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  1. I've been playing this awesome update and farming giant crops and noticed something with woby. The Issue is, he stops following you for some reason & if you carry giant crop on your back, he runs away from you, but slowly. There was no danger around me, so he should not run away from me, I was trying to feed him but it didnt help, I guess he knows im bad owner! =D Exiting world and joining back fixed this issue, but then again when I was riding with him (with giant crop on my back) and when I dismount he slowly runs away from me and does not come any closer. If I dont have giant crop on back, I can go close to him and ride with him. Im not sure if this is a bug or not, but I will upload screenshot to show how far he stays away from me.
  2. Wortox & WX skins are so awesome, winona, warly and walter aswell, but those 2 are the best, good work <3
  3. omg, you're right! thats a science machine skin not lantern =D When I looked at it, it looks very much like lantern to me, so I assume that was for lantern my bad
  4. There's another thing with compost bins. You have to click two times to take compost out when its ready. When you click first time, it does the picking animation, but didnt take anything.
  5. nope, I got science machine skin yesterday and everything was ok, it shows in my inventory and in-game. I'm talking about that green lantern skin, which you get from watching twitch last month. It shows in my inventory, but I cannot use it in-game. I was thinking it's steam problem, restarted steam, but nothing hapened.
  6. Hello, After long time playing other game and taking a little break from DST I came back for a cool update. I know I should report this issue long time ago, but like I said I didnt play for a while. So the Issue is my Lantern skin from Twitch drop is missing in-game. I do have a skin, but I cant use it in-game, even I host a new world. I'm wondering if I can fix it somehow. As you can see in screenshots I do have a skin, but in-game its missing.
  7. I had the same issue or similar. each time when I was at base, it always crashed for no reason at the same time. Also after update came out. Later they fixed it. Crash hapened because you standing near birchnut trees.
  8. Thats why you dont build structures near to the boat edge, its an old issue and I dont think they can fix it
  9. Sea stacks missing icon on minimap after you kill sea weed
  10. as you seen I placed 3 gates perfectly and 4th one wrong, because I was unable to place where I wanted.
  11. This problem wasn't here all the time, I started to noticed it after you first added gate and fence skins. From 3 angles you can place gates perfectly but from one angle you can't. It's not because of mod, same problem when dissable geo placement. Usualy I have to place gates first, then place walls if I want all gates look perfectly! pls fix this issue! Also uploading short video you to see this problem! Don't Starve 2020.07.11 -
  12. another thing, when I spawned in 10 sharks, they all went for lureplants, then started to attack each other. I guess when they doing attack animation, they can also hurt other sharks if its nearby. its not a bug, but if you move many sharks at one place, one wrong move and they will kill each other.