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  1. I always like to think that for Webber's backstory, he got eaten by the spider in the real world and got discriminated for being "colored" it's dark, but god damnit I'd love it. Not love webber being discriminated, I mean the darkness of that idea.
  2. A man walks up to him and says (Image by Zeklo, back in the beginnings of maxwell memes)
  3. Wheeler in DST

    Wheeler's pretty much perfect, just give her a downside for the dodge maybe, and that's it oh and please don't port her, klei. I worked so hard.
  4. No, it's not. It's a 3D games with 2D assets, This happens in a lot of other games, Enter the Gungeon is 3D with 2D assets too, to name another game.
  5. There's no sigh reaction, so confused will do for now.... *sigh*
  6. Yeah I believe this can only work if you are REPLACING quotes instead of adding them, The client mod that replaces pig quotes with WHERES BASE and the such seem to work perfectly.
  7. Epic wereform battle ends ripping a tear in the fabric of existence itself
  8. Send Help
  9. inst.components.eater:SetAbsorptionModifiers(0, 1, 1)
  10. It's a game where instead of living and learning, you Die and learn. That person will die out in the ocean or on the lunar island, and they will learn, "Welp, probably shouldn't swim/fly out in the ocean and have my meter drain"
  11. pretty sure they mean HOW to make a yawn or sleepy sound
  12. Look at pig king's vignette in dst, he left hamlet. And people can get things from there grandfathers instead of parents, maybe pig kings father had it or Jus like he gave necklace to Wilba. Hes always wearing something to protect from the moon.
  13. Uhm, Wagstaff I can see. But why does Wheeler crashing in hamlet mean she should come to DST?.... As for your wilba theory it's interesting but I still dont think were getting her, Oh and her father ris probably the pig king. And what about Walani Wilbur and Woodlegs? If your point is because of the lore, they have barely any lore other than the fact Wilbur might have been on the circus train with Wes and Wolfgang.