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  1. I have the same problem there were no folder for the DMP file but i attached the save file and the output log. output_log.txt Dimension.sav
  2. Just updated still crashing instantly when unpausing The Radioactive Supernova.sav
  3. This is my latest cycle is this file enough? @Brook The Radioactive Supernova Cycle 77.sav
  4. As the picture shows i have 1000kg of copper in the storage bin next to the exosuitforge but it still says "insufficient resources" and im only queuing 1 atmo suit for 300KG copper.
  5. then its confirmed its for sure a bug lol. haha so they did great tip this is gonna be used/abused to the max no more sleep.
  6. mm yeah but i currently don't wanna lose out on work time since i kind of got morale/stress under control for now.
  7. In this current state yeah... I attached the massage tables to a clock so they are only available during a short time when its "downtime" phase. It works kinda you have to hope that they all get their buffs on during that period. But it seems there is no morale boost for the food they eat so missing out on dancing/arcade time might not be that big of a deal. If the buff for food gets applied and depending on if it is a significant boost to morale. They probably shouldn't increase it to 70% again but at least increase its effect while in a massage clinic. An increase would be helpful considering they spend 525 seconds on the massage table out of 600 if the priority for sleep is higher, so it wont even remove 30 if 30% a cycle is correct. so a 30% loss of stress for lost bath time,work and downtime. And if you play on fatalistic you would maybe net a 7% loss of stress without morale included
  8. a priority system for the buildings used during "downtime" phase would be great. Currently i have a lot of massage tables set up and those dupes that need 24 morale is constantly reaching 90% stress level and always go for the massage table instead of prioritizing boosting their morale, so it's an never ending cycle of getting stressed. Low morale stress increase significantly ~80% and since the massage only removes 30% their stress always increase with 20-50% either improve the massage tables effect or increase the priority for getting the available morale boost buffs they are missing. Also i cant find any information regarding how much decor or what food quality they need. Has this been completely changed where quality 1 increase x amount of morale?
  9. Hello, this new patch seems to be the cause for a crash. I get the error "NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object". i've checked some more and it seems to happen around morning/bath time if the game gets trough the early cycle it will not crash during work,relax or sleepy time. I will include the log file. thanks. output_log.txt