behind would make for some interesting escape scenarioes and boss mechanics.
  19. [Game Update] - 335754

    Can Wortox soul-hop onto boats yet? Or is this something to be worked on in the future?
  20. Woodlegs and everything to do with him, Werebeaver getting to paddle the boat with his tail, more mutants, mutated Quacken raid boss fight, fog at the end of the world like in SW, ability for Wortox to soul hop onto boats, and giving all the giants the ability to swim/fly in/over the ocean (I mean really just imagine it. Think you got away from Deerclops on the sea? Nope. Now he's showing off his strangely excellent swimming skills and crushing your dreams boat into pieces.). I could probably think of way more, but I'm kind of busy with stuff right now so this is what I can think of off the top of my head as for ideas I came up with earlier while playing the update.
  21. Wilson because of the potential for a *Chrono Trigger-esque motivation moment for the survivors that further encourages all of them to stop Them from possibly taking over their world (could happen at some point in result of Wagstaff's interference) and/or others, or maybe just general motivation to go on considering that to me at least Wilson appears to come off as a sort of unspoken leader despite his incompetency in many regards among the survivors at least from how I interpret things. Maxwell already died to progress the story, so in my opinion him dying again I don't think would come off as major as someone like Wilson, who being the main character and also the second though short-lived heir to the throne would likely be more substantial. *Those of you who've played Chrono Trigger will know exactly what I'm talking about.
  22. Dripple Pipes appear at the bottom of the crafting list in non-SW worlds. That's it really.
  23. Well if you saw Warly's coming to DST in July so in general I'd say us getting the rest of the SW characters someday in DST is quite high! Especially since they said that suggestions and feedback are being taken into account for future character refreshes (which we now know counts ALL DS chracters seemingly not just the ones in DST) so honsetly at this point anythings possible here.
  24. I've been getting some lower performence then normal too, should I post my dxdiag file here as well if it would help? I usually do run DST somewhat slow, but its usually only when scrolling crafting menus not constantly like now. EDIT: Guess I'll just post it. DxDiag.txt
  25. No one would have ever suspected that character refreshes counted all pre-existing DS characters, not just the ones currently in DST. What a plot twist! Guess since Wormwoods in the game Wes will be stepping aside as my main even in DST now! Oh and hasn't anyone realized now that this means both Wormwood and Warly are going to get official trailers dedicated to them and potentially their lore? Warly might actually get lore,and going off the fact that he's stated to be sailing into The Constant this could relate to a confirmation that SW is canon once and for all (perhaps it could be about him escaping the archipelago?), or its about how he got here in the first place, which I'd say would also be equally as interesting. I mean, of course Wormwood lore would also be cool but I feel like his would probably be left mostly ambiguous in his trailer given he is a more mysterious character, so I would say I'm more excited for what Warly has to offer in the lore department personally. All in all, things are gonna get very interesting in the coming months in DST, and I can't wait to see it!