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  1. Hello all! I would like to relocate the printing pod in my base without using the debug mode. If there is already a mod that allows this feature, please direct me that way. If there isn't, please consider this an official request for such a mod to be made (or maybe KLEI could include it as a late game feature). Thanks in advance!
  2. Geysers/Volcanoes indestructible or unable to move.
  3. @Yoma_Nosme is correct. I watched a youtube video by @Brothgar where he beats that dead horse for hours. Maybe he will pop in and leave a link, as I cannot find the video right now. Ultimately, he achieved maximum gas production by adding a bunch of gas pumps to pull a vacuum on the room. That near-negative pressure was enough to squeeze a tiny bit more gas out of the setup, but was very costly due to all of the pumps running.
  4. Load the save file you posted. Put ARI on the follow cam. About one minute in, he enters a second tube transport and somehow jumps through the tube onto a ladder (bypassing a suit checkpoint) and then gets scalded shortly thereafter. Maybe rebuilding the tube transport will fix it. Good Luck!
  5. Before the official launch, I was able to modify and customize the starting base. Now, when I try to change either the forestBase.yaml or the sandstoneBase.yaml files, they are deleted and overwritten with the originals. Does anybody know how to prevent this from occurring? I'm thinking that they are being overwritten with the primary files that are hidden elsewhere than the "bases" folder, but I can't find them. I have also been trying to find the location of the geysers, volcanoes, etc.. that show up on the map as hidden or covered. I wish to modify them as well. Here's an example of how I would like to alter them in the pic.
  6. It's a New Beginning!
  7. It would be nice if KLEI would address this issue in one of their updates. I have created some massively complex bases that utilize all of these items that "lose" their connections when shared. Fixing this bug would save countless hours of reconnecting lines. Thank You.
  8. When copying gas filtering mechanisms from yaml files, the gas reservoirs are shifted to the right one tile. This puts the reservoir clipping into the object next to it. It also shifts the inputs over, so none of it works. This leads to having to delete the reservoir and its contents and rebuilding it.