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  1. I feel like fuelweaver items should give fossils rather than bone shards when deconstructed
  2. it's kind of a cruel how when Wanda was introduced whenever she changes age she doesn't get stunned but when Wolfgang changes form he continues to get stunned and it's extremely debilitating
  3. wx's character rework was supposed to make him Mr. versatile but in reality because you have to wait and be ability-less while your charge builds up whenever you change your circuits, you're encouraged to change your circuits almost never which defeats the purpose of everything. I think it would be neat if the circuits wore out as your wore them instead of when you take them on and off and if installing the circuits consumed a one time charge cost so that your charge can build up while you have circuits installed and you can install new circuits without having to be powerless for a while, and so that you can plug circuits in and out constantly without destroying the circuits, while still having there be a cooldown, which I feel is more in line with the rework's apparent intent.
  4. Could we have grass geckos drop grass tufts? the fact that your grass could one day decide to grow legs and go kill itself is very upsetting. Or maybe grass tuft depth worm with a grass tuft mohawk. Some way to make grass tufts less susceptible to extinction/combat grass Gecko sadness.
  5. Sort of like how WX doesn't drop a wortox soul when he dies and webber drops two, I think it would be extremely cute if the chorusbox circuit drained Maxwell's sanity (because it's ragtime)