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  1. Would you be annoyed if your teammate was a pyromaniac and your power revolved around ice?
  2. I finished White Album Gently Weeps and Willow's Lighter Profiles. I just need to do Bernie and an on the side drawing of Willow and Ghiaccio during the winter. (Here's images of White Album in action and in the distance being spooky)
  3. I have a WIP of two stand profiles for my favorite characters that are absolute opposites
  4. I'm drawing the Different Willow skins in the getup I have them in. I forgot how the Gardenrose Attire thing looks like
  5. It's a vertical strip of paper (IDK how long) and it's going to have a drawing of my favorite characters from games and stuff.
  6. "We breaking in Bois, hang on tight." -What one zombie said before they died Here's an absolutely confused Willow in a miner hat that's part of a thing I'm doing
  7. Guess what. After seven hundred millenniums, I finally return. I had some problems with my pc and stuff (And busy replaying WWII and Black Ops 3 Zombies). What the h e c c did I miss? I also plan on sharing art I've done over this space of no contact soon.
  8. Have a spam of dumb screenshots including Winona running after Webber to delete his kneecaps, Wes about to say the n word, the emergence of Cheeky Chris from The Void, and more.
  9. 1. Wilson didn't leave the trap 2. Wes is holding a bow Will he get out? find out soon. (Have a defeated Wicht Warden representing me after playing The Frozen Dawn blind for two days) Update: Wilson is far from okay
  10. It's a horribly drawn Sans ornament on the tree.I just messed up his name for the meme.
  11. Bonus: Here's a few screenshots of me in DS Solo Edition (I got it today and boi, it's pain)
  12. Merry Christmas and Happy Winter's Feast to all. I decided to make a little Christmas thing with three characters from different games. The other two people in the photo is Matcha Cookie from Cookie Run and Rouxls Kaard from Deltarune.
  13. I have been absent from DS for a while (Mainly because finals are near, lmao) and hecc, how did the funko pop skins change from POP (Proof of Purchase) to Elegant? What happen when I decided to disappear?