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  1. Hi So, thats the problem: Only in hamlet, the server load but never starts. The image show what happens: I Have NO USE of mods. And I think my computer have space enough :v [pink to free space, blue to used] Can you guys help me? I'll wait for support Thanks for all
  2. Out of memory - Hamlet

    Fair enough I'll try it and return with the results. Ok thats it Worked My pc sucks and have nothing about to do at all because its just a problem with this old buddy here. xD Thanks for support man sorry take ur time with this
  3. Out of memory - Hamlet

    Omg u guys are really efficient and have a lot of clear information I'll read right now My game config already disable small texture, thanks for the suggestion anyway. So I learn how to do this, here: DxDiag.txt
  4. Out of memory - Hamlet

    Ok sure I would be happy to help but I'm not very good with software [as you can already see] I think so what u want is this: Right? The text are wrote in portuguese [in case if u dont understand something]
  5. My game have a trigger crash around the crockpot. I just cant put anything, one even single ingredient. No mods, no codes, no link with Shipwrecked or Hamlet. Started today, after Pig year att. I play only Don't Starve - Rein of Giants, not tested in other version. I already check and repair my files on Steam. Still the same.