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  1. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Its how you attack/pick on pocket edition
  2. Rework order

    There is no way that they will take away the challenge of was. It would ruin the character. they will probably give him new abilities (like balloons). Not necessarily perks but just things that keep him difficult but rather make him unique.
  3. What order do people think that characters will be reworked in woodie will probably be third fourth/fifth will probably fall to Wendy or Webber. sixth will probably be Maxwell 7th for wig 8/9/10 would be for wx,wolf, and wicker And 11/12 for Wes and Wilson this is is a complete guess and could be tweeked but overall it should about right. any way if you have a better order then feel free to post.
  4. We can guess but chances are that klei will have a complete unpredictable idea. we will have to wait till summer to find out.(he will probably be fourth after woodie)
  5. I would like to point out that the tam cannot make you overheat faster.
  6. More island variety

    More biomes in general would be a good idea Maybe like a mountain peak that’s cold all year but has ice, some unique enemies, and a boss. a lot of biome types could be added
  7. Ok so here is a incredibly stupid idea. what if wigfrids rework allows here to change roles? what if she for some reason, decided to change it a shepherd.
  8. New Item

    Add this
  9. what is the best part about wortox?

    I think the current price is good. 2 copies of the game is 15 dollars and you want to charge that much for 1 character and some skins?. im all for supporting klei but 15$ is excessive
  10. New character this month

    Or they could release tomorrow
  11. New character this month

    Why would they add a character that didn’t even have a downside in mp but was unplayable in single player. Good. Winnie is probably the stupidest possible character. Unless wigfrids update would allows her to change roles.....
  12. New character this month

    Good ideas exept how would the no killing of certain animals work? if he cant kill rabbits what stops another player from doing it for him, and where would we draw the line and say things he could kill. Not being able to kill pigs would mean single players could only ever get 8 football helmets.
  13. New character this month

    Some time this month
  14. New character this month

    I doubt we will get Wilton. If all the new characters are just old ones then that would be seriously disappointing. I’m hoping wortox is the only unused character to be added