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  1. While we're at it we need justice for Walani too. Justice for the other sea bound member of the SW crew!.
  2. Can we get an Aporkalypse start option in world gen by any chance at some point, if it isn't already planned? I really want to try a challenge run under the new conditions brought by the event without having to resort to commands or mods.
  3. If you are wearing the Bat Cowl and enter the caves in Vanilla/RoG you'll crash. If you enter the caves and then wear the Bat Cowl however, you'll be fine though. It seems to be only when entering the caves/ruins that it crashes. Don't know If this also happens with the moggles. haven't tested.
  4. Wearing the Lucky Hat indoors when the treasure durability tick is hit Woodlegs' will warn the player about seeing treasure but there will seeminly be no treasure anywhere on map. I suspect this could be because the treasure is ending up in the void where the housing is kept, where it should be changed to spawn somewhere outside the entrance of the enclosure your currently in so that it'll be accessible to dig up as soon as you leave.
  5. Ah, so I guess the craftable Silly String mod I made yesterday no longer serves a purpose. All well! It helped me understand making crafting recipes and mods in general more and its great to know that the item is attainable without mods in RoG & SW now. Does it spawn on a random island or near where you spawn after using the Skyworthy?
  6. Warbucks, explorer or hunter?

    Yeah sorry I haven't got a chance to play him yet in the early-access as I haven't unlocked him and just assumed his title was the same. I'll update the thread and remove the outdated information. I don't actually mind if they do go down the explorer route for the character too much, so long as his perks stay relevant regardless of expansion. I somewhat just preferred him as a hunter myself cause I thought he could have more interesting perks with that occupation.
  7. Do you prefer the idea of Warbucks being an explorer? Or a hunter? Personally, I'm on the latter side as I feel that perks based around being a hunter can be more relevant regardless of played expansion and in general be more fun and interesting. Since my last thread on Warbucks I've somewhat redone my ideas on a re-envisioning based on him being a hunter, and so I'm gonna list them here as a sort of template of sorts for discussion: -New Warbucks (P.S. Did Klei end up changing Warbucks' warcry from "Huzzah! To arms!" to something better during all those updates I missed? I haven't been able to play Warbucks' in the early-access yet cause I have yet to unlock him so I'd like to know if they did. Sincerely, Portmanteau.) EDIT: It's still the same.
  8. The renovate crafting tab was available inside the Womant room, however it only allowed me to build prebought renovations. I then added a shelf I prebuilt to the room to see if it would let me, and then I snapped this photo after shelving some of her minions.
  9. Thoughts on Warbucks?

    I personally think his design is fine. I don't mind the reddish tone myself and I think he actually looks a little strange with the skin tone in the mock-up image. Anyway, my thoughts and suggestions on other aspects of the character I wrote here already: Thought the same thing when I saw the similar facial features and that his title was "The Gentleman Hunter". Interesting to note that his quote for the alchemy engine states that he's dabbled with alchemy in the past. Coincidence?
  10. Ah thanks, I'll be sure to update the thread now with that information.
  11. Last night I decided to play Warbucks in order to get a feel for his character so I could suggest some perks for him, but starting out I'm just gonna give you a summary of his current situation and my thoughts on him. -Current Warbucks: Character info: Warbucks, The Gentleman Hunter (Too similar to "Wilson, The Gentleman Scientist".) "I say ol' chap, this will be a game to remember!" (This works.) *Is an explorer (Doesn't relate to perks.) *Loves his fortune (This ones descriptive enough I guess for what the perk is right now.) *Picky eater. (Not clear enough.) Stats: -150 health. -120 hunger -300 sanity I say! His stats are quite interesting and I see no reason to change them so long as he gets the much needed changes to his perks, especially "Loves his fortune". More on that later. Perks: -Starts with a magnifying glass which can burn things, search stumps for treasure, and scare away Mants. (Thanks @CarlZalph for the information on this.) -Gains way too much sanity per minute from one oinc, as with just ten or so oincs I'm pretty sure I was surpassing Maxwell's sanity gain, and that's honestly just not right with how easy it was to accumulate just ten oincs combined with that fully upgraded WX-78 level sanity stat. -Picky eater. Basically he hates non-crockpot meals so he loses -5 sanity and gains less hunger from eating said foods. At first I didn't like the idea of this perk as I thought of it as kind of treading on Warly's turf so to speak, but I grew to really like the idea of it as he doesn't appear to get more benefits from crockpot meals but instead its supposed to encourage actually buying from the sandwich shop instead of eating what you find. Only complaint is the fact that the penalty for eating non-crockpot meals is way too low and should be much harsher, especially since at the moment at least the sanity loss means nothing considering his ridiculous sanity gain from having a dozen or so coins in his pocket. With that out of the way, now for my suggestions on what to do with Warbucks down the line. Here is what I envision: -New Warbucks Character Info: Warbucks, The Pennywise Hunter "I say ol' chap, this will be a game to remember!" *Has an antique repertoire *Thirsts for fortune *Only enjoys fine dining Stats: -150 health -120 hunger -300 sanity Perks: *Has an antique repertoire: -Starts with an antique blunderbuss named Ol' Fortune (name tentative), which is loaded with either gunpowder (or perhaps gold dust) in order to kill your foes. Enemies killed by Ol' Fortune will have their drops converted to oincs. For example say you kill a koalefent with Ol' Fortune, normally a koalefent drops 8x meat and 1x koalefent trunk, but now that koalefent will instead drop 9x oincs. This would encourage going for "big-game" animals that drop lots of loot in order to get the most oincs from them in order to increase your sanity and have currency to spend in town given you have the ammo. Should probably also start with 6-8x gunpowder/gold dust. -Starts with a magnifying glass. Nothing special about this its just the same item from before. It fits his character and has its uses, though hopefully it gets more meaningful ones in the future. -Starts with a pith hat too? Not a special item but I think it would help out quite a bit for those struggling with those sudden fogs that happen around day fourteen like myself. Just throwing the idea out there. *Thirsts for fortune: -Has a constant -10x sanity drain per minute in order to encourage the player to acquire oincs as fast as possible. Really not that bad given he has 300 sanity along with how easy it is to acquire oincs, so remember that part when critiquing this. -Gains +0.5x sanity gain per minute for every oinc in inventory, and either +5.0x or maybe +1.0x sanity for every ten-piece oinc. This means that he'll need one full stack of oincs to have half the sanity gain Maxwell has, which I felt to be necessary balance given he was grossly overshadowing Maxwell in the sanity department before. -Loses -25 sanity instantly upon spending, or having stolen, any amount of cash. Encourages a more cash hoarding playstyle which would fit for the more Scrooge Mcduck-esque character I envision. *Only enjoys fine dining: -Loses probably -15 sanity for every non-crockpot food consumed, along with the same diminished benefits as before though perhaps even a little harsher. That's about it really, don't know what else to expand upon this. With these changes, I think Warbucks could come off as a more interesting character. I do think he perhaps needs another interesting antique item to really justify playing him, so I've been trying to think up more ideas which I'll likely update this thread with later. (P.S. Klei, if your reading this, please change Warbucks' battlecry from "Huzzah! To arms!" to "The game is afoot!" or something along those lines. At the moment his quote is really way too similar to Maxwell's battlecry which as you very likely know is "To arms!", and it kind of bothers me. Sincerely, Portmanteau)
  12. Disguise for Webber

    I don't know, I think it should have durability actually if its an item that has to be crafted by Webber first to use. I mean, there has to be some disbenefit to consciously choosing to use the spider boy in a world you know is full of pigs, right?
  13. Pogs seem to unaggro far too quickly by just walking just half a screen away from them, and also they should not play their random idle animations when aggroed as it makes them vulnerable for too long.
  14. Pogs will run up against a crockpot with either ingredients in it or a crockpot meal ready until said food is removed by the player. Conversely maybe the bug here is that they can't ransack crockpots, I really don't know for sure.
  15. Hamlet Screenshot's [SPOILERS!]

    Just discovered this, pogs actually ransack any container in sight and then proceed to start tossing out everything within looking for food. As you probably know pogs eat pretty much everything in sight so if you see your icebox totally empty, it was likely ransacked by one of these guys. If you were looking forward to having a pog as a roommate, be warned that they aren't exactly neat and tidy. And that they will devour everything in your base that is remotely edible including that which is inside your chests. So that too. P.S. They'll also play a little angry barking animation if you try to put a hat on them, so I guess they're not into fashion. P.P.S. Filled crockpots are pog magnets. They'll walk up against the crockpot forever even after you take the ingredients out until they find something else to eat or fall asleep. It's either a bug that they can't steal the food out of the pot or a bug that they're trying. Regardless gotta report it later.