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  1. Why do they still drop belts than? I thought the event was still going on because of it.
  2. Hello, the Pig King doesn't accept the belts for the mini game anymore and doesn't say anything (like that it is too dirty and you need to clean up or so). Does the mini game not work anymore or is this a bug?
  3. I died so I don't have the world anymore, but the seasons didn't come in the right order. I was playing as Wormwood and it went from Temperate, Humid back to Temperate, Lush, Humid and then I died.
  4. Okay thanks! I was confused as it said that only the account that purchased it could participate and considering I didn't purchase it but I got it as a gift.. But thank you for your answer! Time to start cooking
  5. My friend bought the game for me years ago, this means I can't participate right? Sad for me.