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  1. 15 hours ago, TheKilltech said:

    And by doing so you make the game very badly balanced because that favors the loops with over-production/over-efficiency.

    There are only two loops that are over unity: a petrol cooker ( which I've never used ), and Ethanol.  And a lot of people complain that Ethanol is not good so it must not be too OP that everyone sees it as the one true way.

    15 hours ago, TheKilltech said:

    So you kind of force players to rely on those only and i totally hate that because whenever i want to do anything and think though different ideas, when i go by the numbers i always end up that there is no way around the default solution... like the game is trying to shout at me to stop thinking and just do the well documented cookie-cutter solutions/exploits. 

    How is that any different from what you are proposing?  Only that you want to eliminate the two over unity loops and make everything exactly unity?  Except not quite because it seems that when I've pointed out how that would break the game, you seemed to back down about making it really unity ( hydrogen gens needing oxygen and producing water for instance ).

    15 hours ago, TheKilltech said:

    But then whenever one resource runs low with little options for resupply, such that i have to worry about sustainability i must always realize how few suddenly my options become, like there is only really one solution.

    How do you figure?  Run out of algae?  Distill slime.  Or stop using algae and use electrolyzers instead.  Or off-gas pwater or pdirt.  Run out of slime?  Ranch pufts. Run out of water?  Geysers.  Or ranch pufts fed from po2 geysers or morbs.  Or burn NG or oil.  Run out of oil?  Trade water for oil.  There are many options and many different opinions on which are better.

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  2. 1 hour ago, Mutineer said:

    No water from constant cooling loop cooling, going try some radiant pipes. Water is at 35C. Temperature actually drop and stable at about 60C. So it works, sort of. I will remove Shift plates touching floor, hopefully improve efficiency.

    Ahh, so you have an AT cooled water loop cooling the general area?  Oxygen is a much better conductor of heat than CO2.  Also a few drips of water or oil on the floor is a better conductor still.  Just running a pipe through a little liquid on the floor will be plenty to keep the turbine cool without any tempshift plates, and possibly without any radiant pipes ( maybe just one ).

  3. 5 hours ago, kerosene said:

    Atmo suits reduce athletics by 6.

    I suppose but I've never been bothered by that and you can train the skill to negate that.  In all but the early game ( where you don't have a choice ) I can't see it being worth the reduced oxygen capacity to save a few skill points even if you are only sending dupes into areas that aren't hot, cold, or filled with chlorine.  Outside of extreme temperatures the only time I use atmo suits is for sending dupes into chlorine/hydrogen to ranch drakeos and using the mask would still give them irritation, and even without the skill, the athletics penalty for a short distance trip into a drakeo ranch doesn't matter.

  4. On 12/25/2020 at 7:41 PM, wachunga said:

    Much like many other elements of the game, clothing is a very half-assed (sixteenth-assed?) mechanic that has tons of room for improvement.

    Indeed.  The main problem I see with standard clothing is that you have to manually assign them instead of having a checkpoint system like exosuits and they get dropped as soon as someone hits an exosuit checkpoint.

    On 12/25/2020 at 5:30 AM, kerosene said:

    There may need to be some downside or they could be better than atmo suits when protection from liquid and or temperature is not needed.

    In what way would they be better than atmo suits?  They are available earlier in the tech tree, but once you can make atmo suits, they are better in every way.  Masks don't need to be single use wastes of metal and oxygen to discourage you from switching to atmo suits as soon as you can.  The lack of protection ( especially with irritation now being added ) and limited capacity ( and annoying habit of rapidly depressurizing an area ) are quite enough reasons to switch to atmo suits.

  5. 10 hours ago, TheKilltech said:

    Okay, i think you misinterpret on how some things play out. Take the algae terrarium as it is in the current version. it can convert CO2 to oxygen but that's only optional. it works perfectly without it. This means it adds a lot of new oxygen into the system. That renders oxygen very easy to maintain as long as there is some algae in supply.

    Yes, if you have other resources you can produce oxygen with, then it is indeed pretty easy to produce oxygen.  That's kind of the whole point of the game: figure out how to produce oxygen, and try not to run out of the resource(s) to continue doing so.

    10 hours ago, TheKilltech said:

    But if you have stuff that can only convert CO2 into O2, i.e. where the CO2 is an explicit requirement things are very different. for one it means that without CO2 resupply there is no oxygen generation. and it also means no new gas is ever generated. so when you start digging the same amount of gas has to fill a much larger volume which means you thin out the air. amongst other things, the thinner air means that the CO2 will be less concentrated so at some point it will be less than the conversion process needs slowing down O2 recycling. 

    There is at least enough oxylite on starting maps to supply 18 24x4 rooms and you only need about 50kg of algae for each additional one.  If it is fairly easy to just recycle between CO2 and O2 without consuming other resources then it would render the game pointless.  If you can still easily produce more with a little algae or water, then even with no water geysers, it would be both easy to survive and expand, as well as no longer having much of a point.

  6. On 12/26/2020 at 2:18 PM, Saturnus said:

    See if you can figure out a way to simulate a smart battery using nothing but AND, OR, XOR, and NOT gates. And only having access to basic sensors (hydro, atmo, and thermo).

    You can't?  With a shutoff and a pipe element sensor I suppose you could detect a power failure when the battery dies, but there's no way to detect when it is full ( or at any other threshold ).

  7. On 12/24/2020 at 7:20 PM, TheKilltech said:

    Namely: it should try to preserve the total amount of atomic oxygen and hydrogen in all reactions to allow to simulate closed loop systems which can run with a finite amount of a resource infinitely

    Then the hydrogen generator would have to consume the same amount of oxygen that you got from the electrolyzer to produce that hydrogen, and emit the same amount of water that you had to feed the electrolyzer.  Now electrolyzers and hydrogen generators are free energy machines; just loop a few kg of water between them and collect all the free power you need.

    On 12/24/2020 at 7:20 PM, TheKilltech said:

    For example one critical water loop in ONI goes like this: water -> farm irrigation -> plant growth -> harvest  -> food consumption ->  lavatory -> polluted water -> water sieve -> water.

    So now BBQ and pacu = free water?  Or if dupes only eat those they wouldn't produce any additional pwater in the toilet?

    On 12/26/2020 at 7:04 PM, TheKilltech said:

    Option A:

    You're numbers don't add up somewhere.  Dupe turns 100g of oxygen into 10g of CO2 which becomes 337.5g of oxygen again when run through the carbon skimmer and electrolyzer.

    On 12/26/2020 at 7:04 PM, TheKilltech said:

    Carbon Skimmer: input 1000g/s water, 300g/s CO2 -> output 1245g/s p water

    So the carbon skimmer turns CO2 into water without needing any hydrogen?  So it just creates hydrogen out of nothing?

    23 hours ago, AndreyKl said:

    Electrolizer is currently a 'heat deletor' if you are supplying it with water that is near boiling temperature,

    Only if you are starting with cold water and heating it to near boiling first, which long term, means only if you have a pwater geyser.


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  8. 3 hours ago, nakomaru said:

    I'll pass. No need to downgrade instantaneous mainline capacity of 12kW to 2kW. The difference in space/capacity wasted - for no gain - only gets more pronounced with bigger examples than those.

    You're not listening.  The main line capacity isn't limited to 2kw.  The 2kw is only the limit of how fast your local battery can transfer to other batteries on the grid.  You can easily have 20kw worth of generators and 16kw peak loads on the grid with just the two basic transformers.

    In your case, you have 16 kW of excess transformer capacity over the output of the generators, meaning that yes, you can zap charge a single battery flipper on a load circuit very quickly.  If you like to use single battery flippers on the load circuits, then I guess that high burst capacity can be a good thing, but I just stick with double battery flippers on the loads so they don't get interrupted ( even for a short period while being zap charged ) and there's no need for a really fast transfer from the first batteries to the others.  I only need the primary batteries to decide when to turn on the generators and that's it.

  9. 4 hours ago, Majestix said:

    I am guessing that this needs to be done with care, since the hot water sitting in pipes, even insulated ones, waiting to be used in the toilets, will heat the base over time?

    Yes, some heat will leak out of the pipes, but I don't think it's enough to worry about.  Especially if you just let most of your colony sit at 50+ C anyway and only worry about keeping the plants cool so they don't wilt.

  10. 17 hours ago, nakomaru said:

    Yeah I can see how using 40 tiles of space, two transformers and a battery switch for every 2kW of production

    It isn't for every 2kw of production; it is for every automation signal you want to control generators.  I normally only have two or three of them: one at the SPOM control the hydrogen generators, maybe one for some coal generators, and one for petrol.  In your picture there you have 4kw of production from 5 NG generators.  The only difference I'm suggesting is getting rid of the heavy watt wire, 3 of the transformers, and downgrading the remaining two to 1kw.  You still control the 5 generators from the automation output of one of the pair of smart batteries just like you currently are.

  11. 11 hours ago, Mutineer said:

    My base seems does not overheat, I do not know explanation. Do Trees delete heat?

    They can sort of be used to do that.  The wood spawns at the same temperature as the tree and has a lot of mass.  If you store it somewhere hot so it can absorb heat, then feed it to an ethanol refinery, that heat gets deleted.  Toilet water also comes out at 37 C so if you dump heat into it before using it in the toilets, it can be used to delete some heat.

    At the end of the day, if you have really run out of cool water ( no swamp or salt water biomes around? ) and haven't yet gotten to the oil biome and are about ready to build an AT+ST, you may be toast.  If you have a gold biome around you may be able to use that to cool some water to limp along for a bit longer, but you'd better get on that AT+ST pronto.

  12. On 12/19/2020 at 3:01 PM, KittenIsAGeek said:

    Deconstructing an item returns its primary material, but does not appear to return secondary materials.  I just tried with a carpeted tile and a blank canvas.

    Is this a new bug in the DLC?  I'm sure I have gotten reed fiber back from deconstructing paintings and carpet before.

  13. On 12/19/2020 at 3:32 AM, nakomaru said:

    The production side is dead simple (purple = main line)

    It gets even simpler.  You don't need that heavy watt wire and 4kw transformers even.  You just need a pair of regular transformers and smart batteries for the automation and the generators themselves just go on the main normal wire trunk: