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  1. Wilson because of the potential for a *Chrono Trigger-esque motivation moment for the survivors that further encourages all of them to stop Them from possibly taking over their world (could happen at some point in result of Wagstaff's interference) and/or others, or maybe just general motivation to go on considering that to me at least Wilson appears to come off as a sort of unspoken leader despite his incompetency in many regards among the survivors at least from how I interpret things. Maxwell already died to progress the story, so in my opinion him dying again I don't think would come off as major as someone like Wilson, who being the main character and also the second though short-lived heir to the throne would likely be more substantial. *Those of you who've played Chrono Trigger will know exactly what I'm talking about.
  2. Well if you saw Warly's coming to DST in July so in general I'd say us getting the rest of the SW characters someday in DST is quite high! Especially since they said that suggestions and feedback are being taken into account for future character refreshes (which we now know counts ALL DS chracters seemingly not just the ones in DST) so honsetly at this point anythings possible here.
  3. I've been getting some lower performence then normal too, should I post my dxdiag file here as well if it would help? I usually do run DST somewhat slow, but its usually only when scrolling crafting menus not constantly like now. EDIT: Guess I'll just post it. DxDiag.txt
  4. No one would have ever suspected that character refreshes counted all pre-existing DS characters, not just the ones currently in DST. What a plot twist! Guess since Wormwoods in the game Wes will be stepping aside as my main even in DST now! Oh and hasn't anyone realized now that this means both Wormwood and Warly are going to get official trailers dedicated to them and potentially their lore? Warly might actually get lore,and going off the fact that he's stated to be sailing into The Constant this could relate to a confirmation that SW is canon once and for all (perhaps it could be about him escaping the archipelago?), or its about how he got here in the first place, which I'd say would also be equally as interesting. I mean, of course Wormwood lore would also be cool but I feel like his would probably be left mostly ambiguous in his trailer given he is a more mysterious character, so I would say I'm more excited for what Warly has to offer in the lore department personally. All in all, things are gonna get very interesting in the coming months in DST, and I can't wait to see it!
  5. Oh that's great to hear! Yeah that sounds best, only fair to at least try to contact the original port author first. I much look forward now to the eventual release of this update/potential reupload. Thanks again so much for your time on this!
  6. 1. Start on a Hamlet-compatible DS/RoG world. 2. Give yourself materials for a Rabbit Hutch then prototype it at a Alchemy Engine, and then give yourself materials for more of them for testing (Klei added the ability to craft world-exclusive items outside of their usual worlds if they've been prototyped first in the origin world.), or use GetPlayer().components.builder:GiveAllRecipes() as that should work the same way 3. (Currently in DS/RoG) Attempt to place two Rabbit Hutches as close as you can to each other. Note the very close spacing (It's working right now!) 4. Enter Shipwrecked through the Seaworthy or Skyworthy. 5. (Currently in SW) Attempt to place two Rabbit Hutches as close as you can to each other. Note that they now use their normal spacing... (It's not working...) 6. And that should be it! I recommend using Geometric Placement when doing the test if you want to see the spacing difference much clearer in a grid format. If you need more information just ask. Also thank you very much for your time by the way! It's much appreciated.
  7. Tried all three, none of them worked.
  8. Dripple Pipes appear at the bottom of the crafting list in non-SW worlds. That's it really.
  9. Just tried your potential fix now and it doesn't work. Tested in a normal vanilla DS world, RoG world, and SW world so far. Any other possible fixes you have in mind?
  10. I'm suprised the mention of the utter lack of content in the Treasure Hunting tab isn't on here. Klei never added any more content to it since closed beta and in its current state you might as well move all the items in it to the Tools and/or Survival tab. EDIT: Oh and before I forget they also never added proper mod compatibility support for Hamlet! That really should have been something done for release, as we still can't specify mods are only for Hamlet with the in-game compatibility indicator even after all this time.
  11. The mod for DS is a port of the original mod for DST, whose author hasn't been active on Steam in half a year. As for the author that ported it I don't know if they would or will fix it considering that the mod's 2-3 years old now, which is why I made this post asking if there were to be any way to fix it perhaps on my own or that someone else could fix it if they knew how. I'm clueless as to how to go about it myself.
  12. Yes. EDIT: Ok real post now. I'd probably most want to see Wilba or Wormwood appear in DST if we're talking a port with little to no changes, but for characters ported with a rework I think I'd like to see either Walani or Woodlegs. I think people tend to focus far too much on the "water" aspect of Walani when coming up with perks for her, rather then her personality which I think theres more to work with. Woodlegs is in the same boat here I think as like Walani the focus on perk ideas is generally too much on water or trying far too much to fit the "The Sea Legs" into the character in some capacity. I think the focus for him should instead be more on the greedy treasure hunting pirate part of his character rather then his ship basically. For example Walani's perks could relate to her switching between chill surfer and fighter in an instant (Thought of this going off of Walani's battlecrys, which if you've seen them you'd know they are quite... vocal.), possibly dependent on a stat getting too low, or being a new stat of some sort (chill?) that makes the fighter side activate if it gets too low from getting hit or eating bad food and stuff. The two states could have different pros and cons with her chill side perhaps giving her things like a halved sanity drain and gain (like Walani's current -10% sanity multiplier but 50% percent now so it actually makes a difference.), slown hunger drain, inherent heat and cold resist, damage reduction, or even the ability not to flinch on attack. This would then be at the cost of then having things like slown speed, halved attack multiplier, lower attack speed, etc. Then her fighter side could make her have things like increased attack multiplier, speed, constant uppercased speech, a doubled sanity multiplier etc., at the cost of things like greatly increased hunger drain, higher sensitivity to the heat and cold, higher damage taken, and maybe getting the groggy effect for a bit on going back to chill surfer state. As for her surfboard, make it a portable siesta-lean-to, as if it were to be a new stat that makes her change into a fighter state sleeping could be used to lower it perhaps. Likely would break after so many uses like any other sleeping item, and the amount over time it increases your stats wouldn't be that high. Just an idea.
  13. So for some time now I've been using this mod called "Realistic Placement" that lets you place things pretty much as close as you want, which I really like using cause now I can have my base be exactly how I want it and have more room to place things in the Slanty Shanty. Problem is, the mod doesn't seem to apply its function of setting all recipes to have a min_spacing of "1" to recipes obtained through merged crafting (like Prime Ape Huts outside of SW, Bunny House outside of DS/RoG etc.) Seemingly this is because the recipes outside of their normal worlds are actually "deep copys" of the originals with their game type set to "common" and their tech set to "LOST", going off what I can see in recipe.lua. Basically, I'm wondering if there is any way to fix this? I'd really like to continue using this mod, especially since with Realistic Placement and merged crafting I could make some really cool bases, Slanty Shantys, and other builds, so I'd hate to be limited to only really having the mod apply to items that originate in the current world. Anything that can be done about this at all? (Mod Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=784025779)
  14. Ah! I had figured it had been fixed in DS when I tested it a little bit ago, but I had wanted to ask to make sure as I had gotten some very minor stuttering in SW (probably normal given my PC isn't the greatest and with and without mod was the same amount) and I didn't remember seeing it announced in update patch notes. I do definitely have this issue still in DST though so if its had filename caching since 2015 I don't know what it could be there, and the lag is far worse then the minor amount I get in DS now. But anyway, thanks for the confirmation on it definitely being in DS!
  15. When scrolling through crafting menus I get really bad lag regardless of whether I have mods or not, am running my own server or not, and regardless of whether said server has caves. This issue doesn't really effect me in DS (I get some light minor lag sometimes when scrolling but thats it), but in DST it effects me quite heavily for some reason. Help? (I've also attached a DxDiag to this report as well if it helps find the issue.)