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  1. probably its diferent on consule, also these skins has been added only few weeks ago and Im sure it will be fixed. Also for PC version there is a bug, you can use new firepit skin, but it has diferent icon. As you can see I have placed down Stone Kiln firepit, but it uses bottomless Pit Icon. But who knows, probably its a new bug for console.
  2. I was checking bugs people has added and seen this one ''failing to catch fireflies as they disappear'' which is now fixed, but there is the same bug, but with spores. Spores has timer and sometimes when your timing is right, spore will explode and you will lose bug nets durability.
  3. I noticed this issue for a long time, but didnt report only because its vissible only if you are using mod which allows you to zoom out more. The same issue also I noticed with moon dial, from one angle you can see the line, but its no longer vissible if you zoom in
  4. After you purchased the skins, did you restart the game? Also Curently there is a visual bug with icons. Stone kiln and Stone carved torch skins has the wrong icons
  5. Recently I was browsing Klei Rewards Item store and found new skin for Fire Pit (Stone Kiln). After hosting a new game to check the skin in-game I noticed it don't have the right icon.
  6. I think he didnt understand how this work. He thinks if you have dumbbell in hands and that stops mightiness meter. If you standing still it does not pause it, you have to move while bumbbell is in your hands. I started new world with wolfgang and noticed the same issue, but then I noticed it works only when you runing.
  7. Thanks, good to know . After restarting the game everything was fine, I even didnt have to rollback the server. That was weird and I have never seen something like this before. For the mods, I'm using only one server mod (show me) which displays info, hp. And for the client mods, Im using a ton of them. I will look and disable mods, that I dont need that much.
  8. Also I could'nt move. hopefuly rollback fixes this issue Restarting game helped with this issue, but still I think it needs to be checked and fixed for happening again.
  9. just a minute ago joined in my world and this happened. my character was burning, my hunger points was increased and map opening itself. dst bug.mp4
  10. Misshapen birds & Moonblind Crow stucks on structures and trees. Noticed this issue yesterday when I was grinding resources for CC fight. Restarting game helps and birds finaly will land. Im sorry for the blury image, but like I said, I was grinding resources for CC and lowered my sanity
  11. I couldn't translate any of this, but if you look at the mini map and eye of the storm icon looks like its laging, its not.
  12. Found issue with Woodie's goose form. This happens only if Lag Compensation is Predictive, but it wasn't always like that. It makes you stop every few seconds when you move with mouse or keys. Also uploaded video of my issue. Desktop 2021.11.01 -
  13. Mossy Vines does not have burning and smoldering animation. I know this is not a bug, but also not sure if its intended or not. I found out after I was burning boards in water near Mossy Vines with figs.
  14. Can't use Oar after you switch Lag compensation from None > Predictive while you sailing on boat. Reloging Fixes it, but it's still anoying. .