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  1. When you inspect start point animation is freezing.
  2. I made a client mod that successfully works on the client, but does not work on the host, so I modified the SendRPCToServer function locally and made it call RPC_HANDLERS, everything works fine until the moment when "RightClick" is simulated, it calls the method of the PlayerController component and I think the problem is in it, maybe you have any guesses? local UpvalueHacker=require("upvaluehacker") local RPC_HANDLERS=UpvalueHacker.GetUpvalue(SendRPCToServer, "RPC_HANDLERS") local function DoRPC(code,...) if GLOBAL.TheWorld.ismastersim then RPC_HANDLERS[code](GLOBAL.ThePlayer,...) else SendRPCToServer(code,...) end end
  3. I’m doing a mod in which some object should gradually heat up by itself. And everything works fine until I start testing in the summer, in summer the temperature almost completely ceases to grow higher than the world temperature, there are only increases of 0.03 Celsius, when in another season they are 0.7.
  4. When throne is destroyed by fire and i kill merm king, game crashes.
  5. No, you are mistaken, if I died from the hounds, this will be recorded in the cause of death. In addition, there were no dogs near me when I entered the server.
  6. When I heard the hounds barking and left the game, and then I came in I died and the cause of death was Shenanigans.
  7. Something wrong with secondary foodtype

    Bearger eat berries because main foodtype of berries its FOODTYPE.VEGGIE. FOODGROUP = { OMNI = { name = "OMNI", types = { FOODTYPE.MEAT, FOODTYPE.VEGGIE, FOODTYPE.INSECT, FOODTYPE.SEEDS, FOODTYPE.GENERIC, FOODTYPE.GOODIES, }, }, BERRIES_AND_SEEDS = { name = "BERRIES_AND_SEEDS", types = { FOODTYPE.SEEDS, FOODTYPE.BERRY, }, }, BEARGER = { name = "BEARGER", types = { FOODTYPE.MEAT, FOODTYPE.VEGGIE, -- <------ here FOODTYPE.BERRY, FOODTYPE.GENERIC, }, }, MOOSE = { name = "MOOSE", types = { FOODTYPE.MEAT, FOODTYPE.VEGGIE, FOODTYPE.SEEDS, }, }, } And small bird don't eat berries. I also tryed set secondary foodtype manualy and small bird dont eat it too. I think the problem is that the code generally does not take into account the secondary foodtype.
  8. Berries should have secondary foodtype, but when i check it using conslole, it returns nil.
  9. Fixed boat radius

    I can't be sure it's bug or not, but boat radius fixed and this interfere to make moded boat with other radius.
  10. Drowning + Hounds

    But its realistic!
  11. Warly cant jump on the ground

    Oh, i understand, its happens because i have enabled move prediction.
  12. I played on Warly and create boat,but after jumping on the boat, i cant jump on the ground. Its looks like ping, but other actions happens normal. After rollbacks bug happens again.
  13. [Game Update] - 347868

    Klei, could you tell the approximate date of the update?