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  1. Mod Character Help (Log Included)

    Wow, that did it. I'm a little upset it was an issue with the speech file lol. Did I accidentally delete a " or something? Thanks a bunch! Now I can work on the other stuff lol.
  2. Mod Character Help (Log Included)

    I assume you meant to put the zip on the forum here. So I added it to the OP. Also, I haven't done the art yet, so it's just gonna be the template right now. I've edited basically everything else (that needs editing). I don't think it matters, but just wanted to mention that.
  3. Mod Character Help (Log Included)

    To test this, I disabled all other mods. what I'm trying to do is create a character. I'm just mentioning that because I don't think I explained that will enough int he OP lmao. Anyways, I'm gonna edit the topic and add the rest of the files that are needed.
  4. Mod Character Help (Log Included)

    Sorry, could you elaborate? I just recently learned I'm really dumb lol.
  5. Hey y'all, thanks for taking the time to read this. Short disclaimer: I'm terrible at modding and know almost zero about coding, but I can follow directions and I thought I did for this character mod using the tutorial that everyone and their mother knows about. So when I get the error telling me to check the log for details, I did that, and to be honest, I couldn't find a darn thing (because I don't know what to look for). So if any kind soul could tell me what ludicrously tiny error I made to cause this...error, that'd be awesome. Also, if anyone could give me the quick rundown on how to make it so my character knows a recipe, I.E Fire Staff and/or Ice Staff, that'd be cool too, but it isn't a priority. And seriously, thank you for your time! Edit: I don't think I really explained it well enough, but what I'm trying to do is MAKE a character. Sorry if I confused anyone. log.txt eonthespellsword-DST.zip