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  1. yea... not so much... you can maintain some temperature differential between the water and the plants ( then again, why are you growing plants that take water? ), but it does tend to bleed a lot of heat into the plants even with insulated pipes. Cooling the air is certainly better than cooling the water, but much better still to save the hot water for the electrolyzer, and grow mushrooms and ranch critters and pacu that don't consume water at all. Unfed pacu in a tank of water tend to replace themselves as long as you have a sweeper remove the eggs rapidly to a separate room for them to hatch, and their body temperature tends to keep the water at 30 C without any work.
  2. Yep, just feed it straight to the electrolyzer or oil well as is.
  3. If they get the skill point back then I'd consider that a win. Maybe they shouldn't be able to scrub the skill for role playing reasons, but hey, being able to reassign that bonus starting skill is a benefit. I'd be far more concerned if they lost the skill to the scrubber and didn't get any points to reassign.
  4. You know you don't actually have to feed them? Yea, this and the fish trap are useless. You don't actually have to keep it in a narrow temperature range. The bigger problem with it is the long usage and lack of need for the morale after all of the easier sources. It's not a requirement for the gas stove, but it sure cuts down on how much gas you burn and power you use. High grilling skill + a light makes quite a difference. Hydrogen? Whenever I get a SPOM set up I have more power than I know what to do with. You don't actually have to feed them. I do hope they add sulfur as a byproduct of the oil refinery though.
  5. What do plants have to do with sugar production? It seems like you should grow plants to produce sugar, but AFAIK, you only produce it by feeding sulfur to sweetles.
  6. Sweetles are still found wild and can be converted into grubgrubs though. And why do you say they are only overpowered when wild? You don't have to feed them just groom them and they will lay an egg before they die to replace themselves.
  7. Well, yes, if you start with cold water it will take some time before it warms up to equilibrium, but then after that, it still takes 500 cycles to lose half the fish.
  8. Yes, but very, very slowly. Like 500 cycles to lose half of your fish.
  9. Seeing as how the AT is going to be dumping the heat into the steam anyway, why would you spend the power to run it when the coolant ( provided you are using petrol or oil ) can dump the heat into the steam for free? You only have to spend power running an AT to cool things if you need them to be cooled to temperatures below 125 C since that is the coolest the steam room will get. Anything above that you can just let it naturally exchange heat with the steam. Since petrol or oil can operate up to 400 C ( a little higher for the petrol ), it has no problem dumping the heat into the steam for free.
  10. Oh good. Still, it would be nice if fridges were actually made useful by only consuming the power when actively cooling down the contents, then stop until the contents warm up ( possibly by someone opening it ), like they do in real life.
  11. You sure about that? I just watched Brothgar's latest episode last night and he showed that you could deconstruct the lander, but not the robot. That is really weird. I assumed you would need two dupes on board.
  12. I build a door and plop down a storage compactor, fill it with some igneous rock, then get a dupe to go start digging and change the door permissions so nobody else can go in or out. The he'll focus up and dig down 12 or 15 tiles pretty quick, scoop up all of the debris into the nearby compactor, then I let him out and lower the priority of the compactor so it gets moved to my main storage in large chunks instead of one piece at a time.
  13. Huh? As it stands, you just can't get atmo suits until you visit other words to get reed fiber. That seems like a silly thing to gate them behind. Rather than make them unobtainable, if Klei wants to make them not so easy, do it another way, like making it require the skill. As it is, once you get the reed fiber, it using an atmo suit is better than a mask, even without training the skill, at least if you plan on going into chlorine. With the skill, it is hands down better than masks outside of chlorine, and arguably still better in all cases. I feel like they are intended for use in extreme temperatures rather than just for going into non oxygen environments, and the skill requirement would be a step towards making it a decent trade off between mask and atmo suit rather than simply gating it behind reed fiber.
  14. 1) Water has high heat conductivity, and 2) since the sculpture is a building, it has 1/5th of its mass for thermal calculations.
  15. I wasn't sure why brothgar was go gung ho on atmo suits just to deal with some chlorine. Just pump it into storage and be done with it. For me, atmo suits are for dealing with extreme heat, and that's it.
  16. What if they just changed the atmo suit skill to actually be required instead of just negating the movement penalty?
  17. Yes, as long as they make it TO bed before the recreation slot, they will sleep through the recreation and you still get the +1. If they don't though, they fall asleep on the floor during work.
  18. Then maybe they could make cool/warm clothes actually be useful? Maybe give cool clothes +15 to scalding and let them be worn at the same time as the oxygen mask. Of course you'd also need reed fiber, or guarantee 2 or 3 of them spawn in a POI.
  19. Wow, so seeds are actually a viable food supply for them? Neat. Seems kind of silly though that they can get as much nutrition from 1/3rd of a seed as 140 kg of algae.
  20. Da fuh? What the hell did they do that for? Do they give the fish a ton of calories or something, because otherwise it just means they destroy all seeds instantly for nothing. The buggers already eat algae like it's going out of style.
  21. The whole way you get clean pw out of the loop is because the input pipe is full and so the pwater can't circle back around through the bridges, so instead it exits to the left. Also once it is full, it can't ever become not full again.
  22. Pacu don't eat seeds ( they eat algae ). You can get a fractional seed if a storage bin has less than 1 kg of room left and a dupe tries to store the seed. The fractions then can each be planted separately, increasing the number of seeds you have.
  23. Except only the water on top can off gas so this is no better than a single row.