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  1. A Stable (Max Tile 96) should more or less only accommodate 8 Critters (Eggs also count as "Critters" unless it was changed on the time of this reply) before they get the "Overcrowded" and "Glum" De-buff. If I recall most flying and aquatic Critters will need more room on the Stable so you can only have 4 or 6 in a Stable.
  2. Ty. Must have forgotten about that since Ive been playing alot of DST.
  3. it's been while since I last played ONI so I just noticed this just now. Debug Mode still reveals the map, but I don't have access to every building in the game (Sand Box mode gives me access to everything) also it can't let me auto dig (it marks the area for digging)
  4. 1) You more or less answered your question. 2) and 3) I'm not sure if having a "Job" helps but a dupe gains exp by doing "Things" (ex. Digging, Building, Supplying etc.) so sadly a dupe can not increase their Learning (not yet at least) without doing the "Research". 4) If I recall having a high rating on Ranching decreases the time the Rancher needs to be on the Ranching Station (ex. A Dupe with a high rating on Digging would dig faster.) 5) Just in case your dupes can use the Atmosuits even if they are not a Exosuit Engineer. Back to the question - I'd say it depends since Atmosuits makes your dupes move slower (not to mention the morale rating required) you can use the cool/warm suits as a temporary measure for sending dupes into cold/hot biomes. 6) I would say as soon as possible (specially if your starting biome is surrounded by the hot biome) another tip is to build your heat producing machines on the very top or the very bottom of your colony (since heat rises) it would more or less help slowdown your colony from heating up. 7) I would say "Yes" but keep in mind the Hydrofan is an old structure. Klei might revisit it when they have the time or remove it in the end.
  5. May I suggest to Klei to make the "Industrial Storage" research tree available at the early stages of the game either move it after the "Distillation" research tree or after "Decontamination" research tree please and thank you. Other than that I am happy with this update and thankful for your efforts in making this game fun to play. Hope for more updates, tweaks and fixes to come.