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  1. Auspice's Art

    Hehe thank you! Yeah, I usually go DPS Wilson. The only time I healed as him was when the Wickerbottom disconnected for quite a few minutes and I had to step in. I kind of Fear playing as others because he's what I'm used to and I often play with friends who have more time to play than me - in other words, they're a significantly higher level. I can only keep up with them in my comfortable role! I don't mind you rambling, it was quite interesting to read. Heh, indeed. Thank you! I haven't actually thought about it! But being able to teleport and/or switch places with any monster/ally/item would be very cool. And quite useful. Hehehe I like that :0 Thank you! This was really fun to do, I wanted to try some more interesting poses.
  2. Auspice's Art

    Heh, thank you! The irony is that I consider myself as one of the ice element. I chose Auspice as my username partially because it's a pun on ice. Alas. Heh, indeed. Thank you! I'm not familiar with that, but I was trying out a more interesting pose.
  3. Drawings and Drivel

    Warbucks really suits your style! He looks great.
  4. Auspice's Art

    More Forge-related art! There was this one post on Tumblr about what your Forge main says about you and I was inspired And then there was a post about Forgifying yourself... And then here's a gift for @AretMaw! I'm rather late in putting it here, though.
  5. Auspice's Art

    I guess. Trying to go for a sort of oriental vibe. I liked the aesthetic.
  6. Auspice's Art

    Thank you! I've been drawing so much forge stuff I'm really getting a lot of chances to mess with fiery backgrounds aha
  7. Auspice's Art

    I drew a Magmatic Wren
  8. Don't Starve: Resumptus

    Oooh, I see the resemblance. I don't know much about the Rubber House era - I'm all about the modern things heh
  9. Drawings and Drivel

    So.... much detail. Warly looks so done heh
  10. Don't Starve: Resumptus

    That would certainly be interesting. It suits Bobbie particularly well. Also, I really like your Magmatic skins! They're so detailed.
  11. Auspice's Art

    Thankee I wanted to figure out a way to draw them that I would enjoy, no matter who it was Oooh, I'm glad! I was hoping I wouldn't stray too far heh That is good advice - to be fair, it is definitely more interesting to change things up every now and then. And thank you!
  12. ....... The tragedy. I can feel it through Warly's unsuspecting smile, and his shocked face. Looking good! So much effort in Maxwell's suit, and the angle is nicely done.
  13. Auspice's Art

    Yes. Maximum angst. Something like that, I guess! I wasn't really sure what to put. Thank you heh
  14. Auspice's Art

    Trying to figure out how to draw everyone in my style. Me trying to figure out how fast I can paint without losing coherency ft. Wilson, Triumphant Wilson, Tenetherian Wilson, Willow, and concepts of what the Fuelweaver might have looked like before he became a skeleton (I realized later I didn't give him ears)