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  1. Hello! So I was trying to do a small test mod quick to see if I could make Maxwell able to craft small critters in the magic tab using AddPrefabPostInits, but it keeps giving me the following error every time I try because of me having health as a crafting ingredient and I really wanted that to be required. Excerpt from log: Here is my code too if it helps: Help would be much appreciated. Preferably I want a way to do this still using AddPrefabPostInIts, so take that into account please. Thank you in advance!
  2. Can't hammer Seaworthies & Skyworthies (crafted or spawned). Tested in Vanilla/RoG only so far, but I assume it effects the other worlds too. Simple as that.
  3. Just posting these here as well as on the bug tracker in case they don't get any attention there.
  4. Non-stacked (single/1 spoiled fish basically) do not give boneshards when hammered. Simple as that.
  5. I didn't see these issues in here so I figured I'd put them here so that they could be added to the post. The bugs and issues report for Wormwood has a lot of bugs that I found while playing and have also frequently seen reported in the bug tracker since then and some other ones I found a while back. Apologies about the suggestions and/or opinions expressed in the latter report, I made this report awhile ago, but at least a few of the issues in it I know are still in the game. Maybe we need a Wormwood category...
  6. Winona Update Lore

    Yep! That's why I think this has to be the possibility. Although becasue this makes "Mr/Mrs. Guy On The Left" not Wagstaff, but the adventurer, I have a rather outlandish theroy. When Warbucks was first released many people (including myself) noted that he had a very similar head shape (and title at the time) to Wilson, leading many to believe that the two could be related. However, as everyone probably already knows, Warbucks has been removed from the game for various reasons and due to that the lore potential behind having another member of the Higgsbury family was lost. So, I believe that it is possible that "Mr/Mrs. Guy On The Left" as an adventurer, which is much like Warbucks with his explorer theme, could serve as the replacement character to have this speculated affiliation on the basis of having a sorta similar backround to Warbucks who was the former speculated similarly appearing character with a relation to Wilson, along with the fact that THIS character also has utterly ridiculous hair, which is somewhat similar to, and much like our gentleman scientist! In conclusion, could it be possible that "Whateveritssupposedtobe On The Left" is a relative of Wilson? Maybe? Probably not? Eh, who knows. We'll have to see in April.
  7. Winona Update Lore

    This also adds up if we go with the idea that on the roadmap post its introducing the silouhettes in left to right order. Roadmap states a "globetrotting adventurer" then "mysterious inventor", which would make "Mr. Guy On The Right" Mr. Robert Wagstaff. Of course this would be assuming though that there was only one person building that portal of course and not that its two people collaborating and we're just seeing one of them get sucked in after the other one already was.
  8. Winona Update Lore

    So are we just to ignore this "ARE A- (Aliens per-chance?) REAL?" poster or what? I know the focus was on all that other stuff but it was this that caught my eye personally.
  9. I know these might be really simple questions but I'm pretty new to modding yet so bear with me. 1. Is it possible to remap a sound event back to its original sound after remapping it? My attempts to do this ended in nothing happening at all as the remapped sound still played so is this just not possible or am I supposed to do this differently as to how you first remap the sound? 2. How do I disable a function in a characters prefab file from happening without editing it? For example I tried to change Wolfgang's voice with inst.soundsname using addprefabpostints, but even though I seemingly succeeded at first I found that as soon as he turned mighty/wimpy he had his mighty/wimpy voice and upon turning back he had his normal voice again. I found after that he uses talk override to do this, but I can't seem to figure out how I would stop these sound functions from happening without directly editing his prefab. I would really appreciate help on this particular issue as it could perhaps help me later with other stuff if its possible to stop/overwrite existing functions such as this. 3. I once tried to make a mod as a test which made an axe be able to do other functions like mine or hack using addprefabpostinits, but all my attempts to do so either ended in it not working at all or crashing due to an attempt to call "GLOBAL.ACTIONS" or something like that. I don't clearly remember as I've been working on other stuff since then, but I would really like to know where i went wrong with this one for the future. Help would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance!
  10. Are you looking at "dontstarve_DLC003"? That's where I found all his sound files myself including his "attack" one. Also for those who'd want to see how he will sound in-game yourself, put all this code in a modmain and start a game with Warbucks. I chose him for this so that way you can hear his attack sound too:
  11. I just rigged Wagstaff's voice up with a mod to Warbucks out of curiosity using RemapSoundEvents and now I think this is probably one of my, if not my favorite voice in the game. He interestingly has a battlecry voice like Warbucks too, so it appears Klei really is recycling aspects of that character.
  12. woodlegs lucky hat in the house

    Can confirm I have had this happen to me too, I had even reported it a while back and got no word on it. Perhaps this could be fixed by having the treasure spawn under Woodlegs if he is in indoors? Preferably though having it spawn outside house/ruin/cave would be the better option.
  13. Just one player's opinion on Wormwood

    Yeah. -3 health would be a bit more merciful considering he'd also be getting a health cut in base form with these changes and he already has good options for sanity that it wouldn't really be worth it to him to make a garland for that cost. Petal crafting also wouldn't just be useful for Garlands and the Bloomy Belt, as they could also be used as a measure to convert health into rot early-game before the world becomes overpopulated with the stuff. It's the main reason I would want Petals able to be crafted myself other then for making the belt at least. I personally would disagree with that. Not healing through food is Wormwood's main disbenefit, and its one of the reasons he's my favorite character as with it I actually have to make healing items changing the way I play. Removing it even just during blooming would still be taking away from the character.
  14. To start off, Wormwood has quickly become my favorite character in Don't Starve since his debut. His perks and special items offer him great exclusive niches, and great challenge while actually changing the way you play the game as a challenge character unlike Wes. His personality is endearing with his unique names for practically every monster and item in the game, and his quotes are even occasionlly interesting with things such as regarding all trees without treeguards as "sleeping", perhaps meaning that all these trees are in a heavy comatose state? I mean being able to practically make Dark Swords for 20 health pretty much sold me on the character from moment one, all the other stuff he has just made it all even better. Despite this, I do feel like he is incomplete. He is very close to being "perfect" you could say, gameplay-wise, but I feel like his interactions with some things, how blooming works, and some past changes regarding his character (Ash healing should have been just nerfed not removed as plants can use ash as fertalizer.) should be changed/rectified. So without further ado, here is my suggestions below for Wormwood. -HEALING *Manure should heal 3 health, instead of 2 to make it more of a viable option. *Guano should heal 4 health instead of 2 so it is better then Manure *Bucket Of Manure should heal 3 health per use as to be consistent with Manure. *(NEW) Rot & Ash should heal 1 health per use. *(NEW) Living logs should be able to be consumed/applied for 20 health, so that Wormwood can lose health to gain health in the future. *Compost wraps should heal 40 health instead of 30 health so you'll want to craft it as a early-game heal even with the cost of nitre and long use animation. *(NEW) Wetness should heal in a similar fashion to WX-78's water damage, but A LOT stronger. (NOTE: Sanity loss should still take effect as while plants like water, they definitely do not like TOO much water.) -STATS & BLOOMING (In spoiler as to not take up the whole thread) -NATURE TAB -(NEW) Petals Crafting Description: "It doesn't hurt too much does it?." *Literally just petals (Would allow new players to have an easier time making a garland without having to lose a ton of sanity picking flowers, which proceeds to counteracting much of the benefit they'd get from the hat in the first place. Would also be useful for crafting the below item!) -Crafting Recipe: -3 health -(NEW) Bloomy Belt (Body Item) CONCEPT 1: Crafting Description: "Stunt your growth. Or keep it." *Lasts 6 days (Repairable with Sewing Kit) *-1.5x sanity multiplier *When equipped makes Wormwood retain his current bloom level permanently until unequipped, where it will then shortly after update his current bloom level. (Would allow Wormwood to take advantage of his blooming even outside of the spring seasons, and the player could choose how much risk VS. reward they want with being able to use it to retain any level of bloom, not just the final level, with the disadvantage of using up their body slot and having to upkeep it with sewing kits.) -Crafting Recipe: 3x Living Logs, 8x Petals, 3x Nightmare Fuel CONCEPT 2: Crafting Description: "Grow with the fuel. Embrace it." *Lasts 4 days (Fuelable with Nightmare Fuel.) *-1.5x sanity multiplier *When equipped will cause Wormwood to bloom as if it were spring until unequipped, where it will then shortly after update his current bloom level. Effect first activates morning of the following day. (Would allow Wormwood to take advantage of his blooming even outside of the spring seasons, so long as the player can keep the belt fueled. Less choice then concept 1, but I would imagine it would likely be easier to implement and more user friendly.) -Crafting Recipe: 3x Living Logs, 8x Petals, 1x Purple Gem -MISC. *Make his font able to be disabled like Wigfrid's umlauts. *Actual differing battlecrys for prey, spiders, etc. ... Aside from all this its like I said, in my opinion Wormwood really doesn't need any change other then this. A lot of this is number changes or small additions other then the Bloomy Belt, which I'd say would likely be the hardest thing to implement, but would be an incredibly useful item for players to utilize with the changes to blooming stats. The Hamlet team at Klei did a really good job on this character, and I definitely am looking forward to the new ones in April. Wormwood has definitely set the bar high for future characters.
  15. RoG items such as Cat Cap, Raincoat, Eyebrella, etc. show up in the Vanilla DS crafting menu if Hamlet compatibility is enabled. Is this intended?