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  1. Hi, I'm posting it as a bug because whatever I do, all dupes get to reach a 100% stress level even when my stress management is better than in my previous games (where I was never reaching such a level of stress)... obviously I did what you say (enclosed rooms, and isn't it written in the changeLog of the Expressive Upgrade that it's no longer needed to put some doors ?), or tried to (but as they are too stressed they won't perform the jobs I'm asking them to do). Maybe I'm not doing it properly and it was easier in previous versions but it's such a big change in balancing that for the moment I consider it as a bug... Did you try my save file ? I'm not the only one saying so or I'm mixing up ? Thanks for the help.
  2. Restarting a new game to be able to go to the surface (my previous map was generated before the Cosmic Upgrade), dupes are always getting very stressed even as I managed everything to get them relaxed. I even had one dupe that stress was increasing when he was on massage table ! Another one got +1 stress point when I gave him the job he wanted... I cleaned the whole base but without decor stuffs (search that I can't reach at the moment, cause my dupes are too stressy and die or break everything before I could) it's impossible to keep a bearable level of stress... I think the game is now totally unbalanced on stress, decor and other expectations. Managing oxygen and food at the same, has now become impossible. Friends.sav
  3. Hi, I'm facing the same bug, my coal generator remains empty when I do have more than 30t of coal accessible all around. And dupes are also ignoring my atmosuits forge and won't forge any suit, as described here : The Inescapable Dwelling.sav