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  1. This problem wasn't here all the time, I started to noticed it after you first added gate and fence skins. From 3 angles you can place gates perfectly but from one angle you can't. It's not because of mod, same problem when dissable geo placement. Usualy I have to place gates first, then place walls if I want all gates look perfectly! pls fix this issue! Also uploading short video you to see this problem! Don't Starve 2020.07.11 -
  2. dont think this will need to be fixed, if they fix this, they why you need Green staff anymore for?
  3. another thing, when I spawned in 10 sharks, they all went for lureplants, then started to attack each other. I guess when they doing attack animation, they can also hurt other sharks if its nearby. its not a bug, but if you move many sharks at one place, one wrong move and they will kill each other.
  4. it just happen, I guess it happen because there were too many lure plants planted on boat and it get stuck in jumping animation. It's not rly a bug, but….. after I get closer and blocked his way, he stoped Don't Starve 2020.07.06 -
  5. Cast weather pains on sharks, sometimes this will happen. Don't Starve 2020.07.06 -
  6. Game will crash when you spawn in shark and drop meat in water, then pick it up Don't Starve 2020.07.06 -
  7. Long time ago when World Retrofiting became a real thing and first or second update came out, for old worlds had a problem, that lunar island is too small, shortly after you fixed it and made it bigger. But for old worlds there wasn't those mini islands (new world usualy generates 3 up to 5 if im correct) unless there was another update after then which fixed it. Sadly I started playing my map after second update which made lunar island bigger and my world never generated those mini islands. I was wondering is there a console command that can check map and generate missing islands?
  8. Today I decided to test new beta update and found some small issues. For some reason one of the plants I killed, didnt die and become invulnerable.In screenshot you can see it has 0 of 500 hp. Second thing, after my boat was damaged, I crafted boat patch item and repaired leak, but it didnt take boat patch item out from my inventory - one boat patch = infinite uses. Third thing, if you have a leak and you try to repair it while boat is still moving in max speed, it plays repair animation, but does not repair the leak. Probably because im playing with Lag Conpensation : Predictive
  9. I had the same problem with walrus camp in my world, but using mod I fixed it
  10. maybe you acidently attacked one of the shootius, like when you start civil war with folowers
  11. I seen in Jazzy stream, that the leak can fall out from boat and stay in ocean
  12. Hi Again, just giving one small suggestion Im mostly all the time playing solo where I have 5K+ days survived and rarely play with my friends, mostly because solo is easier to keep everything in control. Clops and hounds will only spawn on me, so I dont have to worry about others if they have left the base or not... Now lately when I built more than a half of the map I'm starting to use Telelocator staff to get out of base quickly. While I'm playing DST I'm always listening music in youtube and most of the times the warning of the hounds and deerclops are little bit too late (specialy deerclops), many times deerclops has spawned in my base before im able to find a safe place. Hounds not a big problem if not fire ones, but still I have atleast 9 tooth trap areas around the world. As a solo player, I cant use The Lazy Deserter and I have tons of sand stones in my chests (and so much more bundled), sadly there is no use of them for me In future updates I'll be happy if you add more uses of sand stones! Now to the Point! My suggestion is, you can give The Lazy Deserter sand stones (It has 4 inventory slots where you can store up to 40 max desert stones). Each sand stone in inventory lasts for one day. While there is a sand stone on deserter's inventory it stays activated and everyone can use sand stone (in players inventory) to teleport to closest activated Lazy Deserter Ofc this will need downside, maybe players lose half of the sanity!? Hope you all Like my suggestion
  13. In every Survival / Crafting game as soon you know all it can get booring. DST is a game which you can play for month non stop then take a break from it, and then again you can play it. I'm playing ds / dst amlost since begining and can't tell im bored, I always find stuff what to do! Ofc I'll be more happier if they make more often events like Gorge & Forge, but I understand they working with new content You gotta LOVE base Building to play long-term, otherwise you kill all bosses and will get bored or start a new world.