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  1. Damn... that's weird.. doors work to keep them separate in air, but not in water? I guess I'll have to switch to using a loader and chute on the left since I can't get the conveyor arm positioned so it can insert eggs into the dropper but not pick them back up.
  2. Yes, the left tank has a baby in it, but it is separated from the right tank by doors.
  3. They increased the rate of off-gassing of normal quantities of pwater? They added a sublimation station to speed up off-gassing of pdirt for a 30% loss and some power. I hope they make something similar for pwater ( hopefully with less loss ).
  4. Ok, I thought it was bad enough that the fridge won't accept deliveries now without power, but they are also nerfing CO2 storage? Ok maybe I can kind of see the CO2 thing, and the fridge I could live with if it only used power when actively cooling the contents, then stopped, but chlorine storage? Come on! They damn well better make dupes prefer to eat the food that is closer to spoiling first!
  5. He's the only one in the bloody room. A pneumatic door separates him from the other tank that now has 2 fish in it. That makes it a different room, so he shouldn't be crowded right?
  6. I'm not sure, but such a thing may already exist. I have noticed that if you click on the priority button that is already selected, it becomes deselected. It may just be a graphical glitch though, I've never actually checked to see if the job never gets done. It would be nice if you could choose it with the priority tool and hit a whole swath of tiles with it at once though.
  7. I don't understand how one can not use a SPOM. Yea, algae terrariums and letting the PH20 off gas works fine for quite a while, but eventually you start having problems with gas mixing and flow to high consumption areas. Plus hydrogen is a great power source. Open electrolyzers? Please... you waste cooling capacity cooling the hydrogen before you finally pump it and have all kinds of gas mixing and flow issues, and have to have electrolyzers, water pipes to supply them, and cooling pipes all over hell's half acre. Much nicer to just build a coolrod spom, get free power, plenty of clean oxygen piped out all over the base to wherever it's needed, even during high usage spikes, and you need only very little spot cooling beyond the cold oxygen. And are you really worried about the power spent on a few gas pumps? I usually have more power than I know what to do with. I also absolutely love @Gamers Handbook's transformer flipper power grid, so all of my generators, including the hydrogen ones in the SPOM feed power directly to the main ( no heavy watt wire ) grid. The heat the generators produce is absorbed by the hydrogen and deleted by the generators. The oxygen needs minimal cooling from a ST+AT. Excess hydrogen builds up in an infinite storage for use in rockets.
  8. It might not be easy, but is certainly possible. My first foray into space I started off without any steel and just made do for a while repairing normal tiles. Maybe if the frequency of showers were toned down a bit it wouldn't be too annoying to launch your first few rockets. Especially since rockets ( and presumably the new rocket launch platform ) don't take damage from meteors.
  9. That's the whole idea... if you don't buy the DLC then you don't get it. I certainly hope they only have them disabled to make testing easier. You never wanted to colonize other worlds? That seems fun to me. And challenging to keep track of! Though I'm not sure about it being early game content. The current system has always felt kind of dumb and immersion breaking to me. The dupes just vanish into suspended animation while the timer clocks down on the building, rather than them actually traveling anywhere. I'm not sure I like the idea of building a mini base inside the rocket, but certainly dupes shouldn't be in suspended animation while in flight.
  10. Yea, but you only have to do that a few times usually before you've sucked up all of the chlorine.
  11. Also the reservoirs take up a lot of space and you have to build pipes later to get he chlorine out of them. I just pump it straight into a gas bottler. The bottles can just sit there until I decide where to have dupes deliver and empty them.
  12. I don't play with any mods and it does feel like the shutoffs get stuck on load much less often than they used to, but it does still happen.
  13. All of that only depends on one world and does not care about the others, so there is no need to synchronize between worlds. Yes, but very, very little given how naturally separate worlds lends itself to multithreading. You can't ask for a more perfect problem to try to multithread.
  14. Because we now want to have multiple maps instead of just one, so it naturally follows that each map should be its own thread. They are supposed to be independent from each other and that's exactly what threads are. If you have 4 people each working on their own 10,000 cell map, they can get it done in 1/4th the time of having one person do one big 40,000 cell map. Duh. Because it either isn't possible to divide one map into multiple threads, or it is infeasibly hard. Running each independent map in its own thread is stone cold simple. Not in this case it wouldn't. You only need to synchronize when they need to interact, which means only when a rocket or warp pipe sends things from one map to the other. Otherwise the worlds are totally independent and can just run freely in their own thread and not know or care about the others. All of that time spent doing all of the temperature calculations for each world can proceed in parallel without any concern. Likewise the pathfinding can easily be done in parallel since there should be no path from one world to the other, each thread only needs to consider its own world.
  15. That reminds me, is there any way to get rid of the lander or the dead robots?
  16. I have been planning on doing something similar even without the sublimation stations. Sure, you have to build up several large piles of pdirt to get it to sublimate fast enough but it's doable, and without the 30% loss of the sublimation station. The only reason to bother with pufts is if you want to grow dusk caps and otherwise are out of slime, or want to breed more pacu and are out of algae. By that point there's a good chance you have all the surf and turf you can eat. If you don't need the slime or algae then you're better off just cleaning and breathing the po2 from the pdirt than feeding it to pufts and distilling the slime.
  17. Yea, I thought for sure they were separate since that way they could each run in their own thread. No; it's as easy as falling off a turnip truck. Since they seem to be using C++, I'm sure that the current code doesn't just use a single global variable for the one and only instance of the map, but even if it did, all you have to do is change the definition of that variable to be thread local and poof, each thread has its own world.
  18. Personally, I have never understood why everything in the game that accepts ore does not also accept the refined metal as well.
  19. If you use the gate to match the delay maybe. With only the not gate, I got a stuck switch on load last night. Maybe I'll try adding ribbon readers to get rid of that annoyance.
  20. If you up the supply of salt, then it's just another barely noticeable +1 for every dupe. All but the lowest tiers of food give at least +3, and that's kind of a side effect: the main reason for food is to live. Salt being kind of rare, but giving +3 morale might put it in the realm of "save it for those who need a little extra boost".
  21. Why bother with all of that? Just build a few more generators to burn fuel during peak demand. It's easier to store fuel than energy, and idle generators don't waste power or generate heat like charged batteries do.
  22. Yea, it is pretty anemic. Even on maps with tons of salt, the time spent crushing it into table salt just isn't worth the +1 morale. I can't even muster the effort to restrict who can eat it to only those that need the extra morale.
  23. Oh, so you leave the door on manual and use the sensor to detect when it is opened? Also you don't seem to have a signature.