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  1. I don't see a inst.OnActivate? instead you should take the component function inst.components.teleporter.onActivate = OnActivate I suppose you meant that?
  2. Wurt

    That's pretty much impossible, they would have to remake the animations for EVERY player action in the game and would pretty much be useless, besides Wilba worked so a goat merm should work too.
  3. Wurt

    Can I just mention how the original poster got NO reactions even though this thread blew up? lmao
  5. Character Help

    That's not a function, you need to do something like this local function icee(inst) SpawnPrefab("ice").Transform:SetPosition(inst.Transform:GetWorldPosition()) end inst:WatchWorldState("isday", icee)
  6. OOOOOH this is great, what were the zip folders you needed?
  7. A distant "wheeler is a better waifu" arises from the crowd.
  8. @Bluegeist knows a way, Something to do with an extension of the program foobar.
  9. You need to be on the beta to see the mods list, and you can't join the server until you are on the same version aka the beta. You should be able to view the mods list on servers in your version normally.
  10. rip, was it not possible to get the telebrella with it?
  11. @watermelen671 Sorry if i'm bothering, but did you ever get a gif of wagstaff teleporting with the telebrella?
  12. You're mod might be too big, how many MB is it?
  13. "Hello superintindent I hope you're ready for an unforgetable "Yeah." "Oh my god! my roast is ruined!" "But what if, I were to disguise the food at the deli as my own cooking." "Oh! superintindent, I was just streching my calves on the windowsill." "Why is there smoke coming out of your oven?" "oh it's steam, from the steamed clams" "Alright, I hope you're ready for steamed hams! Mmm steamed hams!" "Oh I said steamed hams!" Just gonna drop this here, bye
  14. So, for the past few shorts we've gotten some relatively dark stuff (Willow killing all the children in the orphanage, Maman Angeline is probably dead, and the fact krampus was about to commit kidnapping of a baby beefalo) So for Webber's short I thought, What if he was eaten by the spider on Earth? It's not too far-fetched since a shadow creature did make it to Earth in Willow's short, as for something dark what if Webber was discriminated afterwards for being a "colored" individual and ran away to the Constant somehow? It'd be pretty darn dark but I'd personally love it. Even better if Webber's rework is in February in time for Black History month, Who knows! Tell me what you think of this idea.
  15. You can't change it in spriter, since the game uses its animations for everything, you need to adjust it in the png for the head and such.
  16. Glōmmer Idea!

    Oooh, I love it. The insanity aura doesn't make sense though.
  17. Sadly, I'm not too sure what the crash is but for me it always happened when I was messing around with colourcubes, if that helps a bit.
  18. [00:27:23]: [string "scripts/prefabs/bullkelp_beached.lua"]:19: attempt to index local 'kelp' (a nil value) Theres your error, which mod changes the beaches bullkelp? What mods ARE you using?
  19. Time is a big wucky ticky messy thing, No thanks.
  20. I always like to think that for Webber's backstory, he got eaten by the spider in the real world and got discriminated for being "colored" it's dark, but god damnit I'd love it. Not love webber being discriminated, I mean the darkness of that idea.
  21. A man walks up to him and says (Image by Zeklo, back in the beginnings of maxwell memes)
  22. Wheeler in DST

    Wheeler's pretty much perfect, just give her a downside for the dodge maybe, and that's it oh and please don't port her, klei. I worked so hard.