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  1. 2 minutes ago, leoroy said:

    Have the same problem lol, my base jump to 100% in one cycle and even after lunch time nothing to do since the max morale I get is something like 12 without the food bonus :p

    then its confirmed its for sure a bug lol.

    9 minutes ago, Lilalaunekuh said:

    Keep in mind the massage table restores your stamina like sleeping, so if you expect regularly massages you could lower the default sleep time to increase your average work time ;)

    haha so they did great tip this is gonna be used/abused to the max no more sleep.

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  2. 39 minutes ago, chemie said:

    I am confused.  So there are lots of ways to get stress but the message table is capped on the stress it can remove?  Seems like a doomed outcome.

    Seems like it might be better to ditch message tables and rely on the rec room entertainment instead?

    In this current state yeah... I attached the massage tables to a clock so they are only available during a short time when its "downtime" phase. It works kinda you have to hope that they all get their buffs on during that period. But it seems there is no morale boost for the food they eat so missing out on dancing/arcade time might not be that big of a deal. If the buff for food gets applied and depending on if it is a significant boost to morale.

    31 minutes ago, Lilalaunekuh said:

    If my memory serves me right: Massage tables were able to remove 70% stress and were nerfed to just 30% (% reduction for a full cycle).


    But my and @mattee53  main concern are dupes missing out on their downtime when they use the massage table the whole day.

    => My dupes will not raise their morale and will need even more time on the massage table next cycle ...


    They probably shouldn't increase it to 70% again but at least increase its effect while in a massage clinic. An increase would be helpful considering they spend 525 seconds on the massage table out of 600 if the priority for sleep is higher, so it wont even remove 30 if 30% a cycle is correct. so a 30% loss of stress for lost bath time,work and downtime. And if you play on fatalistic you would maybe net a 7% loss of stress without morale included


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  3. Hello, this new patch seems to be the cause for a crash. I get the error "NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object".


    i've checked some more and it seems to happen around morning/bath time if the game gets trough the early cycle it will not crash during work,relax or sleepy time.

    I will include the log file. thanks.


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