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  1. It's likely though that WX-78 wasn't created with destructive purpose in mind given he does have an "empathy module". It's just not responding for some reason, and that inevitably somehow led them to their hatred for all living things. Basically though, I don't understand how making all those things and WX-78 at all makes Wagstaff evil. Wagstaff doesn't even seem to know why his inventions are being used in The Constant, so why is he to blame?
  2. I don't think Wagstaff could be considered good nor evil given how little we know of his ultimate goal. What we do know is he is a man with insatiably morbid curiosities, and that's what makes him a potentially dangerous and compelling figure in the ongoing story.
  3. Wes needs to win the rework

    Simplest way to make Wes a teamplayer as many have said before without utterly destroying his core identity would be giving perks that positively affect others, but not himself. A good example that I also think could work really well thematically would be giving Wes a positive sanity aura around him when above half sanity (with rate of the sanity gain being based on his sanity as well), that of course, affects everyone except for himself.
  4. An antithesis to the Triumphant collection featuring the characters mutated or otherwise corrupted by the moon would be really neat. Perhaps "The Despondant" as a name for it?
  5. Thanks again! If I can manage to get him to show up in-game later I'll edit this post and share some screenshots when I've got the time. EDIT: Here he is in all his glory: (Ignore the lack of a hunger meter in the screenshot, I used inst.AnimState:SetBank to quickly change my W.I.P. Wilton to him for convenience sake.)
  6. Thanks, but is there any way you can give it to me as just a .zip instead of a .rar, or if you can't do that maybe try putting the internal atlas-0.tex and build.bin in a normal folder and putting that up? I don't think I have anything that can extract .rar files and I'd really rather not have to download a program just for this. Sorry to be of any more trouble.
  7. Thanks! Feel free to just PM me the .zip when you can, as I don't know if .zips are allowed to be directly attached to public forum posts or not.
  8. Hey @watermelen671 do you have Wormwood's old leaked .zip file from before his release (spiral vine design with horns)? I'd like to see if I can get it to work in-game at all if the .zip actually has a build.bin with it and not just an atlas-0.tex.
  9. Perfect, yes thats exactly what I meant! Thanks for the help, now I've just gotta spend some time figuring out ktools so I can eventually get to work on some mod projects I have planned for the future.
  10. I'll have to install ktools again and keep this in mind. I don't have a space in my username, but its possible that one of the directories the file I used was in had a space in it. I should have better specified, I was trying to refer towards is it possible to get the individual .png files that made up the .tex file before it was compiled, as in all the parts of the object being their own .png files, basically something like the files in the exported folder in the Extended Character Template?
  11. Hey @watermelen671, what tool is it that you use to decompile assets back into spriter projects? Been wondering for awhile now as I've been wanting to get a better look at unused animations and stuff myself. I tried ktools in the past, but it seemed to refuse to work on my computer for some reason. I'd also like to know if its at all possible to decompile an atlas-0.tex back into the .png files that made it? Don't know if its at all a realistic possibility or not, but I've been wondering about whether it is for awhile now.
  12. Unlike Wilson who uses his full known name for the epilogue of Adventure Mode (Wilson P. Higgsbury), Wagstaff and Wheeler do not despite their full names being known (which are Robert Wagstaff and Maybelle Dorothea Wheeler respectively). This should just require the change of their character names in strings.lua, so it shouldn't be a hard thing to correct at all.
  13. [Game Update] - 356321

    Warly isn't in though, and theres really no reason for it too considering he's free. @V2C on the assumption this isn't intended, could we get Warly's anim file available too for modder's reference as well next update? It be much appreciated.
  14. When in the Volcano the player has all the speed modifiers the boat they entered it with had. Should be very easily reproduce this to noticeable effect by just equipping an Iron Wind to a boat and entering the Volcano with it. Also If this wasn't problematic enough, the speed boosts can be carried into other worlds using the Seaworthy or Skyworthy, so yeah theres room for great abuse here.
  15. Hey so I don't know if this little guy has been shown off yet, but going off the fact that it seems to have been created after I updated I'm gonna assume right now its new. Its anim is called "antchovy".