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  1. The first line is found in global.lua of the beta, It is then used in colourcube.lua in this line PostProcessor:SetOverlayTex("images/overlays_lunacy.tex") That's all the information i've got.
  2. I revive this thread, Hey @watermelen671 Asset("IMAGE", "images/overlays_lunacy.tex"), There's this asset in the code but I can't seem to find it. Could you help me out? This is for the beta.
  3. [Game Update] - 342138

    Sooo, wheres the offical name? Haha.
  4. Seems like I can't vote, I would like a mix of animals. Speaking of different animals for werebeaver, I REALLY want a were-platypus for some dumb reason, I mean come on a WERE-PLATYPUS, What could get better than that?
  5. [Game Update] - 341693

    Nope, it defaults to wilson's quote, Not "It's... a thing."
  6. So... Wormwood cant seem to catch on fire? I let the fire go for a minute or two @PeterA (Also I swear im not a maniac, I wasn't trying to murder him)
  7. My, this sounds interesting. I'm busy with custom forge weapons for wagstaff and wheeler and developing a hamlet creatures mod. But I'd be quite interested! I'm a coder, I can make custom items, structures and widgets and more stuff like that. I hope this goes somewhere!
  8. It's a custom animation you add I believe, I'm porting Wagstaff and Wheeler and other several hamlet stuff and they have a water_idle animation, You need that.
  9. [Game Update] - 336171

    Does this go for all right click actions? I've got a Wheeler mod who dodges with a right click, and Wagstaff whos telebrella allows him to teleport with a right click.
  10. @Bigfoot Hi, I'm not sure how im able to ask this question without dying of excitement but I somehow am, What will happen to the Wormwood and Warly mods on the workshop? You let the wortox mods go since they didn't know anything about Wortox, But for Warly and Wormwood they've already been released on DS. Will those mods stay and not be able to update to resemble anything close to the new additions to Warly and Wormwood, Or will they be removed alltogether?
  11. Augh, It doesn't work, It says ERROR for some reason. This happened with any other converter I tried to use.
  12. Hm, I'm trying to get Wheeler's sounds which I've been succesful at but their in .ogg format. I need .wav but I'm not sure how to convert it to .wav. If anyone could help i'd be thankful.
  13. Thank you, I will test it to see if it's enough resolution P.S. a silhouette too
  14. Mmk, I'm kn mobile rn actually so give me some hours to get back from school.
  15. I need it for the avatars of my mod, I'm resizing it in gimp. Not sure what else to do :/
  16. Can anyone get me a 64 by 64 pixel portrait of wagstaffs icon? Just his head, I get the .tex file and convert it into png but its 100 pixel by 100 and when I resize it, it gets really low quality bleh. P.S. Wheeler would be nice too!
  17. Wheeen is this mod coming aaaah. I can't wait for it!
  18. I can't find it? There's all the other characters soundfiles but nothing for wheeler... (Oh well, Just share the files with me, lol)
  19. @watermelen671 Do you know where wheeler's is located? I just need the filename.
  20. So I (mostly) finished my port of wagstaff to DST and I was messing around taking screenshots for the mod page and I found this KAWAII FACE WHEN EMOTING. It'S sO cUTEEEEE
  21. It works! Now the itsy bitsy problem we have here is that it covers up the crafting tabs, inventory tabs and your stats. Lol, Should be easy to fix? This is my first time working with widgets.
  22. Yep, that. Anyhow I won't be able to answer you if you have anything else to ask for 15 hours as i'm going to bed and going to school as I wake up. Cheers! and g'night.
  23. Yeah DS used to take 5 mins for it to load. Though for some reason it magically takes 1 minute now which is weird but I ain't complaining.
  24. It's for the visorover widget Which is used for the armor goggles.