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  1. kinda bitter huh Ill keep my 4k hours exp in game away from this topic now, take care yall, specially you Cheggf
  2. Yep. Nobody would choose chilled instead thermal stones. Also, endothermic fire or/and luxury fans, such a more viable stuff. I never had seen someone craft this item in any run whatsoever and this means a lot about what im trying to point it out here: viability. Maybe focusing in freeze when hit probably must be better.
  3. I really really think chilled amulet useless the way is it right now Like, u never will substitute magiluminescence to kite or a armor to tank if the item isnt worth it. I love brumble husk to deal with crowds, to exemplify. But the chilled amulet needs so many hits to finally do what is suposed to do. Needs like thrice as effective as the way is it. I would love to try new strats vs bee queen fights using this one to stay those gumbles away but >> NEEDS << be better. Actually is a disaster and not worht the cost at all.
  4. im still trying to decide between these two for play in public servers once i always do the same structures just to play a few hours In this printscreen im on creative mode so its kinda impossible to have all this stuff in this early What u guys think?? Left or right?? the right one has more stuff but in the left one these stuff will be builded side by side in a mirror effect, this one expanded to sides, not in a long way as the right one
  5. I will consider early game as the first season cuz its really the vital time for me to decide if im having a good or bad run > Day 1-2: Grab some twigs, grass and flint, half a stack, make a hammer and look for gold. My first science to craft backpack, spear and log suit for fight and shovel to start diggin of some graves to grab gems. I always look for mosaic biome/forests after this. > Day 2-5: Time to go to caves, grab some light bulb, go up, meat and pig skin. 6 silk to prestihatitator. My first alchemy machine to unblock Hambat, Futball helmet and a lantern. > Day 5-10: Explore to found the pig king, dragonfly and walrus camp in surface, and grotto in caves. If i havent found any silk yet, so thats the time. Same for livin logs and gems. Once i have those, thats all what i need for this early. > Day 10-12: Set the base with the materials i got, if i found swamp so i have a birdcage, if i found clockworks so i have a kitchen [not worth it if u cant have a ice box]. Thats the moment when i craft a Shadow manipulator to recycle some boards, unblock ice staff and life givin cuz ice staff for me is super important, almost game changing. If i didnt find, so screw it the base is about to be done after the next step. I just pre craft stuff. [happens sometimes except for the manipulator, its crucial to me a manipulator in this moment of the game cuz i really dont go to ruins without a ice staff or ill go crazy dealing with bishops and monkeys.] > Day 12-19~20: Grab 2 moleworms, and a few itens* which varies depending the char im playin as, bluecap forest biome > muddy > kill some worms for moogles > ruins. Explore and mine some thulecite and gems. Once i have enough to a few crowns, a magiluminescence and a star caller i kill the guardian, go back to pseudo science, craft my stuff and im good to go. Sometimes i have enough to bring a desconstruction staff, sometimes enough to bring thulecite clubs. This is the time to decide what can carry as bonus and skedaddle. Here is a tricky part. Its not that rare i go upstairs back to surface about day 21. In this case, thermal stone. Then depending on the character: > If im wortox [90% of the time], 1-2 stacks of bees. In a good run, i can build a base and set 6 bee boxes. Best case scenario, 50/50. > If im Wolfgang, i kill dragonfly first. Havin some extra gems is really good. > If im Wendy, i kill bee queen first. Havin bundling wrap is really good. [2]
  6. Im just obsessed with Wortox since hes arrived. I have almost 4k hours in this game and for sure half is playin as Tox. Such a fun style, cool voice and quotes, awesome skins and pressure potential. I love the insanity playstyle as well and he fits perfectly. Also the best wormwood combo whatsoever is goin on. My Dark swords around day 10 are everything.
  7. Look, if u have resources to try shotius, u may have to put a chest with blow darts. Even a cat o tails solve the problem, just slap the crap out in their faces I use ice staff to deal with a lot ot stuff, but bats isnt that bad FOR ME. A cool trick i use to hit them with a meelee weapon is just run in a diagonal ignoring the flow of the punk circle and just force attack when the closest one is in range Needs some pratice, but if u are really tired, u just need a range weapon and u will be ok
  8. Guys seriously has so much drama around here. Nothing change yet. Just wait, put these torches down and chill, omg. Of course Klei knows whats better for themselves milion levels more than anyone here. Just give to it a chance.
  9. I was wondering a few days if webber's rework give him the ability to trap enemies with silk, sounds kinda fun a trapper style. Also, combo with upgrade nests to spawn cave spiders for ranged dps once walter fails xD
  10. Thats exactly the case when before this update needs just one use of the book give u all the reeds and now u just need to read more uses to get the same amount of. U loose some extra books but one singular use still provides more papyrus than the cost. Just balancing stuff cuz shes broken for real. I have a 4k days world and a megabase. U have a lil bit more work to do and are cryin about that like its the end of the world. Dude.
  11. Dude you are talkin and talkin about this when end game u have LOTS of papyrus, just read more times already omg
  12. Look its a hella good use for houndius shotius if i can tell, in my standart base the cave entrance have just two and works well In start game u can just put some bunny houses around they have no interest in meat anyway
  13. Guys i kinda test the cookbook but im not sure if i get it Like, ok, i cook some recipes [around 12 in day 12, kek] and give the book for a friend to read wondering if he could learn my recipes from there, but he couldnt And said to me "the only one what appears is the meat stew i done before" so fit me if im wrong, but the book cant help another players cuz u cant share you own recipes with yall Dude you HEALS urself when youre fighting just switching ur slot hand pls stop this and think about it cuz ure so damm wrong how this weapon works Its not supposed to deal large amounts of damage for this dark sword exists and u can carry both so
  14. Hey everyone A friend post this video in a facebook group. He didnt know how to report here so im doing for him He plays on Xbox received_523181455021083.mp4
  15. Yeah dude i keeps thought "why this game didnt have any bow/arrow yet?" after miss throwing every boom :V