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  1. Could a talented someone make a picture of Maxwell shown off those weird sock garters? Lol it is a 1900 fashion item lol.
  2. Why do people ship characters together with little evidence? I mean is it all just fan theory? I was reading a redit post and someone put that Wilson is attracted to Maxwell. There is more evidence that he hates him and its based in the 1900s.
  3. I think most if not all of the characters have mental health issues, willow pyromaniac, Webber multiple personalities, Wes possibly a mute, wigfrid can't break from her role (there is a term can't remember it though) , a few can't put my finger on it but you get the idea. You also need to take 1900 lifestyle and attitudes into consideration to the characters. Most if not all of the males would be a bit chauvinistic specially when it come to the class groups the poor to lower middle class wouldn't be as chauvinistic as the hight class, but you would also have to look into personality of the characters for installation I don't think William was well off but I think he like to think he is better than thou attitude. Wilson probably hit earth and realised he should keep his opinions to him self specially when it can to gender roles after all I think wigfrid could take him on and stand her ground to most (if not all) of the males I think Winona would fair well too. My point was the 1900 year should come to play when people formulate theory's.
  4. Has this been discussed? I do think few of the characters are English maybe Scottish and French back grounds. I interested in other people's views on this.