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  1. they stored the balm lily seeds when up prioritized storage and they emptied the water bottles when i up prioritized tidy thank you
  2. i mean there many storage compactors with sweep only and one not filled storage compactor not with sweep only and with balm lily seeds checked with seeds category fully checked you can see that in the screenshots and the saves
  3. no it's not empty you can see the screenshots and the saves
  4. 1. yes i made many storage compactors BUT with sweep only except one not with sweep only and i checked balm lily seeds 2. i will try tidy job
  5. Hello Klei i found two things that reduced my excitement about ONI First i made an airlocked room filled with chlorine to farm balm lily and i have a storage container with priority 9 set to store balm lily seeds and flowers then i wanted to expand my balm lily farm so i digged far more for more balm lily seeds the thing is the new balm lily seeds were in reach along with pincha peppernut seeds and my duplicants picked the pincha peppernuts but not the balm lilies i wondered why a lot same thing for balm lily flowers my duplicants didn't pick them up and store them until i made my apothecary fabricate vitamin chews. only then they stored them in the storage container i uploaded two saves one for the seeds and one for the flowers second i have many water bottles all over my colony so i set up a bottle emptier with priority 9 above my water tank and chose water in its menu. i expected my duplicants to empty the water bottles automatically but that didn't happen. every while only one duplicant brought one water bottle and emptied it i also wondered a lot is this a bug or a priority thing. if it is about priority, how to set priorities to make my duplicants store balm lily seeds and flowers and empty water bottles i uploaded a third save Balm Lily Seeds.sav Balm Lily Flowers.sav Water Bottles.sav sorry for not posting screenshots I Edited please help me i feel so disappointed when things don't go smoothly in the game Second Edit to point the one storage compactor not with sweep only
  6. liquid pipe doesn't run water

    but still klei has to do something about pipes distance limit like in my first save
  7. liquid pipe doesn't run water

    that bridge priority info solved my problem thank you abud you are the best a million kisses from egypt to you
  8. liquid pipe doesn't run water

    abud i did what you suggested with my first save but it didn't work did you try with my first save?
  9. liquid pipe doesn't run water

    WOW Working!!!!!! Thank You abud and i hope Klei do something about this
  10. liquid pipe doesn't run water

    Moonshade thank you for caring about my problem but i don't think i understand everything you said do you mean i should build sidebranches of intakes? that's what i did in my second save and still the water stopped somwhere in the pipes and did you look at my first save ain't the water suppose to run in both sides up and left. why does it flow only left??!!
  11. hello klei i love oxygen not included but i am facing a bug that i think will stop me from playing after a not short time of working fine for some reason liquid pipes didn't run water. it doesn't say pipe broken. water just stops and doesn't flow at a point in the pipes here i posted screenshots and save files the first screenshot and save file has the pipes let water flow in a direction and not the other the second screenshot and save file has the pipes not flowing water 1.sav 2.sav