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  1. On: Q3-322093 I have shine bug critters that I enclose with some pneumatic doors, this has always worked well. last night I started over on a new preview map, and they've started to sneak through doors when they open... and at least in the past Pneumatic Doors were supposed to work as a way to keep critters in place. I open the doors to let them through, close it when they are in place, I look away for a moment, and suddenly they are in the same pen again >_<
  2. Yes! Thank you, I was just encountering this issue (my cooks started idling). I guess this can either be fixed by food auto-leaving the container when it rots, or it can be part of the cooking thing that they empty out bad stuff
  3. Have you tried emptying the storage of it, in case something decomposed in there and is now "stuck"? It help med with this issue, just now (I tried empty storage after reading some other messages on this forum.)
  4. I'm encountering the issue that I can't toggle it off. The game still "remembers" that it was emergency priority before and keeps going into emergency after people use the out house I think it goes away when I reload.
  5. [Reported as bug, even though it isn't necessarily, but may still need adjusting] I'm assuming it should work, I could be wrong ofc. And I've been searching through the forums for an answer, but there's nothing new on it, so I figured I'd post it here. And it does seem like Sweepers at some point would've put food into Critter Feeders at least, so by that I figured that Fish-feeders should work as well. Anyways. My Auto-sweeper wont put food into the Fish-feeder. It does move the algae around to other storage next to it, and they are at lower priority, I added that storage next to it to see if it'd at least move it out of the Storage Receptacle, and it did, but it wont add it to the fish feeder. While I was answering some obvious questions to myself (see below), I decided to actually Triple check one extra thing with the range: Yes I've checked it while it's been powered. Yes, I've double triple checked if it's in range. (doh) Yes, I've checked that the shipping line is set up properl Attached pictures. 2nd one shows that there is Algae in that container. I attached a 3rd picture of a Fish-feeder, which has to have it's base tile in range. This isn't entirely obvious, and may need to be indicated somehow, or adjusted. Thank you for your time.