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  1. Are you using a torch or a lantern or some other source of light? I'm pretty sure that stagehands only follow actual fire, so a lantern wouldn't attract them, but a torch will.

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  2. I was also unable to place the incomplete experiment, I believe due to the altar pieces themselves being too close together so that the experiment overlapped with them.


    Not being able to move the altar pieces is a big problem when you don't know you need this space ahead of time. My friends and I actually spawned in the altar pieces again and built them in a spot where the experiment would be unobstructed, and that worked, but it was a big hassle.

  3. I didn't know about the mouse making chopping, etc. faster after the update, and I've been playing DST for years, and I read the update notes, but didn't understand them. "All actions can be repeated by clicking and holding the action button" sounded like it was describing the normal behavior of the game, and I always use the space bar, so I didn't notice anything new.

    I don't know if there's a reason the space bar can't do what the mouse does, but I'm grateful I happened to read this and learn about the new mouse click chopping, etc. being faster. So, even if nothing gets changed, thank you for putting this information where at least one person could learn it.

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  4. This also happened in a world I was playing in with a friend. The ruins and everything connected to it was totally empty. Also there were graves around the ancient guardian's place, and I don't think I've seen that before. We'd just made the world right after the Forgotten Knowledge update, so it wasn't a retrofitting thing. He was the host, so I don't have any file to upload, but maybe he'll add it later.



  5. I found a huge pile of individual lucky gold nuggets near the middle of my map, as in, they weren't a stack, but all on top of each other in one spot. Like, 30-40 of them. I noticed I was only getting 2 lucky golds whenever I won a race, no matter how long it was, and I guess this explains where the rest of them were going. I assume this is the same glitch occurring. But I wasn't wearing a backpack when I picked up my carrat the majority of those times.

  6. All of the ballphin palaces I've encountered in my game seem to be empty, too. I haven't figured out how to get ballphins to appear from them. I have seen ballphin pods swimming around without palaces, but the palaces seem to be dark and empty all the time, with no ballphins around. I don't think they used to be like this.

  7. I've noticed this as well, and also with twig saplings. It seems to happen when there is strong wind. The stuck grass/twigs looked like they were in the middle of a swaying-in-the-wind animation. Perhaps picking them at just the right time during that animation causes it to get stuck on that one frame, but just for appearance. Maybe the wind "harvesting" them on that exact frame can cause the visual glitch as well.

  8. No, it cries when it wants food. Normally it hisses only when I'm fighting monsters. But maybe hissing when it's hungry is a new thing?

    When it cries it lifts one paw and looks sad and kind of goes, "Mrowr, mrawr." When it hisses its tail fluffs up and it looks scared and angry and goes "HSSSS!"

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  9. It happened again just now, seemed to coincide with a bunch of glowflies spawning from a flower during the second temperate season, day 40-something, though it also happened earlier in the game during the first year. It wasn't in the deep rainforest, just the light jungle bordering the town on the starting island. The glowflies/cocoons may be the culprits, since other people mentioned the cocoons. Unfortunately I don't have a way to record myself playing the game, or I would gladly supply a video of the phenomenon. Also, I'm not using any mods of any kind at all, so that can't be the issue.

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  10. This happened to me, too. I also noticed the sound sort of trying to come back, sounding all choppy and glitchy. I didn't notice it because of cocoons, though. But I'm very sure it was related to entering the deep rainforest jungle biome.