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  1. I was playing all this night as Woodie after the changes and have a point to share First of all - my english is a work in progress so if i make some mistakes, forgive me guys im trying my best Now, about Woodie - Eating an idol recovers all hunger points as you always transform with the full bar, and this before the re-rework its ok, but now its a freaking way to put your hungry high - just use the idol again when you change back to human form and you are safe. Goose can just explore all stuff if you have idols enough and the only drop will be sanity. When you are tired to stay in a form, then yes you will need to deal. The price? Some cheaper monster meats. So looking for a basic problem in this game [starving] the new woodie just ignore this at all once this can stay in a wereform. My suggest is: just combined the hunger points with the wereform bar. So you have to eat if you want the full bar before shapeshift again.
  2. Klei, we need to talk: You guys are amazing! Congratz for the fast repair and to listen your community. You deserve all the love and support, now i'll buy the Woodie pack Thank you so much. The Brazilian community loves what you have been done. Amazing work, eh?
  3. Its Kinda sad to admit - The goose cant swin and cant run fast enough. Still slow than a Wolfgang full belly. A shapeshift made to have one single purpose: Run. You will lost all your hungry points in 60 seconds to gain some mov speeds - nothing that magiluminescence + walking cane can do better. In the same way, the moose cant be a fighter. 60 seconds isnt good enough, 59 damage isnt good enough. A dark sword its better than this form, and you still fast enough to kitting any enemy. You can use armors in human form, you can heal in human form. A Marble suit + pierogis can do a better performance a milion times than this. Too slow, too weak. 60 seconds and you hungry is over. Again. The price to shapeshift is realy cheap, but just do not worth it If the point is buff or aprimorate Woodie, Klei, Im sorry to say, but in the first time ever, its fail. Sounds like some gimmicks you will use in start game and never remember the existence after this :T
  4. Actually u forgot about the vegans. Dragon pie and the veggies recipes like Flower Salad, Melonsicle, Ice cream, Taffy and fruit mix... Just the useful, not rattatouile or eggplant stuff.
  5. Hi So, thats the problem: Only in hamlet, the server load but never starts. The image show what happens: I Have NO USE of mods. And I think my computer have space enough :v [pink to free space, blue to used] Can you guys help me? I'll wait for support Thanks for all
  6. Out of memory - Hamlet

    Fair enough I'll try it and return with the results. Ok thats it Worked My pc sucks and have nothing about to do at all because its just a problem with this old buddy here. xD Thanks for support man sorry take ur time with this
  7. Out of memory - Hamlet

    Omg u guys are really efficient and have a lot of clear information I'll read right now My game config already disable small texture, thanks for the suggestion anyway. So I learn how to do this, here: DxDiag.txt
  8. Out of memory - Hamlet

    Ok sure I would be happy to help but I'm not very good with software [as you can already see] I think so what u want is this: Right? The text are wrote in portuguese [in case if u dont understand something]