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  1. I hope we're not getting any more characters. Atleast not until after RoT. We have a wide variety of characters and I really don't see the point in adding more, I want RoT content, not characters. Yeah, characters are cool, they usually allow you to take on a different playstyle, but you know whats even cooler? Content available to every character, such as biomes, bosses, items, structures and what not.
  2. I killed Crab King in a world with Sea Weeds! They're really good for the fight Here I am returning back to land after killing Malbatross quickly after the Crab King fight so I can get 2 malbatross sails back hehe And finally, I plan to destroy this boat and build a new one to put and build stuff onto, heres a screenshot of everything I emptied out from my boat!
  3. Yeah I can see your point for tentacles. Would you mind telling me which bosses other characters besides Walter would not be able to do with no damage taken? Because in my opinion I think that is very possible.
  4. All of these items do something every other character can do but in a objectively more efficient way. Bernie is for killing shadow creatures and mobs which every character can do. Catapults help kill an enemy, which every character can do. Books help farm resources, kill mobs or overcharge Wx, which other characters can do. Wilson would be the only character able to cure disease, other characters would not be able to cure it.
  5. No, please dont limit a disease cure to one character.
  6. I feel people under-estimate how long it takes to create a skin. I'm not a great artist but it can be quite difficult and time consuming creating a new skin. You need to draw up to 150 or more sprites, though many of them are small simple sprites but it still takes a good while. I'm content with what we have. I don't think we need more skins. I'm extremely happy with the new updates we've gotten and I couldn't ask for more.
  7. He can also pick Sea Weeds without them agroing on him.
  8. these are secret marketing strategies that uncomp does NOT want you to know about


  9. Yes PLEASE. I NEED icebergs and ice sheets
  10. In my head I imagine you would be able to get off the nest in an instant. That would be a great idea! I love it.