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  1. Spider is stunned by anemeny trap

    maybe he is shocked and dont want to step on other traps nearby, thats why he decided to not move at all =D
  2. yup! masts and anchor too! im using it as decorations
  3. Multiple glommers on map with Wortox tp

    i have seen this issue now for a very long time, hopefuly it will get fixed.
  4. I can't create or open my saves

    what mods do u use? did u tried to disable all mods and host then?
  5. Weird In-game Sounds

    I'm pretty sure it's little bit different, sound was finer. When I play DST I usualy listen music on youtube, but now turning it off, Idk maybe its just me. Sounds like, Example: radio with dead bateries
  6. Today my in-game picking item sounds sound very weird, i dont know if there was an update or not, but yesterday everything was fine. I uploaded a video Don't Starve 2019.10.11 -
  7. Wasnt retrofiting only for pc?
  8. Anchor bugs out when switching ocean levels.

    chance lag compenation to None, it will fix it.
  9. Moose can call treeguard

    just a bad luck. today on my server i was choping wood and i got 3 of them, after killing them, i choped few trees (less than 10) and 2 new spawned,
  10. its not only with deerclops, with some other giants aswell. Also sometimes hapening with archor or sails. to fix it turn Lag Compensation to None
  11. Krampus steal the whole chest away

    they can kick the chest if there's no other things on ground to steal
  12. random grass probably from birds. they drop twigs, grass and flint. about other things idk
  13. Lots of shoes and gloves

    Nobody has a luck lately Mostly geting shirts for myself. I have noticed that bigger chance to get something good is when u open daily present loging in each day
  14. Hello, I come today with a new suggestion. I know that in short time there will be 4th character and last one. Atleast for a while. Each character is unique and with diferent abilities, specialy new characters that came out in last few months they seem reverse of other characters. Some of them can't be friended for some passive mobs or gains less benefit from eating foods. Or have different taste when repeating! So my idea is Vampire character who will be different from them all. Here are some downsides and positives. _____________________________________________________________________________________ # Weak at day time, medium strength at evening and strong at night. (at over world) # Slow at day, normal speed at evening and fast at night.(at over world) # Bright Vision at day time, good Vision at evening and night Vision at night. (at over world) # Can be friends with bats, neutral to spiders, enemy to passive mobs. Such as bunny men or pig men, catcoons. # Gains less benefit of food or something similar like Wortox, or only gains benefir when eats live animal, such as rabbits, birds, moles …. idk -Vampires don't get benefit from food, they drink blood. # Does not freeze when cold, but overheats quickly when stays near fire or at summer time. # Overheating for a long time will make him start burning (If he has not equipt eyebrella or umbrella. -with this ability he will be perfect character for caves and winter time or early spring, but terrible for summer time or very early autumn. # When he is in caves he feel comfortable and maybe even gain sanity down there. Also negative effects, such as slow and weak at day, poor Vision at day time will not affect him while he is down stairs. _________________________________________________________________________________________ What do you guys think of Vampire Character in DST?
  15. my retrofited world has 4 places and each place have tons of salt i guess its only for you