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  1. the sad thing is is that its not even the most broken thing this year. whose idea was crops that grow in winter? wasnt preparing for and surviving winter the main goal of the original game? and they're just like "**** it, add free food that grows in winter" along with the character refreshes just being buffs its a little concerning lots of great things have been added and 9/10 of the new stuff has been great. not to mention that you can customize the game to be harder, I mean all night mode is still brutal. its just like, a tinsy winsy bit concerning when the uncompromising wilderness survival game is slowly getting further and further from that
  2.[]=tag_WES&category_322330_RARITY[]=tag_Elegant&appid=322330 Also, this is absurd
  3. yay all the complaints people posted have been fixed
  4. Does this count as a lore thread because if it is then I’m gonna need people to examine the new Video frame by frame
  5. I’m two days late but regardless, happy birthday to the thread
  6. But he wasn’t naturally born. Somebody put the gem there to bring him to life. So you could say somebody constructed him.....
  7. I like how it looks exept for one thing. lore wise it doesn’t fit due to the fact that red gems are typically associated with fire.
  8. We need a mod that allows us to switch his color palette between the three i cant mod though, so I’m sending out a formal request.
  9. There will be 4 new characters but only three will be hamlet specific anyway back to memes
  10. Nope 3. one if them is getting added to the base game. wagstaff...
  11. Wagstaff will almost definitely be the one added to the base game.