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  1. Okay, that makes sense. But before I actually made another post to help with my mod character, and the thing is I kind of found another variable that would steal health and hunger from enemies. Or better said, get the health and hunger based on the damage dealt to said enemies. inst:ListenForEvent("onhitother", function(inst, data) if not then inst.components.hunger:DoDelta(data.damageresolved * 0.05) -- Hunger lifesteal, to give logic to her eating her enemies. * 0.03) end It's this one right here. Can't I like do something with this? Like when I hit somebody, it'll activate more attacks, on people around me. I showed this off just because you mentioned something about Wigfrid's lifesteal, which I think is this piece of code right here. And also. I looked a bit lower and I found this. local function OnAttack(inst, player) inst.components.combat:SetAreaDamage(20, 1) end Can this actually help me in anyway?
  2. Hello everybody, I need help with something new. I am thinking of implementing an AOE based attack on my character. Like an example would be Abigail, I want some kind of Abigail's attack everytime my character hits something. And it will deal full damage at the enemy I'm attacking and like 30% to all enemies that are around my character. I looked through Abigail's files, but I didn't really see anything helpful, and I think NPCs have different codes than playable characters. So, can anybody help me?
  3. Hello there, I've looked through your older "Introduction to some Components" forum post, and besides understanding some other useful information, I didn't quite find the one I was looking for. The post is archived so I couldn't comment, but maybe you can help me out on how the "amphibious" component works out, or how I can trigger it.

    1. Mobbstar


      I have not worked with the amphibious component very thoroughly before, but it is relatively new to DST and requires stategraph work alongside itself to function. Refer to the hounds for an example. The component triggers the "jumping" state if necessary, but the actual swimming and such are your problem, the component merely sets the "swimming" tag and lets you SetEnterWaterFn and SetExitWaterFn and does not do anything else in this regard.

  4. Well as I am too dumb to understand coding, I'll actually try to contact you about something. You see I've been trying for ages to actually implement swimming on one of my characters. Asked the community, looked through tutorials, files, scripts, and well it didn't really help. I've been searching, and I found this little piece of code. if data.amphibious then inst:AddComponent("embarker") inst.components.embarker.embark_speed = inst.components.locomotor.runspeed inst.components.embarker.antic = true inst.components.locomotor:SetAllowPlatformHopping(true) inst:AddComponent("amphibiouscreature") inst.components.amphibiouscreature:SetBanks(bank, bank.."_water") inst.components.amphibiouscreature:SetEnterWaterFn( function(inst) inst.landspeed = inst.components.locomotor.runspeed inst.components.locomotor.runspeed = TUNING.HOUND_SWIM_SPEED inst.hop_distance = inst.components.locomotor.hop_distance inst.components.locomotor.hop_distance = 4 end) inst.components.amphibiouscreature:SetExitWaterFn( function(inst) if inst.landspeed then inst.components.locomotor.runspeed = inst.landspeed end if inst.hop_distance then inst.components.locomotor.hop_distance = inst.hop_distance end end) inst.components.locomotor.pathcaps = { allowocean = true } end This is a piece of code from the hound.lua script page. I assume this is the thing that allows them to swim in game, and so I decided to try to use this coding on my character so I can make her swim, but of course I don't know how to do that. Would you be so kind and help me please? We'll be able to do something innovatory in the community if yes.
  5. Hello everybody, I need some help with modding my first character. I'm new to modding and I looked up some courses but now I have problems with the game's mechanics and the commands it uses. My character is supposed to swim and get bonuses when wet. I tried to look through WX's scripts with his lightning strike bonuses, but it didn't help at all, and I thought of using the hounds' swimming mechanics for the other part, will it break the game or something if I do?