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  1. hello, i am trying to put banner prefabs (with an 8 face orientation) in a biome-specific set piece( init_static_layout). however, they all face down-left no matter the orientation of the set piece. i tried using data.saved rotation, and i tried writing it in a lot of different ways ("rot=45", "rotation = 45", etc), but none of it work. i tried mimicking the code below, but its seems to be valable for actual set pieces with "objects=" instead of "layout=". so my question is, anyone would know how to achieve this? and optionally, if there's a way to generate a prefab always on the north of another(so its on north no matter the orientation of the set piece) ? basically i have a workbench, and i want the boar using it to always spawn behind it (admitting you didn't move the camera). is there a way to do this? anyway, thanks for the help!
  2. Custom Tile Adder

    hello, i tried to use this as a template for a custom forge turf, and despite your tech tile working just fine and following it step by step, when i place my custom turf on the ground, the game just closes without saying anything. the client logs didnt say anything clear either. i just dont understand what could go wrong, i put the forge texture files in the right folders and renamed them correctly. any idea of what could be the problem? client_log_2018-07-12-13-22-14.txt