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  1. Same but I never even fight antlion, I spend my summer in the cave so free rocks.
  2. ekul_XF35

    Sunflower idea

    I think the ice to dig them is a bit much, nothing else in the game has you do something to then be able to dig it.
  3. As someone whos longest-running world has just me on it, Can we get a way to use the Lazy Deserter without two people, Just with some more work and cost to set up. The best way I can think of is with something like socketing Desert Stones and the Lazy Deserter, with the gems like we do with moon rocks. *You could link two Lazy Deserters like a wormhole but with a lot more sanity drain. (you could never socket three Lazy Deserters with the same gem at the same time in one world) *Or you could socket one Lazy Deserter and a Desert Stone and teleport back to base at the cost of the Desert Stone+gem(the Desert Stone would not work if its socketed gem had two Lazy Deserters) Each gem would be its own "Channel", which would max you out at seven links(Red, Gem, Blue, Purple, Orange, Yellow, Green, and Iridescent), most of which are late-game gems that you want to spend on other things than traveling. I think this would be a good way to make the Lazy Deserter useful for the times when we are alone and can be helpful for large groups and bases. edit-spelling
  4. ekul_XF35

    The gorge DC

    we are having the same problem since the new up date my friends and i have all crashed at the same time 3 or 4 times can not get thru a full game