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  1. Advanced Game Tips

    Finally starting to play games that are 100+ days. Ive been gathering good tips for long term games and advanced play. -crock pots and dragon fruit farms used to make dragon fruit pies are the DS equivalent of health potions (strong, 40+ pts) -perogies are good recipes to use as "health potions" but dragon fruit pies only require 1 dragon fruit and 3 sticks vs perogies which require 1 meat, 1 egg, 1 veggie, and 1 filler (sticks cant be used), so I dont rely on perogies as I find they take up too much time and too many resources -save mandrakes for pan flutes!!! thats its most practical use above eating them raw/cooked/mandrake soup, you might think the mandrakes are another DS equivolent of health potions but their numbers are limited and 1 mandrake can be used to make 1 panflute that can put an enemy to sleep 10xs, dragon fruit pies which give an equal amount of health are unlimited if you have a dragon fruit farm so dont waste your mandrakes! -dont pick flowers if necessary, if you have to dont clear out whole biomes, the butterflies are like endless supplies of health potions (weak, 8pts) their easy access makes them valuable. 10 butterflies = 80 health pts, use mobs to kill them more easily -pick a place early on (away from your base) to plant a bunch of your pinecones, when giants spawn lead them to your "tree farm" so they can knock down a bunch of your trees (1 giant spawns every season unless youre underground) -since crockpots are the best source for food and health, drying racks are more practically used for meat that is going to spoil soon and cant be used -dont bring rocklobsters above ground!! trust me you will regret it, they reproduce ridiculously quick and they kill everything, 1 RL above ground can reproduce enough RL to kill out your beefalo herds in a fairly short amount of time, dont do it!! -if it starts to rain frogs run immediately away from your base to an area you dont mind being over run by a plague of frogs (pig villages are a good alternative and a way to farm the meat from the frog rain) -placing several pig houses around frog ponds will create a practically unlimited source of pig meat and frog legs -remember plants dont grow in winter, and youre going to need at least 2 thermal stones to stay warm, make 4 and you can keep 2 at your fire heating up while youre gone so you can switch them out as you begin to freeze (dont forget that cold thermal stones will drop your temperature faster) -once your base gets to be rather big it eventually becomes necessary to camp away from your main camp during the summer, theres only so many cogs and so many ice flingomatics that you can make (I prefer camping underground, just make sure your second camp is far away from your first and dont go back until summer is over) -If you plan on going away from main base during the summer make sure to build a second base, and transplant twigs/grass/berry bushes before the summer comes! Dont forget your supply of nitre. -the longer your game is the larger the hound waves become, when you notice your hound waves becoming too big to handle it is time to build a "panic room" preferably before they become too overwhelming (a quick google search will show you how) -i always fence in at least 1 heard of beefalo in a large area, remember that some beefalo will continously try to walk through walls to get back to their heard which can be a problem because they wont drop as much manure- but if you fence beefalo that have babies, when those babies will grow up they register your fenced in area as a their home and so wont their off spring (use a beefalo horn to call 5 beefalo into your pen or aggro a herd and run to your pen then close them in) -if you dont want gobblers gobbling up all of your transplanted berries, fence your berry bushes in with some tooth traps for a combination of crop protection and gobbler harvesting -easiest ways to bring up sanity (besides tents) are: cooked cactus, cooked blue/green mushrooms , standing near friendly pigs which is only possible if they are cornered or you are chopping trees with them, + crafting new prototypes (seriously picking flowers for sanity isnt worth it in the long run) Im sure theres more that I could add to this but its 3am. Lol Help me add to my list?