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  1. I built sails on the edge of the raft, and when I began to move, they fell.
  2. I don't know exactly, but within the next 17 hours the update should come out.
  3. Ok Klei, what time will the update be this time?
  4. Nothing visible except HUD.

    I checked and all the mods are still there in the Steam Workshop, I checked the integrity of the cache, everything is fine.
  5. Nothing visible except HUD.

    I already do this.
  6. Nothing visible except HUD.

  7. Nothing visible except HUD.

    Everything became strange, it seems to be normal at first. I re-enter the game, it seems to work too, I re-enter again and everything is absolutely abnormal! client_log.txt
  8. Nothing visible except HUD.

    1.I rename folder. 2.I started DST and all works. 3.I closed DST. 4.I started DST and this already dont works. 5.I closed DST. 6.I deleted OneNote. 7.I deleted new folder DoNotStarveTogether. 8.I started DST and this already dont works. 9.I closed DST.
  9. Nothing visible except HUD.

    The problem occurs regardless of whether I am a host or not. The way that you suggested worked, but when I reset it all happened again. I tried it again, but now even after deleting the folder, nothing happened. I have deleted OneNote.
  10. Translator. I don’t know if I’m writing to the right section, this is the first time I've been here. Hello Klei, I recently had a problem that arose after reinstalling Windows 10. I’ll say that I had this problem before, but I managed to solve it and this time it doesn’t work. The essence of the problem is that my game is working normally until I enter the world, after that, except for the HUD, nothing is displayed, I hear sounds, I can walk, but I can't see anything. I tried to update the driver, checked the integrity of the cache, installed Don't Starve Together \ VCRedist \ vcredist_x86.exe and Don't Starve Together \ DXRedist \ DXSETUP.exe, also I installed all vcredist since 2005, tried to disable the mods, run it in compatibility mode. In addition, I will say that sometimes when entering some of the inscriptions are invisible and there is a bug that the whole window is drawn black until I change its size.