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  1. No bosses

    This used to be a bug on xbox, I'd never see any of the bosses excluding the Goose. I don't think there is anything you can do but wait till they fix it if that's the case. If you want a challenge you could try playing adventure mode if you haven't beaten it in the meantime.
  2. You guys are awesome! However, will us console players be able to buy them? Thanks!
  3. QOL update report

    Might be talking about console DS, I lost a game due to that about a month or two ago.
  4. New to the game. Help plz

    I'll help you a bit but I don't want to spoil too much. 1. Work on making a science machine and it's upgrade alchemy engine. Both are very handy to make items so it's easier to survive. Weapons, armor, ect. 2. I highly recommend that you make a crock pot, there are a lot of food recipes but some are very easy to discover and are great. Trust me when I say that when I was new I neglected making it and regretted it when I found how great it was. 3. Every creature in the game has a 'kiting' pattern, practice and you won't really have health or maybe even hunger issues 4. Might be obvious but play the character you are comfortable with, playing with a character that fits your playstyle will make it easier to survive. One character gets stronger the more full he is or weaker than everyone else if he is starving, if you can't manage food well I recommend not playing him and similar stuff yada yada. 5. Need health? Eat butterflies. Yummy. Not available during winter however. 6. Don't over-fuel your fire when not needed. During winter or a battle during the night is when you want to though. 7. Speaking of fires make a fire pit, it lasts longer and is permanent. 8. Need sanity? Making a top hat will help a bit or eating cooked green mushrooms. 9. Beefalo are neutral until mating season, they have red bums (avoid!). Sorry this was kinda long but I hope this helps you!
  5. QOL update report

    To me fixing the lighter is not too important, when you can craft a torch/lantern. Besides, I'd rather have them fix an actual game breaking bug like the Aporkalypse calendar not rotating than Willow's lighter going out... when you can craft a torch or lantern. Even then your point is still bad. They've fixed a lot of issues, one that can be easily cured doesn't really matter right now when there are worse ones out there.
  6. QOL update report

    You're probably just a troll at this point but are you a game designer? It's not easy. There are huge issues with the port it will take more than a few days, plus Klei will be gone for awhile because of the holidays which is why it's being delayed so far back. I don't know about you but I've played other games where the developers kept delaying updates and eventually released a very buggy experience. The people who got sick are probably the main programmers, why they can't continue at the moment.