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  1. I've sorted it now, thanks. I changed the it to require two butter. Because of your mod and the issue I had with it, I've started looking into coding, thank you for showing me the path to a new hobby. I am going to be mainly messing about with this mod to begin with as I have a bunch of ideas that I think would be awesome and fairly easy to implement. If/ when I get it finished I'll let you know and hopefully you'll be up for including my changes.
  2. Hello again, I've noticed an issue with the DS only version: the items required to make the hash includes ice (it's pretty cool that you have details like making bubble hash) but the vanilla version of DS doesn't have ice as far as I know. This game and it's mod scene has really piqued my interest in coding. I decided to try and change your mod so the recipe uses paper or something instead of the ice but I have no idea where to start. Even if you decide to fix this yourself, I would like a crack at it but I don't even know what program I would need to open the files. I would imagine that once I'm in, it would be as simple as changing all instances of "ice" to "papyrus"?
  3. Bit of a n00b here looking for some help. After enjoying this mod on DST I decided to get it for the single player, I subbed on the steam workshop but it seems the version there needs to have shipwrecked enabled. I'm not very good at DS yet so dont even play with RoG enabled. I DLd the DS only version from here and unzipped it into DONOTSTARVE folder but can't find it in the mod list in game. Edit: I figured it out (well, found the relevant page on the forums) heres the link for others like me