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  1. How long do login bonuses last? I'm busy for a week hoping they're still available by the time I get back
  2. 1k7 days and my base is still really smol because I kept redesigning this place over and over again lol
  3. I bought the wrong skin chest ( Victorian Antiques chest in storepage ) and requested a refund. If I buy the complete one now will that add time to the DLC which prevents the refund after more than 2 hours ? Help I'm confused and still waiting for reply before buying the complete chest
  4. I've seen you many times in many posts, with 4k8+ points you seem to trigger dramas all the time and personally I've never liked the way you act toward other people, yeah you called them immature and all that but most of the time reaction button in the right corner of the comment says it all.
  5. So sorry for being negative but I feel like the new stuffs art is kinda weird and not matching the normal theme. But still the content is still amazing in every single update
  6. I still haven't received it yet. No twitch notification, no drop in menu screen :< Edit: I finally got it. Thank you
  7. I've been watching for so long now but the last drop never showed up. The second one - portrait took me 4 hours instead of 2. Everything was fine, no problems with those previous drops. Am I doing something wrong here? Please help
  8. I get really annoyed whenever my friends using cheese and exploits on my server :|| is it too weird ?
  9. So i made a copy of my current world and moved it to beta (change the folders name) and somehow the new island has sea stacks spawning in the middle of the island it and I cant interact with anything on it either. Is retrofitting in beta not available or imcomplete at the moment? I did the same with the first lunar islands update and it was perfectly fine.