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  1. [UPDATE] The Gorge on Consoles

    Ill tell you what I am not looking forward for any new events with how long it takes for these devs to update there game! I’d get my money back if it wasn’t to late lol I’ll never spend my hard earned money on these jokes again
  2. [UPDATE] The Gorge on Consoles

    That’s exactly how I feel brother amen! Klei is a horrible company! I do remember they dropped the Halloween update on Christmas like WHAT A JOKE we don’t even get our updates at the right time of the year! What’s sad is year of the varg is still on console wasn’t that like half a year ago? Horrible developers and horrible development. Done nuff said
  3. [UPDATE] The Gorge on Consoles

    So you have time to remove post and warn people about there posts yet your lacking in updating your console version WHAT A JOKE! Expect a horrible review on your console version that’s how I feel right now! Start working on your game because your devs just earned a bad review enjoy
  4. [UPDATE] The Gorge on Consoles

    **** you and **** Klei I’m sick of waiting the event allready gone on pc thats sickening the way they treat there console players is disgusting and disappointing IVE WAITED PATIENTLY IM DONE!!!