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  1. The advice I've seen on the forums before was to use an OR gate on the other site to replicate the same delay as the NOT gate, but I guess a ribbon reader would do the same thing. I've never bothered since, while it is annoying to see occasional split second brownouts, it hasn't really caused me any pain.
  2. You don't need an atomo suit to protect you from heat in a vacuum. The first time I got to space after they added them, I just used regular tiles to shield from meteors. Sure, they needed repair, but the sheer volume of reglith you had to dig out of the way was the bigger problem. I think if they cut the rate of showers in half, it would be completely manageable without bunker tiles or atmo suits. I've never built bunker doors over my rockets. They don't take damage from meteors, so you just need bunker tiles for them to sit on, and some jet suits for dupes to go out and service the rockets. The rocket exhaust also destroys any regolith that builds up, so most of the time you don't even need to dig it up.
  3. Weight plates aren't going to help since nobody is ever going to step on them. The idea isn't for the doors to allow dupes through without letting ( much ) gas through, the idea is to constantly open/close and compress gas to one side. Also I don't think weight plates work for auto opening a mechanized airlock since until someone actually steps on the plate, the door is locked, and therefore, there is no valid path to the other side, so dupes won't come to the weight plate.
  4. I got the new cloud save update, it migrated my save files to the new format, then the game crashed to a black whole. Re-loading worked fine.
  5. Is the log file overwritten the next game or can I go back and find it now? I found the player-prev.log file and uploaded it to a bug report. It looks like after migrating the save files to the new format, the game still tried to open the old file to play and couldn't find it.
  6. It's 95% these days. I just put a gas pump feeding into a bottler in a low pit where it tends to collect.
  7. Speaking of plug slugs, watching brothgar it seemed like they produce 4x power ( 1600 watts ) just from being domesticated. Is that right, or did they need to be groomed to stay happy and produce that much?
  8. I just bottle it up until I decide what to do with it. In the past, that was often destroy it, but maybe dasha saltvines I'm thinking now.
  9. I'm not so sure. I mean, you do get a lot of regolith, but that can easily be crushed into oblivion, though some may consider that an exploit. The heat isn't such a big deal as long as you don't bring the hot materials back into the base. Then again, I'm not so sure I like the idea of space really being such an early game thing. A little earlier sure, but not even being challenging enough to bother with exosuits? Even long term?
  10. So sweedles only drop 1kg of meat, and grubgrubs drop 2kg? Maybe it is best then to keep some of both so you can have the sweedles eat suflur, make sugar, let the grubgrubs eat that, and get both buffs and meat?
  11. Apparently I just got "upgraded" to support the new cloud saves ( not something I want ), and after the game said it auto converted my save flies, I tried to load up my current world only to fall into a black hole. Looks like trying again worked... whew.
  12. Maybe the warp pipe is an easy mode thing and if you don't play on easy mode, you'll then need to actually build the lower tier rockets? Maybe the warp pipe is an easy mode thing and if you don't play on easy mode, you'll then need to actually build the lower tier rockets?
  13. Also the PH20 can't off-gas if it boils as soon as it drops from the vent.
  14. Oh, sweedles are only 5%? That hardly seems worth it, even if it stacks with the grubgrub. What does the grubgrub poop? I thought there was a plant you had to fertilize with sulfur to grow sugar? I think I saw that grubgrubs have a 150 cycle lifespan and drop a good deal of meat ( was it 4kg? )... how about sweedles?
  15. It looks like they are morphs of the same base critter. They can buff (any?) crops, but buffing sugar makes them tend to morph into sweedles, and grubs makes them morph into grubgrub. Do their buffs stack? What do they eat/excrete? Why would you prefer one over the other?
  16. That's weird... I swear the first time I remember seeing one it was made out of neutronium.
  17. I'm pretty sure the AETN did used to be made of neutronium and could not be deconstructed. So were the ladders. They switched them to iron/plastic some time ago.
  18. The problem with trying to reuse them but also be not refillable is that then you end up with dupes putting on a mask with only 30 seconds of oxygen left, get to the job site, run out, and have to run back for a fresh mask anyhow.
  19. Correction: the mass in the output pipe segment changes over time. It appears that it has to empty out completely before the reservoir will refill it, leaving a tick where the second pipe segment is not completely filled by the first, so it has room to accept from the bridge. The reservoir should not require a completely empty output pipe to refill it.
  20. I have a gas reservoir holding hydrogen from my SPOM. When it's full the gas passes the input and vents into an infinite gas storage room where it can be pumped out later if the reservoir goes empty. The output of the reservoir has a gas bridge linking into it from the gas pump in the infinite reservoir. This should only allow gas to be pumped into the pipe if the reservoir is empty, but it is not. It appears to be due to the fact that the pipe segment in the output port of the reservoir only holds 200g instead of 1000g, so when the gas moves, the second segment with the pipe bridge feeding into it only gets 200g from the reservoir so it has room for another 800g from the pipe bridge.
  21. Yep... in fact, I think I ran the numbers last week and even growing a few arbor trees domestically and allowing the polluted dirt to off-gas and clean it with deoderizers and produce a lot of O2 and if you have molten slicksters recycle the CO2 and burn the petrol too, you end up water positive.