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  1. Some of my inventory disappears

    Thank you for your reply. I'm sorry. I report this comment. My English is not good. I am mistaken for a reply to the comment. My reply became a report.I'm very sorry. All the items have been returned by dismantling the surplus items in July 30th. I have 3758 items in my inventory in the Aug 1st. I don't think items have been lost.And the Item information just is not loaded. client_log.txt
  2. My stock is still normal in July 26th. (UTC/GMT+08:00) Some of my inventory disappears in July 27th.(UTC/GMT+08:00) I'm sure no one is stealing my account. I hope my account will return to normal. Please help me to solve the problem. Thanks very much. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There are 4240 items in the stock in July 27th.(UTC/GMT+08:00).I forgot the screenshot at that time. But there are 4239 items in the stock in July 30th.I have a screenshot. After I unravelled some items,I found that the missing thing came back. So I think it should be more than the largest stock. client_log.txt
  3. The Gorge Stats and Info

    The Gorge Tournament is very interesting. Thanks for the Klei. Hope to hold The Gorge Tournament every month. It can give many people the chance to get these Exclusive Portrait and Exclusive Icon,plz.