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  1. Hey Klei, got a new suggestion for you! Usualy when you generating a new world, there is a chance that you will get only one tallbird nest or two, like my current world, if you are not using server mod "Setpiece config" which gives 100% chance that your world will have a tallbird fortress. Usualy those tallbird nests are located in meteor field and there is a chance that meteor will hit it eventuly and burn last nest down, like in my prewious worlds. Then you no longer have any nests in your world, its not a huge deal to spawn one back using console commands, but i would love another way how to get a new nest. I know u can raise smallbird which is very hard, hard to keep him alive till he grows up. If you have hound traps and you are running from hounds, then its a big chance that you will kill small bird there aswell. Because you cant leave them inside closed pen and go far away, they will instantly teleported to you. So my first suggestion is, they should not teleport to a player if small birds are left offscrean. I think raising tallbirds is pointless, baby siting and feeding them for multiple days and after they grow up, they start attacking you. So my second suggestion is, if you raise smallbird to fully grown tallbird, it should create a new nest there Not sure if you read suggestions, but if you do, I hope you like this one and maybe someday use it!
  2. Retrofitting Non-Beta Worlds

    After last update, Now new moon biome is more bigger than last in my last world, but I wanted to ask, didnt you forgot about something? Im not sure if its missing or intended that smaller islands around big island is missing. Looking other screenshots is missing too! Its not a huge deal, but still
  3. The |simplest| way to put AF down

    Now with Warly op recipes all boses are super easy! me and friend killed AF in 2 minutes Why would you need tricks to kill him and wait 10-20 minutes or more till houndius shootius finishes him
  4. Missing Knight Head

    Np And thank you for your time and leting me know why sometimes commands do not work
  5. Since Warly came out with more food types, I would like you guys to add bigger ice box with more slots. I love Warly and im usualy planting many food types. When I collect everything, i have to place all good stuff in 3 ice boxes atleast and bundle some stuff for later. Another thing I would like in DST is Basements. Basically its creates a seperate underground room where is chilly and no weather effects. Including no light. Also food will spoil slower down there. There is also Basement mod curently, but I think it will be awesome if something similar will be added in dst in future
  6. Missing Knight Head

    I dont know why that console comand didnt work, I think it was right, because before then i hosted another world for testing and this command wordked for me. Idk if I mistyped it or what Also you can change this to "closed" now, because 2 days ago playing with friends, one of my friend found this missing piece when he was choping all forest down. I guess i didnt seen it because there was many trees around. I know sometimes when you playing with some people in your server and if you try to spawn items in with console commands, sometimes it didnt work. I don't know why. They show on ground but you can't pick them. Maybe thats why c_gonext("sculpture_knighthead") didnt work on that server.
  7. Retrofitting Non-Beta Worlds

    Today retrofitted my old begabase world from 2018! I have to say everything was perfect and nothing missing, just like in beta worlds ^-^ After first time I read new post new content is coming for dst and some people saying that you will have to regenerate all world to get new content, I was happy for the new content, but sad to lose my world where I spent many hours! Now I guess I can continue if I want to! ^-^ But I guess, ill start new when new content comes out of beta anyway, got some crazy new ideas for mega basing Another thing why i dont want to keep this map, is because ocean is too small and moon biome aswell. Because map was so huge and close to map borders. But I hope that someday you will make that map adds more space , like in beta worlds where ocean is huge I can tell, this is the best thing ever in Dst you guys made, im so happy! Good work guys 11/10 ^-^
  8. Retrofitting Non-Beta Worlds

    I seen this before in my worlds, it have a high chance to happen when oasis is connected to Light Green grass Killer bee area. But you can fix it by diging invisible turf and placing new one
  9. I was going to fight shadow bosses and moving statues together, I found 2/3 parts already, rook head and bishop head, still needed knight Head. After searching whole map for 2 times including new biomes, where those pieces no longer can spawn, I used console commands to find it, in case I missed it. I used c_gonext("sculpture_knighthead") and didnt found it, I tried searching c_gonext("sculpture_bishophead") and I found it, so I know this command was correct and working. This means my newly regenerated world didnt have this missing piece. Right now I have to use DST too many items mod to spawn one in and fight shadow bosses
  10. Animation bug with Anchor Kit

    Same problem, since today or last update
  11. Retrofitting Non-Beta Worlds

    Also forgot to mention something in my prewious reply how I feel about this, I love Building mega bases and play alot, only thing i was upset about was that you will have to regenerate new world to get in new content over time. If this will work, thats going to be the best thing in this game <3 Also another question, if this Works and I build 50% of map Building space, including in water, what will hapen if new content will come out, like new lands or more stuff implemented on ground or sea? Does it will import in free space where you didnt build anything or will go under your built structures? For example if you add something new like a structure or mob at light Green grassy area and that space is builded up, does new stuff will be imported there?
  12. Retrofitting Non-Beta Worlds

    So this means I have to play for as long as possible and inform you if something is missing when new updates comes out? I played first month like 400 days andI think there was an update after, then I noticed that new skin was added for those see rocks, but I cant remember if they updated in my current world, because I started new one. AFter taking a break, Me and friend right now playing duo run (Building Megabase) probably will play current world for a very long time Also question for you, where I can see latest update news? Usualy I check on Steam > DST > News , but sometimes it didnt show anything more no mater if there was an update (bug fix)
  13. While waiting DST new content to fully come out, I started playing Singleplayer HAM/SW. Recently I built monkey farm where to farm Krampus, so I built alot of prime ape huts and a very small pen with doors where I droped silly monkey ball in the middle. As soon monkeys noticed ball and trying to get it (crowding to outside walls) game sound started to glitch out. I hosted a new world to test this again, it still has the same problem, but only if pen where you drop silly monkey ball is very small, like in this screenshot. (7 walls + doors)
  14. Ocean

    u should post this at Suggestions / Feedback page also I dont think and hope not there will be added SW items to this dlc