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  1. Embrace the downsides fellas It adds a lot in gameplay and sometimes its more fun than the upsides Mitigating that ain't cool specially if the character is already super strong. She doesnt needed it.
  2. Right?? Considering BERNIE! doesnt appear in the short I do think Maxwell kidnapped it and forced Willow to work for him or else it never give it back But her face tho shes loving it so far
  3. Shes a vilain confirmed xD Im laughing at this like people was roleplaying her this whole time for real
  4. Wow Willow working with Maxwell kinda get my guard down, such an interesting allience, so many questions Why? How? Wheres Bernie?
  5. See, this one kinda intrigues me cuz people dont realize u dont need to choose when u can mass pick stuff using both. Put these in head/body slot to masspick logs after Bearger shenanigans and u will finish it even faster cuz they dont compete to get itens while u press space.
  6. Being really honest? I Dont. Except when Immabout to fight a boss or in an place I know can be dangerous and when the situation requires bein sane I use the same solution Nightmare amulet When u kill shadows spawned from the amulet they give u sanity back after u remove it from ur neck Like Kill some shadows, farm some fuel, remove it and tadah u r full sane The item doesnt spoil, once u have it u can use it for at least a whole season and I let it in the bag or chester cuz I barely do it once Im used to be insane Some people can argue isnt that effective but keep in mind I main Wortox. The amount of cactus or whatever I have to pick is doubled so its the time doing the quest when this char is suposed to speed things up. So my way to deal is killing them even when they aint suposed to be spawning anymore forcing the insanity and then having a longer break away them.
  7. Thats the thing, they kinda dont Like, 3 Livin logs seems much if we got many gnomes but in an default size default gen they r 2-4 gnomes in general and we have to wait till they respawn It can get tricky like they spawn just a few and RNG have a giggle givin just one per gnome I go to ruins so sad cuz I rely on em so much and sometimes it just one gnome cuz I always generate worlds in small size x__x
  8. At this point seeing the amount of complains around crafts envolving living logs we all can rethink about what u guys did when asked for the drop rate of the lunar gnomes get nerfed, huh? XD I mean The argument was "too op for ruins rush" or "inutilize wormwood" but then people keep using the 3 ones from Totally normal tree in the rushs and the few servers which have a Wormwood cant garantee u can have some from them once some players are scared to lose health in pubs, and the ones who colaborate get slaved for dark swords n other shenanigans haha they are usefull living logs ain't never enough in the early days so they r always helping with that In conclusion I just want to point that out maybe that sooo asked nerf wasnt that much welcome at the end of the day For the ones lost - The gnomes on the lunar grotto after the release of that update did drop always 3 living logs garanteed. Some people dont thought that was okay and asked for a nerf what surprisily they get. Now its 1 garanteed and another with 50% chance, in other words 150% drop rate the same as nightmare fuel by shadows creatures
  9. At the point I finished to read the post I already could find Lunar grotto and started to farm livin logs killing gnomes Ok jokes apart I really think people started to overexagerate about Wicker's cost of crafts cuz 1 - as I said gnomes are a thing 2 - If u playin with other people it has a good chance one of ur friends pick Wormwood
  10. I kinda have to argue you guys are getting too comfy to ask for an huge light source which can be made day 1 to be the best one in case it gets mobile .-. It already can light up base and crops to keep growing even in night and to battles in night with a better range than lantern if used for the same reason (keep charlie away while usin armor n weapon in the body/hand slots to fight instead light) People need to rush ruins to get this She already has plenty of good perks which can add QoL, dont ya think?
  11. I always do bases similar to this in my early years in game till I have all controled enough to invest in a megabase in a place more comfy and NEVER had a problem with tumbleweeds on fire I just turn flingo on in hound waves to help me in crowd control and thats it I must confess tho the wildfires still can spawn in structures above this floor but I have ice staff in inventory 24/7 [to aggro/deaggro stuff, kill birds in a urgent soul lacking situation or to control fire] anyway Yes it is right in front the lava pound of dragonfly and I use it to instakill butterflies while at base and cap heat thermal Stones I dropped this pic on the discord few monts ago and never came back there again cuz the amount of people telling Im dumb/I dont know what Im doing make me sick.
  12. I have to agree .-. Right? Like scaled floor and knoble trees are a things Also oasis biome and downstairs
  13. For late game, sure u right But then u can use it only in late game. Im not sure how I feel about it once lazy deserters aint a thing for solo players and the only way is this. So I have to wait till my third ruins cleaning to put this in a use. Hapilly I main Wortox and isnt that needed anymore but still for other players who play solo despite Wanda still a thing I mean dont bother me the way it is and u can argue the focus is suposed to be used there (in the late) what does makes sense, however I do think a slight change could turn this more acessible for early shenanigans