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  1. Tony Jay was one of the most amazing voice actors I have ever heard in my entire life! His voice was the sound of heavens even in a devilish character as Claude Frollo!
  2. I don't like to say the obvious or contradict everyone... but every character in the game, except Wigfrid, can have a vegetarian style of gameplay. Dragonpie is amazing by itself - Wurt being vegetarian only buffs the benefits from vegetarian dishes. I know that meatballs are amazing during winter or early in the game and dragon fruits are really hard to find... but once found, anyone can live without meat, just farming. Mandrake Soup, Butter Muffin and Flower Salad are also great for everyone. Stonefruits and Cactus Flesh can still be manageable during Winter and provide good sustain, also you can dry Kelp Fronds to gain even Sanity alongside Hunger. Consider that food stored in the fridge during winter stay fresh during almost all the season - so preparing dragonpies and other similar dishes in the first days, will grant you some safety in terms of food for all the cold white period. And all of this applies to everyone! So, I don't think that Wurt being a vegetarian is unique per se, but the fact that being a vegetarian does improve the vegetarian dishes for her is really her thing. The merm village is a little underwhelming, yes, and takes a lot of time to build, with the tapestry requiring so much - but the swamp style of living, speed increased and the know-how of tentacles, she can live without tooth traps + a lot of loot from the warring species and this is big. So, she is good for solo and for group play, in my opinion - just needs more thinking and preparation, cuz as I said before she redefines the way you think and interact with The Constant.
  3. To me, her playstyle is unique and fun. She is kind of challenging because she redefines everything you are used to do in the game - pigs, tentacles, swamp biomes, food and your camp's structures/formation with the merms. She is really one of a kind and weave her was the best decision I made.
  4. When I said "mermified goat skin" I was thinking of something in the likes of MeloDenesa's drawing (see down below). I really love this drawing and the cuteness overload in it!
  5. I really hope that Wurt is getting a mermified goat skin for The Gorge and Wormwood will get one of some kind of syrup tree or spotted flower plant. They deserve really good ones, being the only two without Hallowed Nights skins and all.
  6. Oh, holy darkness of Charlie... I'm sitting at 3400 points, waiting for it with the desire to buy the Amazing Snowball Juggler bruning inside me for so long!!! And now it would be perfect, cuz I would be able to weave the Guest of Honor for Wurt <3
  7. OMG She is so adorable! Totally wurt the wait! :B Her Guest of Honor is amazingly beautiful! Love her, already!
  8. The Tureen Skin for the Crockpot is not working in the normal game. I had woven the skin using spools, but when i played the normal game the crockpot was completely normal... I mean, plain normal, NO tureen, just a normal crockpot. It was 1350 Spools wasted in nothing, feels really bad, man...