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  1. 15 rocks & 10 bull kelp for example (or even easier recipe, but I personaly like if some recipes are expensive)
  2. - Antlion attacks on sea - Put Old Bell into the game and make it a world gen settings those two I didnt like it. Trolls can easy destroy your base with old bell.
  3. I'm sure many players would like that scaled furnace has 1 slot inventory for example and when puting inside food items and closing it, it will automaticaly cook all stack. Just like Packim in DS, but only does not set freshnes to 100% ,because it will be little bit op, we have a salt crystals now
  4. Well frog rains can be anoying and helpful for some - anoying when they spawn in your base and attacking animals in Pens (if you building zoo) + free food, helps you to kill beefs and mose goose
  5. I didnt like 1) & 4) Okey, for bolders, having diferent shapes YES
  6. Changing server settings after world is already launched would be a nice thing. I play with custom setings, but sometimes if feels like I'm cheating little bit and want to change some things back to default. Like in my server I have disabled frog rains and penguls from spawning.
  7. 9. Give a few bosses some more benefits for killing them example killing the toadstool prevents rain for the rest of spring. I like spring, its raining and many boses are wet. That means with Warly's op food I can kill them 2x faster Killing toadstool can prevent frog rains, even I play without frog rains in my server, many people have them and it's very anoying having frog rains 4 times in spring.
  8. Hi again, wanted to give some ideas for QoL update, hope you find some of them useful ● Craftable Sea Stacks would be good thing in the game, for those who wants to plant Sea Weed Starters closer to base. I know there is plenty of sea stacks in ocean, but if there is many like me who cleared all ocean of them, it could be very useful! Also I want to remind that after you kill Sea Weed , old sea stacks dont have minimap icon. ● Birds in bird cage need to survive without feeding longer, if I corect they survive only up to 7 days? 1) Every 100 days survived, bird in bircage gets one extra day and can survive total 20 days. 2) When you feed bird, each food item he eats gives him one extra day to live and can survive up to 20 days without feeding again. ● I already sugested this idea days ago, but I write one more time 1% chance that birds, koalafants and maybe other animals aswell, has a chance to look diferent or have diferent color. ● Sticks, Grass and Rot needs Sink Timer, my ocean is full of them and it bothers me that I cant pick all up ● From 3 angles you can place gates perfectly, but from one side they are not in line. ● Raised talbirds (by player) should make their own nests when they growing up in final form. I remember in my old world was only 1 tallbird nest or two cant remember, but meteorites destroyed them and all tallbirds was extinct. ● Winona can upgrade walls much faster (I already writed this suggestion while ago) ● Wolfgang can move with statues much faster when mighty! ● Long time Ago I noticed that slurper belt has no effect when slurper is at your head and drains your hunger. I had more suggestions, but for now can't remember all. Maybe later I do part 2 QoL suggestions
  9. Rot on Land, I dont mind to pick up, but rot, grass and twigs on water, they need sink timer...
  10. Sea stacks missing icon on minimap after you kill sea weed
  11. So today I crafted Strident Trident for a first time and I wanted to test out something, but it didnt work. I was pushing bull kelp close to the lands edge and trying with trident to push bull kelp out of water to get it's root. This trick work with ocean fishes and will be nice if it will work for bull kelps too!
  12. Hi again, I would like to suggest more rare creatures that you can find at the map when you don't have anything else to do! In my solo world I have catch every type of ocean fish and I would like more rare creatures. Here's some examples. Maybe there's a 1% chance that a diferent color bird will show in your screen, white redbird, white crow or any other color. Same with koalafants, 1% chance that you will find one diferent. From the ponds 1% chance to catch diferent type of fresh water fish. And the last, you can add to the game owls only in dark forest areas and can be seen only at dusk or night, sleeps at day.
  13. as you seen I placed 3 gates perfectly and 4th one wrong, because I was unable to place where I wanted.
  14. I doubt there will be new story for wormwood, but I hope when KLEI will finish last character refresh, he will make long trailer how each survivor met each other!
  15. This problem wasn't here all the time, I started to noticed it after you first added gate and fence skins. From 3 angles you can place gates perfectly but from one angle you can't. It's not because of mod, same problem when dissable geo placement. Usualy I have to place gates first, then place walls if I want all gates look perfectly! pls fix this issue! Also uploading short video you to see this problem! Don't Starve 2020.07.11 -
  16. Salamanders are renewable, just toss Lunar Essence on dragon fruit
  17. dont think this will need to be fixed, if they fix this, they why you need Green staff anymore for?
  18. another thing, when I spawned in 10 sharks, they all went for lureplants, then started to attack each other. I guess when they doing attack animation, they can also hurt other sharks if its nearby. its not a bug, but if you move many sharks at one place, one wrong move and they will kill each other.
  19. it just happen, I guess it happen because there were too many lure plants planted on boat and it get stuck in jumping animation. It's not rly a bug, but….. after I get closer and blocked his way, he stoped Don't Starve 2020.07.06 -
  20. Cast weather pains on sharks, sometimes this will happen. Don't Starve 2020.07.06 -
  21. Game will crash when you spawn in shark and drop meat in water, then pick it up Don't Starve 2020.07.06 -
  22. Long time ago when World Retrofiting became a real thing and first or second update came out, for old worlds had a problem, that lunar island is too small, shortly after you fixed it and made it bigger. But for old worlds there wasn't those mini islands (new world usualy generates 3 up to 5 if im correct) unless there was another update after then which fixed it. Sadly I started playing my map after second update which made lunar island bigger and my world never generated those mini islands. I was wondering is there a console command that can check map and generate missing islands?
  23. Today I decided to test new beta update and found some small issues. For some reason one of the plants I killed, didnt die and become invulnerable.In screenshot you can see it has 0 of 500 hp. Second thing, after my boat was damaged, I crafted boat patch item and repaired leak, but it didnt take boat patch item out from my inventory - one boat patch = infinite uses. Third thing, if you have a leak and you try to repair it while boat is still moving in max speed, it plays repair animation, but does not repair the leak. Probably because im playing with Lag Conpensation : Predictive
  24. I had the same problem with walrus camp in my world, but using mod I fixed it