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  1. As much Epic sucks, and they do really really suck, another strike against the once-great company that was Klei, I could honestly give a **** about that. What I am still upset about is the fact that they turned what looked like it was going to be the best RPG in over a decade into a pathetic card game...apparently to ride the cash wave these shallow fatuous creative wastelands are generating. Honestly, they are like the reality TV of the gaming world. So much junk food. Gross. But even beyond that Klei, you led us on. For a really long time. The moment you made the decision to dump the original concept you sold us on, you had an obligation to tell us. This is just disingenuous and shifty behavior of the worst kind. The kind of thing you only find from the worst bottom-feeding corporate grifters. Griftlands indeed. A very approrpriate name.
  2. What can i say? This looks terrible now. This movement away from real immersive gaming for quick stupid card games is utterly ruining everything...including my highest hope for an RPG in over a decade. Thanks for disappointing everyone who stuck with you through development. I hope your full pockets make up for the empty hole where your creativity and artistic integrity used to be. This will be the first Klei game I actively boycott will tell others to do the same. PS - Whomever made this decision needs to be fired.