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  1. Correction: the mass in the output pipe segment changes over time.  It appears that it has to empty out completely before the reservoir will refill it, leaving a tick where the second pipe segment is not completely filled by the first, so it has room to accept from the bridge.  The reservoir should not require a completely empty output pipe to refill it.

  2. Similar/same issue here on RP-394616: I assign a dupe to a rocket, he climbs in, still needs an atmo suit to launch, but even though I undock one from the docks nearby, nobody will deliver it to the rocket, manual sweep does nothing.  I even tried ejecting another from the docks which prevented another dupe in the area from passing back through the dock to the rest of the base.  He just sat there idle with nothing to do.  Found this bug report and tried reloading and they immediately picked up the suit and delivered it to the rocket.


  3. On 12/9/2019 at 1:00 AM, SharraShimada said:

    Doors only work from one side. Thats the side with "scanner" on it. And yes, you need a dupe to either unlock the door, or to enter the area. to unveil it.

    You can only access the door from the outside.  Are you saying this door can only be opened from inside, where you can't get?  That would be one dumb bug.

  4. Nevermind, I derped.  It just happened that the first vent was letting some gas out every few seconds, and it refused to continue to flow down the pipe because it could see both a source and a sink downstream.  I added another pipe bridge and the gas is no longer confused and is flowing again.

  5. 8 minutes ago, Gwido said:

    If there's power and the battery is not full, what do you think it does ?

    Provides power to machines that want it, and if ( and only if ) there is any leftover, then it recharges.  If it prioritized recharging itself over supplying power to other buildings, it would be completely useless.

  6. On 10/27/2018 at 6:26 PM, Coolthulhu said:

    Can confirm.

    My entirely sealed steam vent keeps generating non-steam gases and overpressurizing, despite being effectively cooled.

    What gasses are floating around in the room besides steam?  Some have said that if you have 3 gasses mixing it causes this problem.  On the other hand, I only have steam and oxygen in my steam turbine room and it seems to keep slowly converting steam into oxygen.  I vacuum out my steam vent rooms both to avoid this bug and to make sure there is the most room for steam to come out of the vent.

  7. Ok, I guess I let the water get a bit too cold ( I was thinking keep it 14 degrees above freezing, but I'm in F not C, so it's a 25 F drop, so 55 F is cold enough to freeze coming out of the aquatuner, damage the pipe, drop out of the pipe, and immediately boil to steam in the hot petrol.  I set up a temp sensor and shutoff to only let water above 70 F go into the aquatuner and it's been running fine.  I guess that means the only bug is the fact that the aquatuner continues to consume power when its output pipe is broken.

  8. 1 hour ago, creidieki said:

    No, I looked at the save, and it's the pipe behind the aquatuner that's broken. (There *is* a bug, though, see below.)

    Liquid pipes can only hold liquids, not solids or gasses. If something changes state while it's in a liquid pipe, the pipe takes damage, and the contents are expelled. If a pipe takes damage 10 times without being repaired, it becomes broken.

    So, each time it was damaged, it expelled its 10kg of contents, for a total of 100kg of steam.

    This does appear to be a bug, however. When the output pipe is broken, the aquatuner uses up electricity without doing anything.

    Weird.. you are right, it is the pipe that broke.  For no apparent reason.  I had a warning for some time that the aquatuner was overheating, and I reloaded the last auto save less than a cycle before I noticed this and it hasn't happened again.  There is no steam in there, no damage to the pipe, everything is working fine.

  9. 5 hours ago, Katsunari said:

    Building that broke usually leak non-solid resource contents and it also leak wrong element state/type of material being put in.

    Sorry, if I'm wrong.

    Edit : Also I mention that Isn't pipe that break not Thermal Aquatuner so it leak water and then it become steam?

    Even if that were true, the aquatuner doesn't hold 100kg of water so how could it have suddenly let out that much when it broke?  And it's the aquatuner that's broke, not the pipe.  And why is it still drawing power?!