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  1. I have a deducated researcher/operator Leira who, for some reason, went mad about storing sand. No matter the priorities, Leira wants to store sand instead of generating power for my starving colony. What I want - I want Leira to generate power and also I want low priority "clear floor" task for others to complete. What I get - Leira is ignoring everything when I have "clear floor task" and going to cleaning that damn floor What I've tried: 1) I disabled proximity setting in priorities 2) I disabled Leira Storing, Building and Supplying jobs 3) I disabled all mods, saved and reload 4) I used "move to" command to generator for Leira to reset her commands - she still goes for damn storing. Citadel BUG_MODS_OFF.sav
  2. I know that this was reported, but it really brakes game for me, since I spent almost all steel on that and I cannot afford not save/load when rocket is gone IS-85-WELCOMEBACK.sav
  3. Don't think so. I haven't used NV and it still returns without engine, fuel tanks and cargos. The only left are Cabin and Research modules.