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  1. Sounds not working? [SOLVED]

    Well, i fixed it, my sounds folder was named "sounds" instead of "sound"....
  2. Sounds not working? [SOLVED]

    bump, I tried using my previous characters mod sounds(wagstaff), Which DO work in his mod, and changed everything from Wheeler to Wagstaff but still no sounds are coming out, im really stuck on what to do?
  3. Hello everyone! I've been having trouble with sounds working, I followed the Custom Character sounds tutorial. The sounds play perfectly fine in FMOD designer but doesn't work in-game Asset("SOUNDPACKAGE","sounds/wheeler.fev"), Asset("SOUND", "sounds/wheeler.fsb"), } RemapSoundEvent("dontstarve/characters/wheeler","wheeler/wheeler") RemapSoundEvent("dontstarve/characters/wheeler/talk_LP","wheeler/wheeler/talk_LP") RemapSoundEvent("dontstarve/characters/wheeler/hurt","wheeler/wheeler/hurt") RemapSoundEvent("dontstarve/characters/wheeler/death_voice","wheeler/wheeler/death_voice") I have this code of course, and i put inst.soundsname = "wheeler" for my character, However it still won't work? I'm using mp3 files and im confused as to why its not working, I shared the fdp files. Thank you to anyone who can help me. wheeler.fdp
  4. [Game Update] - 336171

    Does this go for all right click actions? I've got a Wheeler mod who dodges with a right click, and Wagstaff whos telebrella allows him to teleport with a right click.
  5. I could maybe help you, I'm at school right now so give me a couple more hours till I can get back.
  6. AddPrefabPostInit("InsertPrefabHere", function() inst:AddTag("thetagyouwannaadd") end) There's also AddComponentPostInit, AddStategraphPostInit, AddClassPostConstruct and more. you can find this in the modutil.lua
  7. Problem with States

    Alright i'll try that, And no the state isn't specific. It's for anyone using the weapon, Thank you.
  8. Problem with States

    I just wonder, why the functions where do I put the prints aren't running? They run just fine with a regular "attack" state, but once I apply my state it doesn't seem to run. Maybe something in the attack state can help me? I'll look there and come back if I can't find anything.
  9. Wheeler's sounds?

    Hello! I would like to get all of wheelers seperate sound files in .wav format, I tried extracting the sounds using FSB extractor but it gives me an usable and uncovertable .ogg file for some reason. Thank you in advance for any help.
  10. Do you know any way I can spawn the water "turf"? I really need the tiles
  11. How can I make tiles of the world the water tiles we see with console commands? Is it even possible? Simple Map Editor doesn't seem to work, it gives this water with a different texture. You can spawn boats on it (Can't put boats regularly on it though), and each time you leave the boat you drown :/.
  12. The hero we need, but not the hero we deserve. Thank you for your work
  13. Hello forum! My weapon would do the regular swipe attack when attacking, so I added states but for some reason the weapon won't shoot projectiles anymore! AddStategraphState("wilson", GLOBAL.State{ name = "shoot", tags = {"attack", "notalking", "abouttoattack", "busy"}, onenter = function(inst) local otherequipped = inst.components.inventory:GetEquippedItem(GLOBAL.EQUIPSLOTS.HANDS) if (otherequipped and otherequipped:HasTag("hand_gun")) then inst.AnimState:PlayAnimation("hand_shoot") end end, timeline= { GLOBAL.TimeEvent(17*GLOBAL.FRAMES, function(inst) inst.components.combat:DoAttack("abouttoattack") end), GLOBAL.TimeEvent(20*GLOBAL.FRAMES, function(inst)"attack") end), }, events= { GLOBAL.EventHandler("animover", function(inst)"idle") end ) } } ) AddStategraphActionHandler("wilson", GLOBAL.ActionHandler(GLOBAL.ACTIONS.ATTACK, function(inst, action) = not action.forced or nil if not ("attack") and == or then local weapon = inst.components.combat ~= nil and inst.components.combat:GetWeapon() or nil return (weapon == nil and "attack") or (weapon:HasTag("blowdart") and "blowdart") or (weapon:HasTag("thrown") and "throw") or (weapon:HasTag("propweapon") and "attack_prop_pre") or (weapon:HasTag("multithruster") and "multithrust_pre") or (weapon:HasTag("helmsplitter") and "helmsplitter_pre") or (weapon:HasTag("hand_gun") and "shoot" ) or "attack" end end ) ) This is my code in the modmain.lua local function LoadWeapon(inst, item) if inst.ammo == 0 then -- inst.SoundEmitter:PlaySound("dontstarve_DLC003/characters/wheeler/air_horn/load_2") print("Checkpoint3") inst:AddTag("projectile") inst.components.weapon:SetProjectile(item.prefab) inst:AddTag("gun") SetAmmoDamageAndRange(inst, item) --If equipped, change current equip overrides if inst.components.equippable and inst.components.equippable:IsEquipped() then inst.components.inventoryitem.owner.AnimState:OverrideSymbol("swap_object", inst.override_bank, "swap_trusty_shooter") end inst.replica.inventoryitem:SetImage("trusty_shooter") end --[[if item.components.stackable then inst.ammo = inst.ammo + item.components.stackable.stacksize else inst.ammo = inst.ammo + 1 end]] end local function OnProjectileLaunch(inst, attacker, target, proj) print("CheckPoint2") inst.SoundEmitter:PlaySound("dontstarve_DLC003/characters/wheeler/air_horn/shoot") inst:DoTaskInTime(0.1, function() for i = 1, inst.components.container:GetNumSlots() do local removed_item = inst.components.container:RemoveSingleItemBySlot(1) if removed_item then removed_item:Remove() end end end) end inst:AddComponent("weapon") ----------This is in the fn function inst.components.weapon:LaunchProjectile(attacker, target) print("Checkpoint1") if self.projectile ~= nil then if self.onprojectilelaunch ~= nil then self.onprojectilelaunch(self.inst, attacker, target) end local proj = SpawnPrefab(self.projectile) if proj ~= nil then proj:AddTag("projectile") proj:AddComponent("projectile") proj.components.projectile:SetSpeed(35) proj.components.projectile:SetOnHitFn(OnHit) proj.components.inventoryitem.canbepickedup = false proj.persists = false -- Do something to the projectile here. if proj.components.projectile ~= nil then proj.Transform:SetPosition(attacker.Transform:GetWorldPosition()) proj.components.projectile:Throw(self.inst, target, attacker) if self.inst.projectiledelay ~= nil then proj.components.projectile:DelayVisibility(self.inst.projectiledelay) end elseif proj.components.complexprojectile ~= nil then proj.Transform:SetPosition(attacker.Transform:GetWorldPosition()) proj.components.complexprojectile:Launch(target:GetPosition(), attacker, self.inst) end end end end --inst.components.weapon:SetCanAttack(CanAttack) --inst.components.weapon:SetAttackCallback(OnAttack) inst.components.weapon:SetOnProjectileLaunch(OnProjectileLaunch) inst.components.weapon.heightoffset = 2.5 And these are SOME code from the prefab (It's what I think is most important but i'll share the prefab file), As you can see I did place print functions in some places but I didn't get anything in the client log or console, So something is preventing these from running for some reason? Thanks for any help trusty_shooter.lua