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  1. A): It occurs both when I join, or create my own server. B): United States. C): Of course. It's been attached, did it just as you said. client_log.txt
  2. Hiya. In every game that I've achieved the 'Victory/NoDuplicateCharacters/NoRepeatMeals/NoTributesFailed' badges I still don't get the Tournament Entry badge, and in every game regardless of whether or not I get the prerequisite badges or not, there has been this little red message in the top right corner (shown in the screenshots): "Unable to connect to leaderboard server." Given, the scores in the pictures are not very good, but according to some friends and acquaintances, they've never had this happen in any game I'm not in, but it does happen when I do play with them. Which leads me to believe it has something to do with my account, and I'm not qualified to be in the tournament, causing other people I'm playing with to suffer the same. I can't imagine why. My account is in good standings, no VAC bans, nothing. It's the parent account I guess (Family settings disabled) so why is this happening? I tried restarting the computer, and the same result still happened. (Link for CSV stat file is at the bottom of the page for this date, hope it helps!) thegorge_stats_07-10-18.csv